Sunday, October 30, 2011

2nd Opinion

My breast cancer journey!

Hi everyone!

Well, news spread around at the office. When I came in to office last Thursday, I have to 'make report' to everyone that I bumped to. I know everyone is concern and shocked too... They all gave me a lot of advices. I feel so touched.

My dearly Datuk-Boss has arranged the HR Manager to accompany me to see his friend - a doctor who is also one of the company Director. In other words, the HR Manager was also my driver for the day! Oppss...

Thursday morning, we went to see Dr Ong at Assunta Hospital. Dr Ong is actually the Physcian. He receommends me to see Prof Yip (UM) and Dr Patricia Gomez (Pantai Bangsar), top doc in breast cancer.

We go for Dr Patricia Gomez as Prof Yip would be slightly hard to catch. Dr Ong straight away called Dr Patricia to make appointment. We were asked to come at 2pm at the same day!

Even though we had appointment, it is still 'first-come-first-serve basis. We only managed to went in to see Dr. Patricia at 4pm! Phewww..

The moment Dr Patricia starts explaning, I knew that I'm going to stick with her. I like the way she explains. Very details! She wrote stage by stage all treatments that I would be going thru depending on my case which they would only find out during the operation. She is also very positive. Unlike Dr Teo, the prev doc I met at Hospital Pantai Ampang. The way he broke the news sound serious and seems no hope except I have to remove the whole breast!

Treatment as advised:

1. First thing first, surgery to remove the lumps. I am so relief that I can still preserved my breast! During the surgery, they will do some tests if the lymp nodes has been attacked. Lymp nodes is the first area will be attacked when one have breast cancer. 

2. Radiotheraphy - is a must! 25x for 5mins daily which start after 3 weeks. 

3. Chemotheraphy - depends. If lymp nodes attacked, then must go for chemo. Looking at my age, Dr says will want me to go for chemo at least 4 cycles!

Well, she asked me not wait longer. Need to avoid the cancer spreading.

So, yeah.. will be admitting tomorrow nite and surgery will be on Tuesday morning (at Hospital Pantai KL - Bangsar). I can be discharged the very next day but with tubes. To come back after 4 days to remove tubes and rest for at least 1 month at home!! Radiotherapy/ chemo starts after 3 weeks!

To recap.. read also the other entries as well.. Breast Lump, Biopsy DoneBiopsy Result.

Till then, pray for me k.. InsyaAllah will fight this 'obstacle'!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday to you Rayyan Adrian!

p/s : auto-published! Happy Deepavali to all.. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Biopsy Result!

My breast cancer journey!

Just to update..

As most of you already know..

Have collected the biopsy result about 2 hours ago!

As suspected by the doctor, the lump at the n*pple area is cancerous!!! It should be around 6 mths already! And is now at early Stage 2!

For a moment, I just smile and nodded at the doc before I took out tissue! *teary eyes*

Hubby was with me to calm me down. Thanks Hubby!

Doctor's advice:

1. Go for operation to remove whole right breast. In my case, need to operate the lymp nodes in the armpit as well. Sorry I can't explain this part.

2. Since my case involve the lymp nodes, will have to comes for follow up every week after operation.

3. After 3 weeks to 1month after operation, to go for chemotherapy and radiotherapy for at least 6 mths!

Supposed to admit for operation on this Thursday but with Boss's advices.. will go for 2nd opinion doctor first before proceed with operation! Thanks boss for the concern!

Ok.. i better stop.. don't worry... I'll be ok.. I'll be strong.. I'll be positive!!

Thanks to all of you! You guys take care too ya!!

The 8th Year!!

As much as I want to blog about Rayyan's birthday which we celebrated in advance on Sunday nite, you guys still have to wait coz I forgot to bring the memory card! Without picies, entry would be not-so interesting kunun! Heee...

What's up with my title there??

Well, today is our 8th years couple anniversary! Phewww... 

I know I know most of you has longer relationship than mine! I know too that masing² ada masing² punya asam garam! Lain rumah lain tangga! Heeee..

