Friday, September 30, 2011

Remove Image Background Online

Wanna remove your image background? Try out fotoflexer. I always prefer online thingy when it comes to editing part. Hehehe...

The step-by-step... 

Upload photo

Click at Geek

Click at Smart Scissors

Next, enjoy your 'dotting'... less curves mean easier.
The first dot (red arrow) and the last dot (blue dot) must be the same dot to end your dotting!

Click at Create Cutout to remove the background
Area to be removed will be changed to dark grey 

Image background has been removed
Click Save 

Make sure you pick the PNG format

See the diff??

Till then, happy weekend! 

p/s : auto-published

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Business Registration with SSM ONLINE

Still in da business mode... *wink*

It's not to late to share that I have finally and successfully registered my shoppe with SSM via ONLINE!!! Alhamdulillah... 

After some thoughts, finally I have the guts (yeah.. need guts to do this!) to register my online business as I think I might be getting serious to be a lau pan niang @ Anty Yong (quoting Sis Mouren)... Hehehehe...

When everyone was busy with the preparation of Raya, I was on the other hand busy with the business registration.

To be honest, quite membingungkan juga with the registration thingy. But yeah.. I made it! *Clap hands*

The timeframe
Trying to recall the steps here for your info...

1. Register with My Government first.

2. Next, register as SSM Subscriber. You have to pay RM5 for this. Payment via direct debit or credit card. Processing time within 24 hours provided if there is no problem with their server! Mine took 48 hours! Grrr...

3. Upon approval, proceed with Application for Business Name Approval. You will be notified through an email on the result (approved or rejected). My first Business Name was rejected due to the number usage which is not allowed. Refer image below.

4. Resubmit your application (repeat step 3). 

5. A reference number will be given in the email if your application is approved. You will need the reference number for your business registration application. Fill up the form accordingly and submit. Although the form is quite straight forward the part where you have list down all your businesses is quite confusing though. The terms mcm lebih kurang ja ni. Huhuhu... For full list, click here. 1 year business registration fee is RM60. Don't forget to renew ya... hehehe..

6. Check your email within 24 hours for the result. Look out for your business certificate attached in the 'approval email'. Congrats you are done!!

For info, business registration with SSM is only applicable for business in Peninsular. Huhuhu...

For better and complete guidance on the business registration pls refer here. Make sure you read all the Part 1 to Part 5. Good luck!
Till then... tatatititutu... 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Flyer

Flyer for an event this weekend
Refer top right for the event
First participation other than Amcorp Mall
Wish me luck! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Sorry-Fruit-Basket!

On recent transaction to dispose a property belongs to my beloved Datuk, we found out that the original Sale and Purchase Agreement been MIA!

The lawyer has been chasing us for the original agreement and everyone involved in the transaction was saying it’s not with them!

I know it was there together with the rest of the other agreements as I managed to duplicate the said SPA. I recalled that Datuk has asked for the stake of agreements which has been returned back to me later on.

I have reminded Datuk about that and of coz he couldn’t recalled. He strongly said that he didn’t take any of the original agreement and ask me to check my files. Hmmm… It make me feel guilty and wondering if I really has misplaced the important document! *sigh* *matai la kalau saya yang salah simpan! Berabisan mencari trus ni!*

I have actually suspected Datuk could have passed the agreement to the House Agent which the House Agent also denied that he is having the original agreement!

The ‘culprit’???

The House Agent!! Naaa kannnnn!!!

He called me to apologies and told me that he already found the agreement in his car bonnet!! How could he keep such important document in the car bonnet?!! Astaga… Being me, I just say ok! Malas mau kasi panjang cerita but deep inside me I am soooo relief!! It’s not my fault! Phewww… He also mentioned that he owes me a dinner! Yayyy… No thanks.. huh!!

The next day… Datuk, Madam (Datuk’s sis cum financial advisor) and I received a fruit basket from the House Agent! Rasa bersalah betul² laitu kunun… Hhuhuuhhu…

The fruit basket

The sorry message!

Anak² yang excited dpt fruit basket! Hahaha

Macam biasa.. Rayyan mmg suka posing! 

Moral of the story : check and recheck before you speaks! 

Till then, Happy Monday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

From Bangkok With Love

I was like OMG when I saw this pic... The river bikin takut ooo..

Hubby just got back from Bangkok last Sunday!! 

