Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy National Day!

Di tengah² Hari Raya ini, tidak dilupakan ucapan... 

Kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Ikhlas dari Just dan sekeluarga... 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last minute shopping

Can't believe hubby and myself went to Jln TAR yesterday and this morning for a last minute shopping! I really tot  that I have done with my shopping until we went to Jln TAR! Macam-macam kena beli!! Melayang lagi $$!! Sudah la ramai org!!! Memang sesak la!! Pheww..

Balik kampong mode activated! KK, see ya tomorrow! *wink*

Sorry guys.. short entry from me as I'm using my BB to post this.. Tot of uploading 1-2 photos but seems like cannot lah! Must try to use mobile blogger after this.. huhuhu..

Till then.. Cheers..

Friday, August 26, 2011

1 Syawal Flash Back

I'm still in the office ok.Belum start cuti lagi. Huhuhu... 

Just wanna thanks to the company for giving all the staff a week break next week! The company is giving a free leave on Monday 29/8 and force leave on Friday 2/9! Thanks boss!! 

I will be flying back to KK on 29/8 and come back to KL on 2/9! So no extra leave applied. Saving annual leave for another trip to KK in November - attending cousin's wedding!! Duit lagik!!

So, how's your Raya preparation as at to date??

Well, I have just received my baju raya for my hubby and son. Still hoping that the other tailor can made it for my daughter and myself. We sent them to different tailors. It's a long story. Malas mau cerita! The tailor  promised we can collect the baju yesterday but we were pissed off that the baju is not ready yet!! The tailor asked us to come this afternoon. Harap siap la! Kalau tidak, kena beli baju ready made lor!! *sigh*

Some flash back on previous years 1 Syawal...

1 Syawal 2007 - just few months after married. wearing our baju nikah

1 Syawal 2008 - forfeited our flight ticket to KK.
Can't take the risk terberanak dalam kapal! 3 weeks to due date!

1 Syawal 2009 ~ Rayyan in da house!

1 Syawal 2010 ~ with 2 mths old Ryanna
1 Syawal 2011??? Will try to upload a photo of 1 Syawal on next Wed! Yep... for the Wordless Wednesday segment! *grin*

Pls excuse me if there is no update for the whole week next week ya.. tau la kalau bercuti mana ada masa mau update blog. Sibuk bejalan sana sini. Kalau tidak jalan pun, urus anak² pula.. *wink* 

Nyway, trying to make an auto-published entries kalau sempat... 

Till then... Happy holidays to my  non-Muslim friends. To Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri... Maaf zahir dan batin... *wink*

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look-alike MOUTH ULCER!

Looking at the above pic, do you think it is mouth ulcer? Macam kan??


Here is the story behind.

On Monday night, Rayyan and Ryanna were happily playing they new toy/doll. Out of sudden, we heard a loud bang! It was really loud!!

The ulat bulu!

Rayyan fell down while 'chasing' his ulat bulu!!!! For a second, Rayyan was stoned sambil tertiarap before both his hands cover the mouth and that was when the bleeding part! Rayyan starts crying.

Mom and I went panicky. Hubby came out from the bedroom when he heard us in yelling tone. 

Mom ran around dunno what to to do while me was looking for a wet tissue!

Hubby terus dukung c Rayyan. Trying to calm him down. We used the wet tissue to clean the bleeding. It's a lot!!! 

Kesian betul tengok c Rayyan menangis kesakitan. The saliva keeps on drooling as Rayyan dare not to close his mouth. 

After the bleeding stops, Rayyan points at his lip telling us that it is painful and point at the medicine too. He wants us to apply some medicine on his lip. 

We normally don't face any problem to feed Rayyan with medicine. He will tell us when he is having headache (pandai juga sakit kepala oo budak²) or stomachache or even mosquito bite and he will asks us to give him some medicine or apply cream for the mosquito bites. That's my boy!