This year, the feeling (my own feeling) is kinda... how to say ya... well, maybe because of the recent news... it makes me think a lot! As much as I want to stay positive... I am just human being ba kan

Last nite when taking bath, sempat juga layan perasaan! Hmmm... Was thinking how long will our relationship last? My confident level dropped when I imagine myself without the other 'mountain'! I think more or less it would lessen hubby's passion towards me! You know what I'm referring here! I started imagine if he would have an affair!!! Sh*t!!! Hate it when I let the imaginations run wild! *sigh*

Whatever it is.. jodoh & ajal-maut di tangan Tuhan. Saya redha... Till then, am gonna treasure my life to the fullest!

Two become One! One come Two! *wink*
To dearest Hubby, I love you so much! Pls forgive me for all the wrong-doings.. sins... the ignorance (too occupied with kids!).. and every single thing.. Still trying best to be a good wifey.. except the kitchen part! Memang surrender owh!! Hahahahahah... 

Last but not least.... Happy 8th Anniversary to you, Hubby! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Biopsy Done!!

My breast cancer journey!

Hi people! Am back with not-so-stable feelings!

Before that, Happy 3rd birthday to my Hero, Rayyan Adrian! We love you son! We had the makan-makan last nite. Will blog about it in my next entry ya.

As promised, here’s my story on what happened last Friday. Sorry for the long wait… Kunun!

9.00am – registration at Hospital Pantai Ampang.   

Even though I already made my appointment, still it is a 'first-come-first-serve' basis.
Perhaps I was quite early, so masih kosong lagi!

9.40am – met Dr Teo, Surgeon Specialist. Macam biasa la.. sessi sual-kenal & soal-jawab! After studied the scan by the National Cancer Society, I have to lied down and kena ramas² lagik!! *benci!* Was asked to do another scan ultrasound and also Mammogram! I was puzzled when he asked me to do Mammogram. Then, he explained. Mammogram is usually for ladies 35 and above. But, in some cases, Mammogram will still show the cancer existence, if any! Besides, mine got two lumps. One is exactly at n*pple which are bad! *sweating*

10.00am – 11.30am – waiting turn for ultrasound and mammogram!

The Mammogram machine and the result

11.30am - 12.00pm – see Doc again with the results. Base on the Mammogram, Doc said if it’s cancer, there will be white dots on the lumps. Was quite relief to hear that there is no white dots on my lump. I think he only mentioned that at 1 lump and not the other lump on the n*pple!

Biopsy is a must!!

Since I’m using the company insurance, I will be only covered if I am admitted or at least a day care (which required at least 6 hours at the Hospital) before I can proceed with the Biopsy.

12.00pm – 1.45pm – waiting for them to prepare the necessary for admission and get ‘green light’ from Insurance. While waiting, sempat la juga had a light lunch – currypuff and ice tea. Mana ada selera owh!

1.45pm – 6.45pm – due to ‘no-bed’ at the female ward, was asked to admit at Pediatric Ward. It’s a two-bedded room with toilet and tv on each bed. I was on my own the whole afternoon. Waiting, waiting and waiting for Doc to perform Biopsy!! At the end, was asked to go back and come back tomorrow morning at 8am! Bikin panas kan??!!!

My room!

Tea time and dinner!
Looking the 'kaki lima', bikin takut oo kan?!

The next day…

7.20am – Morning ‘alarm’ by the Hospital. To come as soon as possible. Doctor is waiting!

8.00am – admitted at female’s ward. 

8.15am – 8.30am – Biopsy room! *faint* Before that, Doctor apologized about yesterday. He claimed that he went to the Biopsy room but I was not there and he was not informed that I was at the Pediatric ward! Huh?!!

To perform Biopsy, Doc injected me for the ‘bius’ on the breast of coz. After that, he asked for 7 size blade from the nurse!! OMG!! Kenapa la I have to listen to that?!! Yeah, he made a small cut on the breast. Of coz I can’t feel anything. It’s already numb maa… Then the Biopsy began!! I have to bear 8 times of samples-taking!! Gila eh!! I dare not to look at the breast, if you ask! He cleans up everything, plaster and done! Rasa macam kena tikam opss.. not really.. but you can feel he’s 'stabbing' on you softly and the pull’s part yang paling tidak best! Wuaaaa…

Next, can go back to bed and wait for discharge! Doc’s advice??!! It is really beyond my imagination and expectation! Trust me, no woman will want to hear this!!

“If it’s only here, I can just remove this part (pointing at the other lump). But, this one right at the n*pple is very high chances to get cancer. So, I have to remove the whole breast! Otherwise, you still can preserve your breast!!”

