Sunday, October 30, 2011

2nd Opinion

My breast cancer journey!

Hi everyone!

Well, news spread around at the office. When I came in to office last Thursday, I have to 'make report' to everyone that I bumped to. I know everyone is concern and shocked too... They all gave me a lot of advices. I feel so touched.

My dearly Datuk-Boss has arranged the HR Manager to accompany me to see his friend - a doctor who is also one of the company Director. In other words, the HR Manager was also my driver for the day! Oppss...

Thursday morning, we went to see Dr Ong at Assunta Hospital. Dr Ong is actually the Physcian. He receommends me to see Prof Yip (UM) and Dr Patricia Gomez (Pantai Bangsar), top doc in breast cancer.

We go for Dr Patricia Gomez as Prof Yip would be slightly hard to catch. Dr Ong straight away called Dr Patricia to make appointment. We were asked to come at 2pm at the same day!

Even though we had appointment, it is still 'first-come-first-serve basis. We only managed to went in to see Dr. Patricia at 4pm! Phewww..

The moment Dr Patricia starts explaning, I knew that I'm going to stick with her. I like the way she explains. Very details! She wrote stage by stage all treatments that I would be going thru depending on my case which they would only find out during the operation. She is also very positive. Unlike Dr Teo, the prev doc I met at Hospital Pantai Ampang. The way he broke the news sound serious and seems no hope except I have to remove the whole breast!

Treatment as advised:

1. First thing first, surgery to remove the lumps. I am so relief that I can still preserved my breast! During the surgery, they will do some tests if the lymp nodes has been attacked. Lymp nodes is the first area will be attacked when one have breast cancer. 

2. Radiotheraphy - is a must! 25x for 5mins daily which start after 3 weeks. 

3. Chemotheraphy - depends. If lymp nodes attacked, then must go for chemo. Looking at my age, Dr says will want me to go for chemo at least 4 cycles!

Well, she asked me not wait longer. Need to avoid the cancer spreading.

So, yeah.. will be admitting tomorrow nite and surgery will be on Tuesday morning (at Hospital Pantai KL - Bangsar). I can be discharged the very next day but with tubes. To come back after 4 days to remove tubes and rest for at least 1 month at home!! Radiotherapy/ chemo starts after 3 weeks!

To recap.. read also the other entries as well.. Breast Lump, Biopsy DoneBiopsy Result.

Till then, pray for me k.. InsyaAllah will fight this 'obstacle'!


  1. Glad u went for 2nd opinion as i also felt that the first advice was and extreme.

    You will be in my prayer Just.

  2. berkat doa yang x putus2 juga ni kan Just.
    Luckily tempat kerja ko sangat prihatin o - the boss. Now u have the best doctor, dan harap semuanya akan berjalan lancar.
    Kuatkan semangat!

  3. Salam just,
    alhamdulilah to hear this news. Ive done my cyst operation at hospital pantai bangsar in 2005, 3 months before my wedding day hehehe and they do a very good jobs because after 2 weeks i barely see any scar on my neck and i have speedy recovery too. And the doctor is so profesional also, they were very patient with my insurance procedure and yes at that time i was so greatful i have insurance policy. Your company cover ka on the oparation? Good hearted ooo you datuk hehe.

    Btw, good luck for the operation. InsyaAllah eveything will be fine.

  4. Will always pray for you Just ^^ glad that you have wonderful friends and bos that support you..
    We will always support you :D
    Speedy recovery and God bless!

  5. oh i just know about so sorry...but this is a good news though..u're lucky to have such supportive friends. i'll always support u as well..i pray for you..everything's gonna be ok yeah. good luck for the operation. much love!

  6. will always pray to you Just..Get well soon ya!

  7. pray for u just..mudah2an semuanya selamat..jangan putus berdoa..

  8. keep praying sis.. im sure God will always be with you.. God take care of you and your family always.. RECOVER SOON!

  9. thanks to GOD sis.. Bersyukur betul dengar ni...

  10. Really glad you go for 2nd opinion..
    You will always in my prayer. I knew you can do it.. I always knew you are very positive. Keep it up Just. :D

  11. Lucky sis seek for 2nd opinion rather than trust the Ampang Doc.. Tu Ampang doc mcm mo bt keja senang.. a lil bit weird jg caused ampang doc didn't even doing test on lymph node...

    Keep strong sis..
    Pray for you...God Bless...
    Get well soon!!

  12. Bagus jg tu dr patricia kan.. Kalau sekadar mau buat check up boleh kah p sana? Ohh wish you a smooth operation my fren. And pray that no lymp attacked..

    I need to find time to check mine too.. :s

  13. good that u went for the 2nd opinion :) btl jg ckp chegu carol tu..the 1dt doc u went to giving u like no choice at all..hope everything goes well after this :)

  14. Jus5t be strong during the Radiotherapy/ Chemo...ingat Tuhan sis and at the same time ingat Rayyan & Ryanna ko (^^)

  15. Hi Just wonderful news indeed and i know god listened you and our prayers. Have faith in god and be strong. will always bring you in ma prayers. you see god done a great job so far he blessed you wif a good boss and good doc so far and friends / family who support you dearly. GBU...

  16. Just I know this though but nothing is impossible. Remember u have God, family and friends. We support you..

    u r always in our prayer

  17. May everything goes well ya..!
    God Bless you...

  18. Your Boss is Great!! Too Great.. Itu barulah bos.. Well,U r in our prayer sis.. Glad to know,the 2nd opinion is more a relieve.. God Bless U sis.. ^_^.v..


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