Looking him in pain specially to see the bleeding from a small kid really break our heart! *teary eyes*

Mom told  me rayyan dare not to play the next day. He was just sitting there watching tv and don't even bother Ryanna yang sibuk mau bawa dia main. Huhuhu..

I just realize he broke his teeth too.. pecah sikit la! Duiiii...

And now he is back on track again! *sigh*

Pesanan dari mummy : Rayyan jangan jajal lagi aa... 

Till then, happy Thursday! Mood malas sudah ni... *wink*

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Musician

Bkn main lagi c Rayyan kan.. hahahahah..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mood Raya On-Off

When most of the Muslim is already in their Raya's mood, I'm on the other hand 50-50 only! That answer why I haven't rant about my Raya preparation.

So far, what have been done was Baju Raya! Should be collecting the baju raya in another 2 days. 

Biskut raya and kuih muih... NONE!!

I normally won't 'make up' my house coz we only open house for family and relatives. So, don't want to waste $$$.

Original plan was celebrating raya in KL this year and having family gathering in Cameron Highlands as we have already went back to KK last year for Raya. 

All plan changed immediately when hubby's sister passed away on 29/6/2011. It was a big loss to the family. Hence, hubby wants us to go back for Raya this year as he and the family wish to visit his late sister's grave on Pagi Raya. 

Purchasing flight ticket for Raya in July caused a hole in our pockets!!! Normally, we would purchase our flight ticket in advance of at least 6 months! Tapi, tidak apa la kan.. Semua tidak dijangka.. 

Plan for Raya in KK keeps on changing due to some 'internal problems' and it almost kill my raya mood. *sigh*

It will be a short Raya celebration in KK. Only 5D4N! Will only touch down KK on 29/8/2011. Tiket mahal ba.. asal dapat balik sudah la! 

Praying hard that everything will be as smooth as possible specially our car rent! Setengah mati mau cari kurita!

So how's your Raya preparation??

Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting serious!!

Hi guys... how's ur weekend and your day so far??

My weekend at Amcorp was superb!! Both the crowd and sales! *wink* Being the only booth selling Bag Organizer, oppss.. i think there is another booth selling BO too but different type.. I think I am doing just great with the products! *thumbs up*

Talking bout business, I am now in the midst of registering my business with SSM via online. Takut jg kena saman sebab tidak register the business. Heheheehe...

Banyak songeh jugak kalau thru online ni... 

I hope everything is in order and I can proceed with other steps upon successful! 

Got my title?? Yess... I am getting serious in my biz!! 

Will blog about it later ya.. *wink*

Till then, cheersss.... 

Friday, August 19, 2011 Blog Guest : My Wedding Gown

Click image to join
Due Date : 21/8/2011

I have never participate myself in Cath's Blog Guests before this and since she invited me personally, so terpaksa la juga join! Hahahah... just kidding Cath!

I wore two 'gowns' on my wedding day. 

I put on my malay costume first (when we arrived at the hall).

The bridal studio we went (Ever Best Studio KK) did not have many choices of malay costumes. I tried songket as well but I looked plum with songket. But actually the minute I saw the lace kebaya, i already aimed that one. Simple, sexy  and the lace that I love so very much!

Guess what?? I have to add additional RM100 for this 'gown' as I could not have 2 white 'gowns' on the same package. Padahal masa tengok² baju, I have asked whether I can have them both. The PIC said yes. Tapi bila mau bayar, mula la minta lebih². He asked for additional RM200 at first. Argue la apa lagik! Kin panas!!

saat paling mendebarkan

After 'merenjis', we changed to 2nd costume. Me wearing the white gown.

Well, this gown was not the one I wanted earlier as I booked the other gown with red roses on it. Unfortunately, the person who booked before me did not returned the gown on time and so I have to choose other gown.  Kinda regret I didn't wear the red-roses-gown for my photography session! *sigh*

Being guilty, the bridal asked me to choose gown from the higher package. Yang lebih cantik and exclusive la konon.