Apa kamu rasa?? Urin??!!

Seriously, I can’t feel anything! I can’t think of anything! I was shocked!

8.30am – 11.30am – As informed, discharged process will take about 2-3 hours. So, I just stayed at my bed, waiting while sms-ing my hubby and bbm-ing my colleague updating them the current status!

“takkan kau nak buang semua beb??” that statement really hit me and I burst into tears!!

I managed to calm myself down after hubby replied me with “it’s ok.. just go ahead! Better than to get cancer!!”

11.30am – discharged! Total bill = RM1,600++ (Thanks to the Company!) To come again on Tuesday (tomorrow) to see doctor and collect the biopsy’s result.

If you ask me now… the result is no longer important to me coz whatever it is... I will still lost one of the asset!! Wuarghhhhh…

Anyway, thank you for all the encouraging words specially beloved hubby and mom for the positive supports. Without them, I am totally down!

Thanks also to Sis Mouren for the advice! I like it the most… “Yang penting sekarang, ko mesti go ahead with life. Ko mesti tengok anak ko membesar. Biar lah ilang sebelah breast, yang penting tidak ilang nyawa ko!” Macam terbangun saya baca!!

Thank you again. Will be fine and stay positive! *wink*

Sorry for the long post!

Friday, October 21, 2011


My breast cancer journey!

It's Friday! Good morning people!

As you are reading this, I am actually at the Hospital Pantai Ampang, seeing the Surgeon Specialist. *dag dig dug*

Yeah.. it's an auto-published entry.

Was thinking to just come in late to the office today but of coz depending on the consultation. If it takes longer time, then I have to take half day leave. If the doctor is taking the sample this morning, then I am thinking to ask for MC. Muaahahah... let see how ya..

Am actually so happy when the HR informed me that she has checked with the company insurance agent. My case is covered under the whatever-plan it is. So, I can bring the medical card (provided by the company some time this year! we do not have it before.) together with the reports to any of the private hospital to perform treatment/surgery with FOC. Phewww...

It's indeed a good news to me! 

Immediately, I made an appointment to see the surgeon specialist this morning at Hospital Pantai Ampang. The Hospital is only less than 10minutes drive from home. *wink*

Am not saying the government hospital is not good ok but at least the waiting time and appointments dates will be much much lesser. With government hospital, the next appointment date given will be at least another 3 weeks, the earliest! *faint* Really need to close the 'case' soonest possible la

So far that I can recall, this visit would be my first time getting treatment at private hospital! 

Well, I must say that I seldom get sick. I only admitted to hospital (government) 3 times in my entire life.

The first one was when I broke my arm when i'm was in kindergarden. I was warded for a mth if not mistaken and I missed the graduation ceremony! *sad*

Can you guess the second and third???   

Yup, when I delivered Rayyan and Ryanna!

Other than that, just the normal sakit-sakit-manja! Ahahaha..

Oppsss... Ok.. I better stop. Tertukar cerita sudah ni... hehehe... Will update when I'm back ok!

Till then, Happy Friday and have a great weekend ya!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hari itu, c Kay Masingan sudah dilanda malas. So, hari ini turn saya pula!

Hari ini saya terasa amat malas sekali! Boss pula sdh 1 week outstation! Coming in next Monday!

Kemarin, saya sibuk kasi siap my Photobook! Voucher expiring in 2015 tapi saya rasa baik la saya buat awal² sementara masih duduk makan gaji buta di ofis ni sbb kalau sdh balik KK next May, saya rasa saya mesti tidak akan dapat buat itu Photobook. Sia² pula saya bayar RM99!!

Sepatutnya saya mau kasi surprise hubby with the photobook. It's the journey of our love which we call it Taste of Love! Tapi seperti biasa, kami laki-bini memang suka berbincang walau hal remeh sekalipun! Itu la ba yang sepatutnya kan?! Heeee... 

So, hari ini saya sudah pun mem-print 40 pages of the photobook utk approval boss ku! ^_^ Biasanya, memang standard la ada komen² itu dan ini kan dan seperti biasanya juga akan diakhiri dengan "Ba, mana² seja la!" Kalau saya rajin, saya adjust la mana² komen yang boleh diterimapakai. Kalau tidak, ignore it lor! Kiikikikiki..