His company has arranged a 4D3N Team Building - Amazing Race for the staff in Bangkok! So sambil menyelam sambil minum air la dorang semua. *masih jeles lagi*

On the race... trying to get direction from a hotel staff
(sbb staff hotel ja yg pandai speaks English kunun!)

Congrats to hubby and team for being the Champion of the race! Yess... they are team no 1 out of  7 teams!

Senyum lebar dpt medal & piala

And of coz he brought something for us... *wink*

I like to keep brochures.. :)

Thanks Hubby for the Thai Silk!
It was originally at 850 Thai Baht, after nego the price is 500 Thai Baht (RM50) for 4 meters!
Mesti nego!!
I like the bottom part of the bag. Macam Sarung!
This bag cost him RM43?! Mcm not worth it kan.. *sigh*
but the material is nice though

Rayyan with his grey gajah T-shirt
T-shirts for all of us..

Ryanna with her pink gajah T-shirt

And.. cigarettes!

It was kinda frustrating coz he did not manage to find keychain at all?! Pelik kan?? He only managed to find one stall/shop selling fridge magnet but he thought of looking at other places first and turns up there is no other fridge magnet found after that!! So, no keychain nor fridge magnet.. *sigh*

Hubby claims that he already terrer jalan di Bangkok. So, was thinking of Bangkok pula after this. *wink*

Till then... Happy weekend! Cheers.. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011 Blog Guest ~ The Meet Up

Ok... seems like everyone is having fun exploring their Polyvore-wardrobe for CathJ's Guest Blogger Segment - Meeting Up! 

Been 'in and out' from the 'fitting room' since yesterday! Pening mau pakai apa kunun! Mana mau kalah sama yang lain!! Yayyy...

Sis Mouren with her beige clutch, Chegu Carol with her biker jacket, AnnieMing with her draped mini dress & high knee boots, Memel with her Jessica Alba's style, Beaty with her vintage style, Kenny with her bandage dress, Lydia with her Pallazo Trousers and the list goes on... 

Yours truly will be wearing something like below... *wink*

CathJ Dinner Meet Up

I just LOVE the colour!! Ok lets MEET UP!! See yaaa.... *grin

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : AirAsia

Phewww... baru lepas 'berebut' tiket!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Raya Open-Office

The office will usually arrange a makan-makan during Raya, CNY and Xmas/New Year... 

As for Raya this year... Please just scroll down and enjoy the photos as I do not have story to tell.. hahaha.. 

Foods were catered from a Chinese halal restaurant.
The prawn mmg kena aim! Hahahaha

The only Muslim staff in my office
9 out of 38 staff (exclude subsidiaries)
The rest are Chinese and 1 Sabahan (other than myself)
No Indian
Some kakak in the photo already work with the company for almost 20 years!

Actually wanted to show the kasut-raya.. hahaha

Till then, happy Tuesday... *wink*

Monday, September 19, 2011

Home Appliances Worth RM50??

Hi you all... how's your day so far??

I started mine with no so good Monday. *sigh* Some miscommunication forcing a meeting that I arranged a week ago started an hour later from the time fixed! Not going to rant bout this... Hmmmm...

So,  yeahh... not really in mood here... 

Anyway, wanna share here that I am the winner for Chegu Carol's blog giveaway vol 4 winner! Hoorayyy... Bukan senang tau mau jawab soalan dia... mmg kena baca balik her previous entries! But I enjoyed myself doing so... *wink*

As per Carol's email, I'll be receiving home appliances worth RM50 which I can request what are the item. Can you guys suggest what kind of home appliances (falls under RM50) should I ask for? Hahahahah.. buli ka macam tu? Tiba² tidak tau mau minta apa... huhuhhu...

Anyway, thanks in advance Carol... *grin*

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Raya 2011 : Behind The Scenes

Ok... after all my rants bout my Raya 2011 : Balik kampung, 1 Syawal, Beraya di Kundasang & Poring, Wedding and Last day in KK... this entry gonna be the last entry which happened behind the scenes! 

Baju Raya

Memang sakit hati la kalau mau cakap pasal baju Raya! Hubby and Rayyan's baju were ok. No prob even though the cost is slightly expensive! *sigh* But ours (me and Ryanna) were really s*cks!! We supposed to collect our baju on the 25/8. 4 days before our flight back to KK. But the baju is not ready yet! *faint* No choice but to push the tailor! 

