Friday, September 30, 2011

Remove Image Background Online

Wanna remove your image background? Try out fotoflexer. I always prefer online thingy when it comes to editing part. Hehehe...

The step-by-step... 

Upload photo

Click at Geek

Click at Smart Scissors

Next, enjoy your 'dotting'... less curves mean easier.
The first dot (red arrow) and the last dot (blue dot) must be the same dot to end your dotting!

Click at Create Cutout to remove the background
Area to be removed will be changed to dark grey 

Image background has been removed
Click Save 

Make sure you pick the PNG format

See the diff??

Till then, happy weekend! 

p/s : auto-published


  1. siok juga ni just..ini kan pilihan lain selain CS ni

  2. ahhhh now i know!!! haha thanks for sharing!

  3. oh oh oh.. kalau si AKi,memang photoshop la harapan.. he he he.. nda tau macam mana kalau teda photoshop.. he he he.. thanks sis Just for the sharing..

  4. Ooo... Begitu pulak cara dia kan, baru kak tau. Terima kasih, just....:D

  5. Makasihhh sis, ko juga lah pakar mengurik2 software mcm ni (^^)

  6. Thumbs up for the tutorial! :)

  7. Like d rest. Now I know! Am loving this. THANKS for sharing, Just. :-)

  8. Glad you all love it... :)

    Aki ~ kalau sia terrer photoshop komfom guna photoshop tp apa buli buat d pc ofis teda photoshop. Kalau nda, buli jg belajar. D rmh sibuk layan anak, teda masa mau layan lappy. :)


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