Kamu mau tengok the photobook?? Since it is my first time, saya just pakai apa yang ada. Malas mau fikir banyak. Background pun hitam seja! Nanti, kalau sdh sampai saya blog out ok!

Disebabkan malas juga, petang ini saya just browse the net. Cari info pasal Cameron Highlands and Singapore. Next holiday will be Cameron Highlands in Jan 2012, follow by Singapore in March! Did I mention Medan in May, KK in May and Manila in September??!!! *faint*

Bila terpikir pasal bajet terus pening! Aduhhhhh...

Ok.. chow dulu!! *malas*

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Good luck! *wink*

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Kekuatanku

Masa berlalu begitu pantas
dan setiap kali melihat telatah mereka
"besar sudah dorang kan?"
satu ayat yang selalu aku lontar!
Mereka adalah KEKUATAN aku!
Mummy sayang kamu!
Selamat Hari Rabu! ^_^

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Woman’s Talk : Breast Lump!

My breast cancer journey!

*Inhale* *exhale*

It’s Pink October month! Have you check yours? Have you done with the BSE (Breast Self-Examination) To be honest, I rarely done mine.

And I thank the instinct or should I say the warning given to me that nite (last Sunday) during my shower.

To detect something is not rite really surprise me! It is on the right one! Head began questioning and kinda worry also. Not to worry is impossible!

Informed hubby when I went to bed that nite. Asked him to feel it too. However, dia dengan mamai nya ckp, “nanti pigi check aa..”

The next day, started my Google at office and asked for advices from the senior kakak².

Finally, informed Mom bout it. When it comes to health, Mom will be one among the last person that I want to inform. I just don’t want her to worry.

Actually, Mom went through this lump thingy before. I remember very well that she had been warded a nite for an operation to remove the lump. Thanks God it was not a cancer. That is where I gain the strength to stay calm and think positive. Hoping and praying that I'll be alright. 

So, last Friday I went for a Breast Ultrasound at National Cancer Society Malaysia. (I was informed that Mammogram is only recommended for ladies above 35 years old.)

The front desk

Bikin kembang bulu juga masuk the building. huhuhu..

My appointment was at 11am. Been called by a lady doctor for a manual check and been waited until 12.30pm for my turn for the ultrasound! Baik tidak payah buat appointment kan?!

It took only 15minutes to finish the process. It's like what pregnant mommies go for the baby ultrasound. Only the 'area' yang lain!

The worst part is being "molested" by a guy-doctor! Hishhh... 

Ok.. here's the report by the doctor :

"There is an irregular hypoechoic mass in the right breast at 12 o'clock, corresponding to the palpable lump, measuring 12 x 7 x 13mm. There are multiple well defined hypoechoic masses in the right subareolar area. The largest measures 10mm. No focal mass in the left breast. The mass in the right breast at 12 o'clock is suspicious of malignancy BIRADS. BIOPSY IS RECOMMENDED"

*inhale* *exhale*

As for the service charge, it is actually RM100 for the breast ultrasound. Upon collecting the reports, the lady at the front desk says “no charges”.  Without asking further, I say ok and thank you. Heee…

Straight away, we went to Hospital Ampang which is near my house and less crowd than Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Mmg tiada orang di sana. Pesakit pun kurang. Staff pun kurang!

We were asked to go straight to the Klinik Pembedahan (aduiii naa… bikin takut ja oo!!). Went there just to set an appointment date which is on the 8/11/11! Punya lama lagi kan… bikin tambah risau seja ni!

In the meantime, am asking the company HR to check if our medical card covers my case. If yes, memang tidak teragak-agak saya proceed at the private hospital!

Till then, pray for me ya friends!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ready for Just Shoppe Trading!

Hi people!

Was on 'MC' last Friday. Will blog about it later.

Finally, the biz kits are ready! Well, I must say that I'm a fussy customer! It should be about 4 drafts before I final them! Sorry AnnieMing!

Yeah.. you read me!

Disebabkan geram sama c AnnieMing punya Smooched Marble, so saya dengan tebal mukanya sent email to her requesting her to design for me a set of header, namecard and logo/watermark for my Shoppe. ;p

My original version
Final draft by AnnieMing
Heart the cartoon BO very much!
designed as per the customer's request
macam² ba the customer kan.. ;p

Can't wait to send the namecard for printing.. hehehe.. 

