Thursday, September 29, 2011

Business Registration with SSM ONLINE

Still in da business mode... *wink*

It's not to late to share that I have finally and successfully registered my shoppe with SSM via ONLINE!!! Alhamdulillah... 

After some thoughts, finally I have the guts (yeah.. need guts to do this!) to register my online business as I think I might be getting serious to be a lau pan niang @ Anty Yong (quoting Sis Mouren)... Hehehehe...

When everyone was busy with the preparation of Raya, I was on the other hand busy with the business registration.

To be honest, quite membingungkan juga with the registration thingy. But yeah.. I made it! *Clap hands*

The timeframe
Trying to recall the steps here for your info...

1. Register with My Government first.

2. Next, register as SSM Subscriber. You have to pay RM5 for this. Payment via direct debit or credit card. Processing time within 24 hours provided if there is no problem with their server! Mine took 48 hours! Grrr...

3. Upon approval, proceed with Application for Business Name Approval. You will be notified through an email on the result (approved or rejected). My first Business Name was rejected due to the number usage which is not allowed. Refer image below.

4. Resubmit your application (repeat step 3). 

5. A reference number will be given in the email if your application is approved. You will need the reference number for your business registration application. Fill up the form accordingly and submit. Although the form is quite straight forward the part where you have list down all your businesses is quite confusing though. The terms mcm lebih kurang ja ni. Huhuhu... For full list, click here. 1 year business registration fee is RM60. Don't forget to renew ya... hehehe..

6. Check your email within 24 hours for the result. Look out for your business certificate attached in the 'approval email'. Congrats you are done!!

For info, business registration with SSM is only applicable for business in Peninsular. Huhuhu...

For better and complete guidance on the business registration pls refer here. Make sure you read all the Part 1 to Part 5. Good luck!
Till then... tatatititutu... 


  1. Congrats and its really sound interesting! Haha last time i do online business i never thought that it will require so many things!

    Hmmm next time mo minta ajar ko ni...

    All the best sis!

  2. wah.. si Aki pun kena buat ni tau.. hm.. thanks for the info!! ^_^.v..

  3. waaa congrats sis... finally kan?

  4. SSM online biz registration utk peninsular biz ja? eee buruk..jadi yg d borneo pnya tepaksa jg mau isi2 borang kan..

  5. Mell_f ~ thanks Mel.. :)

    DC ~ thanks DC. Kalau ikut hati, malas mau peduli tp takut pula kena saman. Hahahah...

    Aki ~ Ba,kalau sdh buat kasi blog aa.. :)

    Wen ~ thanks sis. ya lor... finally! hahah..

    Kenny ~ SSM Registration of Business (yg bkn Sdn Bhd) online or thru counter meant for peninsular only. kalau Borneo, SSM Registration of Company (yg Sdn Bhd) ja ada. ROB teda. Kena go thru majlis bandaran. :)

  6. Thank you for this tooo amoi... ^_^

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