Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Biopsy Result!

My breast cancer journey!

Just to update..

As most of you already know..

Have collected the biopsy result about 2 hours ago!

As suspected by the doctor, the lump at the n*pple area is cancerous!!! It should be around 6 mths already! And is now at early Stage 2!

For a moment, I just smile and nodded at the doc before I took out tissue! *teary eyes*

Hubby was with me to calm me down. Thanks Hubby!

Doctor's advice:

1. Go for operation to remove whole right breast. In my case, need to operate the lymp nodes in the armpit as well. Sorry I can't explain this part.

2. Since my case involve the lymp nodes, will have to comes for follow up every week after operation.

3. After 3 weeks to 1month after operation, to go for chemotherapy and radiotherapy for at least 6 mths!

Supposed to admit for operation on this Thursday but with Boss's advices.. will go for 2nd opinion doctor first before proceed with operation! Thanks boss for the concern!

Ok.. i better stop.. don't worry... I'll be ok.. I'll be strong.. I'll be positive!!

Thanks to all of you! You guys take care too ya!!


  1. Hi Just,

    Am so sorry to hear dat and yes have to be positive...as I said my prayer is wif you and just remember medical miracles happen everyday

  2. So sorry to hear this news.. Hurrmmm..breast cancer is really the no 1 enemy for womans. Sa pun takut2 suda ni... Everyday I checked for lumps..since sy blum pena bt pap smear apa semua after giving birth.. Adei...
    be strong sis.. hopefully miracle happen to you in the near future. nasib baik suda cek..if still blum cek, maybe lagi teruk kan? Doing Chemo will be giving u a lot of pressure sis. be strong at heart. And fight against the cancer.
    And yes.. Go for 2nd opinion.. who knows there might be another way... Just keep on hoping. Smile sis.^_^
    God bless u and your family...

    P/s: Do u mind if I include u in my next post for sharing? Tq.

  3. *shocked*

    I'm so sorry, sis. I couldn't imagine how you feel but I'm sure it's really tough for you :(. Will remember you in my prayer. And stay strong & positive. I know you are (you're strong & brave enough to keep us updated on ur news). Take care. *hugs*

  4. Be strong.. I know how u feel.. Pray to GOD and I will pray for you..

  5. Be strong Just..I'll pray for u..

  6. Oh Just I'm so truly sorry... berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. If there's anything we can do to help, please let us know ya. ((Hugs))

  7. Wow just.. I am so nervous for u pula.. Anyway will support u all the way.. If u hve time, can blog about how u detect the lumps k.. I really want to knw oh.. I am actually a little worry juga... I am sooo gona check mine too..

    Ya.. Go for 2 nd opinion la.. But dont be too late k.. Stage 2, sounds urgent for me.. Adui, need chemo.. Ok.. Nvrmind.. B strong k.. :)

  8. Orang bilang, berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yg memikul. Semoga just sentiasa tabah dan jgn putus2 berdoa kpd Tuhan.......:)

  9. Just, I know you're a strong woman and you're gonna fight this! *hugs* Stay positive yaa..

  10. Thanks semua!!!

    Bella - go ahead with the sharing. :)

  11. Be strong just n be positive..i know u can fight this!

  12. be strong and think positive ok. There will be times where you feel down (believe me, I been thru seeing my family members fighting different types of cancer, one of them is my dad)...but remember that your friends and most importantly your family supports you - 100%!

    If you got time I suggest you read 'The Secret' & 'The Power' by Rhonda Rhynes whenever you feel discouraged. 'You Can Heal Yourself' by Louis Haye is also good.

    (I think also available in audio).

    These are to motivate you and you can hear it with your hubby too, so you can support each other.

    Stay strong, be positive!


  13. hi there,
    i'm a silent reader actually... so sorry to hear the news. be strong and have faith k...

  14. just, sorry to hear this Just..i know this is heavy for everyone. but yeah we have to leave with it. God have a plan to us..

    Stay strong yah just..I will pray for you just. U will be okey

  15. just prepare Uself okay..... apa yang sa lihat la kan just.... kalau awal2 dapat treatment prognosis still fair/ wpun still ada kemungkinan yang lain but just take the positive part okay........ just eat the healthy foods and live in healthy environment to maintain yr immunity system at the optimum level...just follow the treatment accordingly and never delay it...promise to u self " u will face the treatment how matter is it"..one the most importing thing is if u feel like no more hope.......knowing that GOD wrapping HIS hands over you..

  16. OMG! i know what..sy ikut cerita ko pasal ni..but didnt manage to leave a comment since sy pun speechless.. still searching for a good words to comfort you....
    but Just please be strong a...
    Cubaan jak ni...
    May prayer are always with you...

  17. My prayer & support to you always.

  18. sorry to hear this sis Just... We know you'll be strong! We'll support you :)God be with you...

  19. honey,

    Jangan putus harapan k.... mesti semangat !! I know you're the strongest women in the world.. kita akan cuba yg terbaik utk ubat ni penyakit.

    wit luv,

    Hubby, Rayyan n Ryanna

  20. i was wondering about your result after reading your comment in my blog. i hope everything will turn out well for you. stay strong!

  21. ps - one of the best dr in breast is Dr Suseela Nair. if you happened to be in KL, she's in Gleneagles. perhaps, u could ask for second opinion.

  22. Take care Just. I am sure everything will be fine. You are always in my prayer..

  23. As I said, fight and be strong then leave the rest In God hand..
    You will always in our prayer..

  24. Dear just, be strong ok..be positive..we will always by ur side..yes,go for 2nd option first..my aunt was in stage 3 and alhamdulillah she is ok now..the important thing is don't let ur emotion to control ur mind..be positive!

    -nur lysa rinaldi-

  25. Just, I know it was hard but I know you are a strong person and you can fight this battle...

    You have supports, loves, prays and encouragement from everyone of us. In case you need anything, text or call me. Will do my best to help...

  26. Hey Just =)

    I do agree that you first need a second opinion first ^^

    Sedap ni sa tingu cupcake si Rayyan :D


You're 'bout to corner... ;p