I purposely chose gown that is not too tight/fit (yg menampakkan bentuk body) and too off shoulder (konon!). Kes menjaga hati sama in-law. hahahahaha... I wish I could wear gown yang lebih cantik. Kalau ikut hati, mmg bnyk lg cantik but yeahhh... faham-faham la kan..

The gown was one of few that chose by the bridal person that she thinks will suit my requirements. Thanks to the bridal person. Since the rest are kinda 'too much' so I chose this one coz I like the details on the front top of the gown. *wink*

That's all bout my gowns. Didn't managed to dig out other photos. So, ini saja yang mampu...

Thanks Cath for the invitation. *wink*

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yang Patut Kamu Join

Few blogger-friends are currently conducting lovely contest/giveaway/blog guest/segmen… semua pun best2… jom layannn…

Nora of DianBizzCorner
Contest extended to 30 Sep 2011
Winning Prize – 3D2N stay 2 room apartment at Hotel Equatorial Cameron Highland
Note – done and joined! Click here to read my entry.

Closing date – Nov 2011
Winning Prize – Something for you and your loved one
Note – done and joined! Click here to read my entry.

Closing date – 21/8/2011
Note : done and joined. Click here to read my entry.

Closing date – 31/8/2011
Winning Prize – Keychain and FM from Canada
Note : done and joined. Click here to read my entry.

Aki of Zon si Aki Karut
Winning Prize – traffic for your blog

Closing date – 25/8/2011
Winning Prize – Photobook
Note : done and joined. Click here for my entry.

Apa tunggu lagi… jom support kawan-kawan!! Cheersss..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Animals

Hahahahha... penat susun semua binatang dia.. 
dia pun minta susu and baring di sebelah tu animals..
Anak ku Rayyan Adrian!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moon da Cake!

Besides Raya, Mooncake festival also just around the corner. 

Mooncake pun bersepah-sepah sdh di mall.

Like Stella, mooncake with yolk is also my fav!! Even though the price punya la mahal... Belas-belas ringgit for 1 piece. Tapi tetap kena beli! mau makan punya pasal!! Hohohoho...

I still remember when I was in Uni, me and my roomate, Sab (Congrats Sab for the new born baby boy!) share-share beli 1 biji RM8-yolk-mooncake! Hahahahah... 

Anyway, as at to date, I have yet to buy any mooncake. But last week, my bro, who is working with Starbuck brought home 2 pcs of Starbuck's mooncake... Caramel & Tiramisu.

Starbuck Tiramisu Mooncake
Yg Caramel nda sempat gambar sdh abis! hahaha

The taste so-so seja. Must hunt the yolk one juga ni. *wink*

Till then, Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The few-days-missing stories

Morning all... having monday blues?? me too... hahhahaha...

Oh myyy.... my last entry was last Wed?!!! *sigh*

Since my dear Datuk has to 'fly' on Friday, so kinda busy on Thursday. 

Am taking leave on Friday to settle my Passport and detained parcel by Custom for the 3rd time!!!! Grrrrrr...

I called the Immigration on Thursday to check on the Passport application status. The officer told me that Sabah Immigration has approved my application so I can come to proceed with the necessary. I was thinking that it should have been ready and I can just go there and collect??!!! Hmmm.. Ok.. whatever!!

So, Friday morning we went back to the same branch. We got our passport in less than 30 minutes after making our payments. Fast huh?! 


We then rush to Kastam, Sepang. It's Friday. I was worried that the counter might close as early as 11.30am!  They actually close at 12noon! Hahahah.. 

Nyway, no tax has to pay this round as my parcel valued less than RM500! The bank transfer slip proof it all! Itu officer macam nda puas hati lagi tu. Cisss.... Bikin panas!!

We went back home.. rehat2 kejap then I went to the saloon near my house... believe it or not it's been more than a year I didn't go to saloon coz i'm keeping my hair!! Rambut jenis lambat panjang!

The new me... well... I just go for rebonding la... *wink*

Raya hair... 