Pls contact AnnieMing personally should you require her design services. 

THANKS again Annie! *wink*

Happy Monday!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New System at Amcorp Mall


It's getting hard to do business in Amcorp Mall nowadays.

Management changed! Rules changed too!

Well, the first-old-management has took over the responsibility from the previous-new-management. Senior vendors are saying the first-old-management is very much better then the previous-new-management as the first management tend to moderate-able!

Yeah.. they moderate ONLY to those senior citizens vendors! Faham² la di Amcorp Mall tu banyak jual barangan antik. Yg tukang jual tu pun of coz la org antik tua².

As for us, the new vendors... macam banyak dianak-tirikan la!

Earlier practice during the previous-new-management, all vendors can make payment and register for the following weekend on Sunday afternoon, before tutup kedai. However, we are no longer able to do so. Vendors (except permanent vendors who already there for more than 5 years paying monthly through bank transfer) need to come every Tuesday to make payment, register and book table on the spot for the coming weekend!

I had to queue for nearly one hour and half last Tuesday!

The chinese lady was queuing at my back
been 'womb-ing' before she finally went straight to the 'counter'
kena layan and dapat terus pula register!
Bikin panas!!

Siapa cepat dia dapat nice and strategic location!
When I finally stood in front them, there were only 2-3 tables left!!
And there were more than 5 person queuing behind me?!
Kalau abis, mmg mengamuk ooo!!!

For those not working, no problems la kan. But for us yang makan gaji.. ingat buli suka² hati keluar ofis ka?! Takkan every Tuesday MIA pula!! *sigh*

Of coz, can get other vendor-friend to help out which I did try my luck! Too bad... most of them refuse to do so! Biasa la tu... *double sigh*

Hence, I can't make it to Amcorp Mall this weekend! Hhuhuhuh...

Have to search around other places lor!

Am just gonna stick with "rezeki ada di mana-mana"..

Till then!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Gigi

Rayyan's @ 3 years

Ryanna's @ 15 mths

'brush teeth'
Mom's method of cleaning teeth!
Happy Wednesday!! *wink*

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedding Invitation by Kim Kardashian?!

Thanks Cath for your lovely Blog Guest Segmen! If not, tidak merasa la berfashion² ni.. hahahaha...

So this round... am going for a wedding invitation of Kim Kardashian??!! Wowww!! Gila eh!!

Check out what I found from the Polyvore-wardrobe. Am still stick with the belt thingy! *wink*

Wedding Invitation by Kim Kardashian?!

Ok.. I'm ready... see ya there!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Won 3D2N Stay @ Hotel Equatorial Cameron Highland!

OMG!!!! Am soooo happy to receive the news this morning!! Rasa mau melompat²! Muahahaha..

It's a contest I joined in Aug which has been extended to end of Sept. Dian BC Holiday Food Contest by Nora. Although the contest didn't get good response, Nora still proceed with the contest and winning prizes. It's ok Nora. Still can arrange other contest in future. *grin*

As promised, the result was finally out this morning! Yeahhh... I'm going to Cameron Highlands with my family! *smiling ear to ear*

Won a stay at 2rooms apartment Hotel Equatorial Cameron Hidghlands! So, harus la bawa family yang ku cinta!! *wink*

Mom going to love this! Cameron is in her list after Langkawi!!

Intend to check-in during CNY cum Mom's buffday on the 24/1/2012. Hope there is room for us. Otherwise, will change plan lor..

My last trip to Cameron was in 2003! Astaga.. punya lama gila sdh kan!!  Can't waittt... 

Ok guyss... have a great Monday! 

Friday, October 07, 2011

Robbery in Cybercafe!

Just to share...

This happened to my uncle quite some times ago.

He was inside the cybercafe, enjoying FB maybe.. hahaha..

Out of sudden, guy(s) - forgotten how many of them - wearing helmet came in with knife and asked everyone inside the cybercafe to give them their belongings - hp, monies, etc...

What my uncle did was... quickly throw/put his hp on the floor and step on it!! Brilliant idea!! He only has to give monies to the robber and save his hp by saying he didn't bring along his hp and show them his pockets! *clap hands* 

Robbers are often in hurry. So they won't have time to do a proper-body-check! - I think la!! 

Have you thought of doing that in such critical situation??? 

Have a great weekend ppl! I'll be in Amcorp Mall over the weekend. It's been a while... *sigh*

Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Worst Convo??

