Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Raya 2011 : Wedding

3 Syawal (1.9.2011)

We got to rush back too KK from Poring as I have to attend a friend's wedding at Penampang, 3pm. 

Elly was my ex-housemate back in UPM. 

Congrats to Elly and spouse!

I have contacted other housemate so that we are able to catch each other. Lama sdh tidak jumpa especially Elly!  She didn't make it to my wedding in 2007. She didn't make it to our mini reunion in 2009. So yeahhh... it shud be about 10 years! Wow!!!

Some photos we managed to snap... 

From left - myself, Mia, Elly, Elly's hubby, Ila and Mandy
Supposed to be 7 of us in total - Betsy & Sab not attending.
Betsy went back kampung and Sab is on confinement

Mia and I with our kids
Mia left Baby Natalie at home

Was hoping all of us can gather in the next wedding of Ila or Mandy! Hehehehe... 

After that, hubby dropped me and kids at Centre Point. I need to pass something to my aunt who is working there. Meanwhile, hubby yamcha with his friends.

Mom's sister with Ryanna
Where is Rayyan?? Outside, waiting for me...
mau pigi Keko! Hah!

It was my last nite in KK. Supposed to meet up with my cousin, so can't meet Sis Mouren @ Wyne, but cousin also too tired as she also just arrived from kampung. So, packing and resting at the room. 

Am going back to KL the next day... *wink*


  1. So meaningful kan ko punya balik kampung.. Banyak kamu buat. Beraya, attending wedding ;-) Bah have a safe journey home then!

  2. tanya ko punya husband mana tempat murah2 mo yamcha sini KL.. hehehe.. :-p

  3. wah sempat lagi p tingu kawin kan..wah wah..siok no d samping raya sempat pigi jumpa realtives yang jauh2 d ranau, sempat pigi mandi..n sempat p tingu kawin kawn lagi ni..siok juga tu just

  4. time cuti raya ni,ramai ambil peluang utk kahwin.....tahniah to ur friend:)

  5. wah lama nda attend any wedding ni... rindu pula nampak photo2 kau ni hahahah

  6. Hi sis.. sangat eventful kan cuti kmu ni kali.. hari2 pun ada aktiviti yang menarik.. hehe..

    ps: klau c rayyan minta keko.. bawa ja dia msuk giant.. ;p

  7. Sis, c Mia slim owh kan hehe! Lamaaa owh tidak dingar cerita dari dia.

  8. Annieming ~ the shortest trip yet the very meaningful one! :)

    Aki ~ sini KL manada tmpt murah mo yamcha.. di lorong2 pun standard restoran jg! bikin panas.. hahaha...

    beaty ~ ya ba.. mmg pack la timetable.. ada ja program kunun. :)

    teratai ~ ha'ah... thanks teratai singgah sini.. :)

  9. CathJ ~ besa hjg thn mesti ramai kawin2... kalau ada yg jemput, jgn nda pigi pula.. hehehe...

    germaine ~ ya lor... bw la msk mana2, mmg dia msk tp dia cari keko jg sbb dia kanal tu building keko d kl sama keko pnya logo tu.. tu yg mencari jg.. hahahaha...

    SJB ~ heheheh... tp muslim friends nda ramai yg dtg tu abis semua d kg.. :)

    Sis Mouren ~ pandai dia maintain kan.. pdhal d rmh ja dia tu.. :)


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