Weekend's agenda... shopping!!! Thanks to hubby sebab good mood mau layan anak-anak while the moms sibuk shopping. Heheheheh...

And I finally met Cath-J in person. Terserempak masa mau bayar parking at Jusco Maluri yesterday. Being a blogger, sempat juga c Cath minta the MIL to take a photo of us. Thanks anty. :)

photo credits to Cath-J
(terang-terang tu dia punya watermark!hihihi)

Habis sdh story utk 4 hari... Phewww... 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : 2 becomes 1

Rite after Nikah at USIA
May the marriage last forever.. Amin

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Passport oh Passport!

Since hubby's company is arranging a trip to Bangkok next month.. (punya la bikin jeles kan!) so, we went to the Immigration Counter at Wangsa maju last Sunday to apply for Passport. 

Have called and checked whether they are open or not... *wink*

Counter opened at 8am and reached there at 9am, expecting less people! Sekali tengok.. panjang jugak la the queue! 

And the funny part was the minute we parked the car, a lady already waiting outside. Mula la saya fikir yang bukan-bukan. Rupa-rupanya she was from the kedai gambar! Bukan ulat tiket ja ada. Ulat gambar pun ada! Miahahahahah... 

Since we do not have passport photo (Hubby says immigration also provide 'photoshoots'), we followed the lady. Well, the lady actually overheard my statement and she told us there will be no photo-taking service on weekend. At first she quoted RM10 for 4pcs passport photo but then she reduced to RM8. Ok la jg.. standard la!

Like this pic!
Selalunya, malu-malu mau senyum!

It's our turn after an hour queuing! 

"Asal Sabah?" the officer asked.


"mak bapa asal Sabah?" 


"Kalau asal Sabah, kena datang waktu berkerja Isnin hingga Jumaat. Passport siap dalam 5 hari!"

All my excitements gone!! Iya la kan.. excited la juga mau p buat passport kan. Sekali tengok.... hmmm... 

We went back dengan hati yang frust and returned again on Monday. Hubby needs to give his passport details to the HR asap.

On weekdays, counter opened at 7.30am. We reached there at 7.45am. 

The officer will only give your nombor giliran when all your docs are in order and complete as per following :

1. Filled up form
2. My Kad/IC original and 2 copies
3. Birth Cert original and 2 copies (for Sabahan applying in Peninsular)
4. Passport photo 2 copies

Waited less than 30 mins for my number to be called.

At the counter... guess what???

"kenapa IC you takde H yer?????" mau pengsan saya dengar!!! Another problem here!!

"Err.. entah! Memang dari dulu mcm tu jer... " I never bother bout the "H" at the right bottom of my IC. And none of any agencies has issued with that all these while! Why after 30 years????? 

"You kena buat IC baru yer. Pegi kat sebelah. Ckp nak buat IC H. IC sementara tu you buat 2 salinan dan datang jumpe saya balik." instructed the officer. I stepped out with heavy hearted and confuse!!

My hubby said saya ni pendatang dari Philippines! Wuaaaaaa...

Nak buat passport jer tapi tak pasal-pasal kena buat IC la pula!! Luckily, the JPN is next door only and not many people. I think my photo snapped at the JPN pun mcm tekejut ja ni!

IC sementara with H!

The application letter
Will have to call Immigration on this Thursday to check the status

Anyway, after all the mess.. everything was settled even mcm tidak puas hati. Tidak 1Malaysia betul ooo.... 


Thanks Anon for the explanation.

Pssttt.... check out my WW tomorrow! A never revealed photo! Yayy... 

Monday, August 08, 2011

Beaufort's House Disposed and Transferred!

FINALLY!!! Me and mom were so glad that our house in Tmn Seri Panglima, Beaufort has finally disposed and transferred to the buyer!

The whole process were damn slow!

We signed our Sale and Purchase Agreement with the new buyer (SPA) in January this year which the SPA were dated 8/3/11.

And we have been waiting waiting and waiting...

