Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The 8th Year!!

As much as I want to blog about Rayyan's birthday which we celebrated in advance on Sunday nite, you guys still have to wait coz I forgot to bring the memory card! Without picies, entry would be not-so interesting kunun! Heee...

What's up with my title there??

Well, today is our 8th years couple anniversary! Phewww... 

I know I know most of you has longer relationship than mine! I know too that masing² ada masing² punya asam garam! Lain rumah lain tangga! Heeee..

This year, the feeling (my own feeling) is kinda... how to say ya... well, maybe because of the recent news... it makes me think a lot! As much as I want to stay positive... I am just human being ba kan

Last nite when taking bath, sempat juga layan perasaan! Hmmm... Was thinking how long will our relationship last? My confident level dropped when I imagine myself without the other 'mountain'! I think more or less it would lessen hubby's passion towards me! You know what I'm referring here! I started imagine if he would have an affair!!! Sh*t!!! Hate it when I let the imaginations run wild! *sigh*

Whatever it is.. jodoh & ajal-maut di tangan Tuhan. Saya redha... Till then, am gonna treasure my life to the fullest!

Two become One! One come Two! *wink*
To dearest Hubby, I love you so much! Pls forgive me for all the wrong-doings.. sins... the ignorance (too occupied with kids!).. and every single thing.. Still trying best to be a good wifey.. except the kitchen part! Memang surrender owh!! Hahahahahah... 

Last but not least.... Happy 8th Anniversary to you, Hubby! 


  1. He marry you not for the Mountain part only la Sis.. What drive you to think sampai sana.. Don't let your mood ruin your life.. It's been 8 years,and it'll continue,sampai si Rayyan pun ada 8 adik sudah mangkali.. campur si Ryanna skali.. He he he.. Happy *th Anniversary to both of you Sis Just and Bro Asai!! ^_^.v.. God Bless both of you!! ^_^.v..

  2. Hey Just... happy 8th anniversary with the hubby ^^ I pray that there will be very more anniversary to come :D

  3. hepi 8th anniversary... sweet :)

  4. congrats Just & hubby semoga berkekalan hingga hujung nyawa... I pray dat nothing serious will be happened! Cheers! :)

  5. Happy anniversary to you and hubby! Don't let the negative imagination conquer your mind moi.. Trust your love with each other and Insyaallah, happiness will always yours..

    P/S: me too have to rise up my white flag when come to kitchen part..hahaha

  6. Sayang sama kamu semua!! Thanks all!! :)

  7. happy anniv Just...take care ok..

  8. congrats!! happy anniversary just & hubby!!

  9. Happy 8th anniversary to you just and hubby.

  10. happy anniversary, dear.
    moga makin cinta sampai mata keluar love love.

  11. Just sa inda salahkan ko kalau fikir negative ni. But yeah manusia biasa juga kan. Put all ur worry to God cause He will lessen it. Just, sa sukung c aki..ur hub bukan marry ko pasal tu mountain kan..be strong ya just..

    happy 8th anniverssary

  12. ko kena positive just..jgn fikir yang bukan2. ko kena pikir mcm x ada apa2 yg kurang juga...
    be strong always.

    happy 8th anniversary n happy birthday to Rayyan in advance...:)

  13. happy aniversary for both of u! stay strong okey!

  14. I dont care if Im 'loosing' one of the mountain.. I do care if I loosing you !!!!

    When you need me.. I will always be there for you. I Luv u so much... x kira semasa sihat, sakit atau apa jua situasi, I really luv you and our kids as well !!

    Happy 8th Anniversary honey..

    errr... Eight (8) is the lucky number.. ni mcm ari anam mau pigi beli numbur dulu la sana toto... hehehehe.


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