Thursday, September 08, 2011

Raya 2011 : Balik Kampung

Ok.. let's start with Part 1 of my Raya stories. *wink*

Our flight back to KK was on the 29/8/11 at 3.55pm via Fireflyz (departing at KLIA instead of LCCT). Of coz we do not want to take the risk to be caught in the jammed. Everyone is balik kampung. So yeah.. we opted for ERL (KLIA Express) which takes only 28min to arrive KLIA from KL Sentral. 

I purchased our family tickets online. Family tickets means 2 adults + 2 children which cost me RM75. Normal price would be RM35/adult and RM15/child. Oh in case you wonder... my mom is not joining us back this round. Our first trip without my mom! Huhuhuhu... 

While waiting for our train.. sempat la snap some pictures as this was my first time taking the ERL. Mahal ba! Taking bus only cost us RM8 - RM10 per adult. Huhuhuhu... 

Tengok la luggage kami!! 

Ok... arrival at KKIA... (to cut story shorts punya pasal.. hihihihi..) We were welcomed by our car rental agent! I bet my dad will be handicapped without his car since it is a long holidays. So, we have to rent a car! 

All kancils were sold out! The cheapest in town that I managed to get is Myvi at RM100 day! And we are renting it for 4 days!! *faint*

Our 4-days Myvi

After few consideration, hubby with heavy hearted decided that we are to check-in else where! We are not going back to hubby's family house as previous years. 

So, we check-in at Promenade Service Apartments, Api-Api Centre, KK. You guys know where it is rite. Selalu saya limpas seja di area ni... hohohoho...

Here are some photos of the units we stayed..

google image

Our 1st unit. (staying at 2 different units)
View from the veranda
Siok... can jemur kain!

Tengok rumah orang ja la view dia.. 

Unit 1's toilet and wardrobe
Nampak tu baju raya!
as I didn't manage to capture our 1st unit
the above image is from google
The exact design/unit

our 2nd unit
this unit do not have veranda

Toilet with bathtub

well-equipped kitchen

The rates?? As low as RM50/nite for a studio unit! Will consider to check-in here again if necessary! 

To be continued... 


  1. Siok owh kan tu Promenade Service Apartment... Murah n convenient owh! PUAS... tapi sis.. tu apartment mmg one unit korang2 saja ka? atau ada orang lain share masuk juga tu?

  2. wah best juga bh tinggal sana apt yang promenade kan...berbaloi n murah pula rate dia nanti sia tunggu lagi entri syawal ko

  3. eB ~ ok lerrr... ;p

    Mitchell ~ ok la jg utk yg bajet so-so ja. heheheh... one unit utk one family lor.. manada share2 tu.. kira one unit = one room laitu kalau hotel. tp sia prefer guna unit sbb bilik dia ada mini kitchen n mini living hall kan kunun... nda ngam sebut 'room'... hehehe..

    beaty ~ ya.. murah sana. klu time yg teda apa2, rm50 dpt tu. tp kami check in time peak kan, so rm70 + tax dlm rm80 jg la. still ok ba.. :)

  4. affordable pula rental ni service apartment ni kan sis.. :)

  5. Wah! Mahal jugak tu car rental Kan? Mimang Kalau saya pun faint jugak bah. Anyways, u guys checked in on the spot kha? Bagus jugak Kan harga Dia. Rm 50 bucks. .
    Anyways, you guys look so cute withyour luggages. Banyak jugak? Hehehe

  6. Sabrina ~ ya.. ok jg.. :)

    Ken ~ yup.. peak season rm70 tu..

    Getzz ~ kalau dpt kancil ok jg ba tp tu la.. abis sdh ni! opss.. kalau walk-in RM116 tu rates dia. so, sia pre-booked online with RM70/nite.. luggage saturang satu tp with kids around, naa.. susah jg mau handle. huhuhuh..

  7. ya.. sa pn pnah juga stay cni a few days.. murah price aprtment dia klu online booking...

  8. Cuba gia u bagI website dia Hehehe. Mau trytrybawa family tidur sana. .cantik nie. . .

  9. a-me ~ mmg bebaloi2 sy rasa.. :)

    GeTzzz ~ ni website dia.. baru kena tukar pulak..

    family suite dia pun ok jg harga.. :)

  10. Just,Itu itinerary Perlu Kena print kh? Kalau tidak,ok jugk Bah tu kan?

  11. GeTzzz ~ sy print ja utk keselamatan. hahaaha.. tp hubby sia p cek-in nda jg kasi tunjuk tu itinerary. ok seja tu.. :)

  12. Uii, RM50 ja? Murah o...tapi hubby sy orang KK ja, memang takkan mungkin lah p menyewa d sana, huhuhuh...


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