As per agreement, the completion should be done before 7/7/11. The bank initially promised everything can be settled in June. Not sure what took them so long and we have to grant them for extension! *sigh*

waving to the house!
We hardly stay here since we bought the house
and it is very hard to maintain a property when we are far away
not to mention the travel period from KK!

At last, we received a cheque being the balance of purchase price from the lawyer firm on last Friday, means the property has been transferred! Hoorayyyy.... *relief*

On other notes, me and hubby are currently waiting for our Putatan Platinum Apartment's house key! As per schedule, it should be ready by end of this year. *wink*

Till then... cheersss...

Next entry, my rant on passport application! *sigh*

Friday, August 05, 2011

Win 3D2N stay at Hotel Equatorial Cameron Highland

3D2N stay 2 room apartment at Hotel Equatorial Cameron Highland, Pahang Darul Makmur. The winner can choose the date of their stay , however, if the date given is fully book, the winner need to give another date.

There will no 2nd or 3rd place however, 10 Consolation price will be given a mystery gift from Dian Bizz Corner.

Wow!! Great winning prize to grab! Belum apa2 lagi.. sudah mention pasal hadiah! Hahahahah...Best kan the prize??? I LIKEEE!!

So mari beramai-ramai serbu Nora's contest - Dian BC Holiday Food Contest. Sila baca T&C betul-betul tau... *wink*

The contest will start on 1st August and end 1st September 2011. The winner will be announced on 10th September 2011.

I want to join too.. still browsing albums.. Harap-harap ada yg best! *senyum tamaha*

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

1 Ramadhan 2011

How was your puasa so far my dear Muslim friends? Alhamdulillah... me still doing good for the 3rd day except yesterday I was having headache the whole day. *sigh* But I still complete my whole day fasting though. *clap hands*

When I reached home, played with my princess for a while and doze off. Hubby woke me up when it's almost sungkai. In KL, buka puasa is at 7.30pm. So, we only ate what mom cooked. No bazaar.

As for my 1st Ramadhan, me and hubby agreed to buka puasa outside. Told mom not to cook coz we will tapau. But well, mom being mom... "mumy sdh kasi sedia ikan, mau guring. Bukan susah jg ba tu!" - as early as 2pm already ready for dinner! Hmm... 

To avoid "fully booked" and "no-seats", I called up the restaurant for reservation. *wink*

Madam Lim's Kitchen Restaurant
Been here 3 times and we love the foods!

Guess what.. the restaurant is not full at all! Even the shopping mall also less people. I guess most of the Muslims here opt to go back to kampung and buka puasa with their family during the 1st Ramadhan. 

Anyway, having secured seats in mind is better! Kan kan??

Our foods. The fried kueh tiaw was mine. Fried Squid is the side order :) 

Hubby's dessert. Me tumpang ja sikit... hehehehe.. 

Me in Baju Kurung for the 1st time this year.. 

Last but not least, managed to snap a pic of Vanidah Imran! Well, I do think of taking pic with her although I am not a great fan of her. Buli la... gitu-gitu ja... When I first saw her, the first thing that pop up in mind was... "nda jg cantik pun kulit dia ni!" Yayyyy... sorry Vanidah Imran!

Since she was busy with her shoppings and I think I didn't see her smiles at all. Macam sumbung pula.. So yeahhh... curi-curi gmbar seja la when she was just next to our counter for payment. *wink*

Even it was not a no-plastic-day, she carries lot of recycle bags! 

Till then... can't wait to go for Bazaar Ramadhan after work! ^_^ 

Wordless Wednesday : Ice Skating

Ice Skating @ Sunway Pyramid
An activity that I never try before
Cheersss.. *wink*

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Salam Ramadhan

A quick entry...

Busy with office tasks and headache too... :(

Salam Ramadhan and happy fasting to all Muslim friends.

It is my 4th official fasting with no prob at all, since I am no food lover or eater.. *wink*

Will come back with more stories ya...