Monday, August 08, 2011

Beaufort's House Disposed and Transferred!

FINALLY!!! Me and mom were so glad that our house in Tmn Seri Panglima, Beaufort has finally disposed and transferred to the buyer!

The whole process were damn slow!

We signed our Sale and Purchase Agreement with the new buyer (SPA) in January this year which the SPA were dated 8/3/11.

And we have been waiting waiting and waiting...

As per agreement, the completion should be done before 7/7/11. The bank initially promised everything can be settled in June. Not sure what took them so long and we have to grant them for extension! *sigh*

waving to the house!
We hardly stay here since we bought the house
and it is very hard to maintain a property when we are far away
not to mention the travel period from KK!

At last, we received a cheque being the balance of purchase price from the lawyer firm on last Friday, means the property has been transferred! Hoorayyyy.... *relief*

On other notes, me and hubby are currently waiting for our Putatan Platinum Apartment's house key! As per schedule, it should be ready by end of this year. *wink*

Till then... cheersss...

Next entry, my rant on passport application! *sigh*


  1. jd okey suda kan..suda ada buyer suda kan..that good..

  2. wah best o..saya baru mo cari2 rumah ni...lama bah tu pengesahan jawatan..bikin lambat proses

  3. Coongrats... yey berat sudah poket hihihihi...

    bah apa hal lagi cerita passport ni..

  4. bah buli shopping raya sudah tu topinai...hehehehe

  5. beaty ~ buyer lama sdh ada tp proses tu yg lama betul... 6bln baru settled and transfer nama kasi buyer baru.. huhuhu..

    kay masingan ~ bila kunun ko kena confirm? rmh makin lama makin mahal ba.. so better beli awal2.. :)

    cath ~ ya, berat poket c mumy.. mau kena bodek! kikiki...

    rose ~ hahahahah... ini la ni mau pok pok dr c mumy... hahahah..

    eB ~ my mom penah la duduk 2bln before I bw dia dtg kl. pastu klu blk kk pun brp mlm jer dlm sethn.. kesian rmh tu.. ;p


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