Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting serious!!

Hi guys... how's ur weekend and your day so far??

My weekend at Amcorp was superb!! Both the crowd and sales! *wink* Being the only booth selling Bag Organizer, oppss.. i think there is another booth selling BO too but different type.. I think I am doing just great with the products! *thumbs up*

Talking bout business, I am now in the midst of registering my business with SSM via online. Takut jg kena saman sebab tidak register the business. Heheheehe...

Banyak songeh jugak kalau thru online ni... 

I hope everything is in order and I can proceed with other steps upon successful! 

Got my title?? Yess... I am getting serious in my biz!! 

Will blog about it later ya.. *wink*

Till then, cheersss.... 


  1. Yeah.. bah cepat no koti.. siintong e Aki nu nu e pojualun nu hilo.. ^_^.v..

  2. All the best and may you prosper even more!

  3. Wah! Bisnis semakin bagus oh kan Just.. :D Keep up the good work!

  4. Lucky u can register ur online biz easily di WM,kalau sini perlu ada at least 'enterprise' o di blkg nama shop.Then perlu ada valid address utk berniaga lagi.

  5. woh..congratulation just..bagus ni bisnis...wah senjum libar ko kan

  6. nah...bisnis maju o Just...hehehehe....ngam laitu kama :)

  7. thanks u all... :)

    Mell_f ~ sia register for the online business ja ba tu... nasib baik buli guna hse add. But then kalau blk kk sdh, tpksa pinjam add rmh kwn yg d kl lor sbb nda buli guna add kk.. huhuhu..

  8. Wa seems that your business is blooming ;D

    Ba bila ko suda jadi rich and famous, jan lupa sia aa. Wuahahaa.

  9. congrats..i also in d midst of starting my online minta tunjuk ajar dlu sm ko sm c stella ni :)


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