Ok.. now you tell me… what is it in your mind when there is a Convocation being held in any Uni???

Crowd.. Flower.. Students wearing robe.. Family… Agree with me??

So, when a friend approached me to join her for a booth sharing for a Convo which will be held in UPNM – Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia at Kem Sungai Besi… despite the “Pertahanan” – means I will be expecting guys in their uniforms… I was actually targeting their family and relatives.

And yeah.. I agreed to join her. The rental for 4 days (Friday to Monday) is only RM300 per booth. Sharing the booth for 3 pax (including myself).. So I only pay for RM100. Before sharing, we have actually considered our selling stuff. Takut juga tidak muat meja. Me with my BO. My friend with her brooch and some clothes (using cloth hanger). The other friend with her makeover which means she actually does not occupy the table. Fare and square lor!

Our booth is actually the parking lot. 1 booth = 1 parking lot. So you can imagine the booth size. The table is smaller than what I have in Amcorp. So, must be good in organizing and displaying stuff. *wink*

We were quite excited to be there on the 1st day. We were told that there will be an Opening Ceremony held in the afternoon and Malam Kebudayaan at nite.

Day 1 - Semangat setup the booth

Makeover at only RM50 - pun tidak laku!!

Ok.. there were crowd but not really crowd la. Or maybe because of the loooong booth-parking-lots, so all the booths are not centered so hardly see the crowd. Students wander around only hunting for foods! Biasa la kalau guys kan.. mmg makan seja! Hmm…

Crowd is coming! They have just finished with the Opening Ceremony..

Anyway, my first day was fine... managed to get some sales though!

The 2nd day was worse! Singing-performance rehearsal and karaoke competition in the afternoon and concert at nite didn’t help me to get even 1 sale!!! Wuarghhhh…. Muka memang buruk la sudah hari ni! Hhuhuhuhu…

Bila tiada org, tiada langsung. Kalau ada pun yg student saja!

“It’s ok. Tomorrow is the convo day! Will see the crowd tomorrow.” A statement to kasi senang hati!

We arrived late on our 3rd day – the Convo day! It’s about time for the 1st session to come out from the hall. But heyyy… where are the people???!!! Langsung nda meriah ni! Lengang ja! Astaga! Apa punya convo mcm ni!!

Where are the family? Ok.. ada la juga but sikit!

Where are the students with robe?? Ok I saw only 1 girl wearing red robe! The rest but not many are in their uniforms.

Where are the crowd??? Ntah la!! Aduiiii… memang tidak meriah oo!!

The worst part is it was raining that afternoon and kami kebanjiran!! Buli??!!! Sandi eh!!

Air melimpah dari parit!!

Rahmat hujan maybe.. managed to get 1 sale though! Thanks to the student who bought the WHPO! At least, tidak la balik dgn tangan kosong!

Looking at the ‘crowd’, kami tawar hati sudah mau datang the next day. Baik lagi masuk ofis! Huhuhu… 

Even that day itself, we closed as early as 7pm! Sitting there since 12noon until 10pm for the past two days is just not worth it!

Makan ja la kerja kami!

Kaki 'petugas' yg kuciwa!!

Food court at our booth??! Kami sewa tapak bkn sewa meja! Tiada privacy betul!!

Overall, I only managed to cover my rental. My friend selling brooch pun tidak balik modal. The other friend doing the makeover lagi la kesian! No business at all! Poor her..

Tidak apa la.. bukan rezeki kami… the experiences yg mahal! AND I am just not feel comfortable to be amongst the uniform guys! Kin takut ni! Hahahahaha…

Amcorp jugak la! *wink*

P/s : am feeling weird these few days... hmmm.... 

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Biz Kits

Yet to be finalised by a great blogger friend!
You guys know her very well!
Will reveal the person once done!
Happy Wed ppl! *wink*

Monday, October 03, 2011

Tired and Disappointing!


I am suppose on leave today and suppose to be in UPNM (remember my last week's WW?) now. 

But well... two words that best describe is TIRED and DISAPPOINTING! *sigh*

surrounded by THEM for the pass 3 days!

The worst Convo ever!

Will rant later la k.. not in da mood. Still tired! Besides some other photos are yet to be transferred. In next entry ya... 

Anyway, have a great day you all... ^_^