We collected the baju 2 days after that. Siap mmg siap tapi cannot be worn!! Faham2 la kan kalau keja last minit!! Budusss!!! I have to buy new readymade baju for myself! Goshhh... A last minute shopping at Jalan TAR dengan bersesak² di tengah panas was worth it! Managed to find baju with almost the same colour for our theme this year.

Lily's baju
The front portion was actually tailorred reversely

My baju
the upper part is ok
the bottom part is too tight
see the zoom?
kalau melintang, melintang la kan..


The 'nanti la - bisuk la - malas la' excuse by hubby to go for hair cut really pissed me off. He normally would go for a hair cut at this particular salon as he claims that the tukang gunting pandai kasi fesyen his hair. But, at the end he didn't manage to drag himself to the salon and has to go to other salon nearby my house.

As usual, he would asked for "spiky' hair style... tapi itu tukang gunting kasi 'punk' pula!!! Astaga! Punya la bidaaa!!! Forcing myself to agree that he has to go for skin head!! It was one of his dream actually which I never granted. Hahahah...  Naa... tercapai sudah hajat c kawan! Not really skin head la.. tapi bald la juga! 

my other half


Aduii... mahal betul emas sekarang kan... It was less than RM100/gram few years back and it is at RM197/gram nowadays. 

Well, I am never a fan to gold stuff. I have to admit that I'm getting older now. I have this mindset saying orang tua ja suka emas! Yayyy... 

Our stop at Segama on our last day made me invest on a gold ring. Saja mau kasi nampak mana itu duit sudah ilang! Heee... 

Bloggers Meet Up

Naaa... no bloggers meet up! Sorry Sis Mouren. Next time time k..

I almost meet Yats too when I was at 1B. She saw my check in at FB and she was there too. Unfortunately, the BBM was super slow and we were on rush. The replies were slow! Didn't manage to meet her too even we were in the same building! Kalau tidak, buli jg kita bersalam-salam kan Yats. Heheh..

Being mom

5 days with the kids alone without my mom's help is very tiring! I have to admit that I am still not good in handling the kids alone. Can't imagine if i have to do house chores some more! Aduii! Salute all the super mothers in the world ooo. Tiba² teringat sama CathJ! *wink*

with my precious

Overall, despite all the sour faces & tension (besa la tu kan!)... I still enjoy my short trip to KK with my hubby and kids! Worth to be tired! 

Till then... enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Raya 2011 : Last Day in KK

4 Syawal (2.9.2011)

Our last day in KK. Flight back to KL scheduled at 3.30pm.. 

Another few more meaningful hours to spend in beloved hometown.

We went to SEGAMA!! Hahahahah... I always preferred Segama then Sinsuran. It always remind me of my childhood. Sitting at the center (yg ada tempat duduk tu) with some snacks while waiting for my mom - shopping!! Heee... 

Well, managed to invest something there. Will reveal in my next aka last entry of Raya 2011. *wink*

Thereafter, singgah KK Plaza. Actually, mau cari ATM. Huhuhuhu... Meanwhile, hubby crossed the road beli udang kering! Hah!!!! Half kilo pun jadi la! *grin*

Then, we rushed to 1 Borneo!! It was already 11.30am!! Astaga... sempat lagik kan!!! By hook or by crook, gonna meet my beloved cousin, Lydia this round. Believe it or not... she has never meet my lil Ryanna even though I have went back to KK for 3 times before this. Ada saja aral melintang! Same thing happened that day. We almost can't make it!

So, we met at McDonalds. Happy meals is the best solution for kids yang start meragam! *sigh* Just a quick catch up and some photos of coz... 

Ryanna , myself and cousin Lydia

last minute c Rayyan mau jg kena dukung oleh c Anty

Two final  things to be done before heading to the airport - hubby dropped by at his family house at Tg Aru and did a car wash! Ha! Sempat lagik kan! Hubby just doesn't feel great returning the car with dirt. 

Ok.. have to wave KK already! See you again in November, KK!

Just for my record, we decided to take cab from LCCT Sepang to our house in Pandan Indah instead of bus (the usual transport). Guess what? This is my first time taking cab from airport since my first day in KL! Wooohooooo... too tired already la! Just can't bear it anymore. *roll eyes*

The taxi coupon

Home Sweet Home is what everyone needs after a 'long' journey..... 

One more post for Raya 2011 entry after this ok.. jangan la kamu boring baca! Huhuhuuh...