Friday, October 21, 2011


My breast cancer journey!

It's Friday! Good morning people!

As you are reading this, I am actually at the Hospital Pantai Ampang, seeing the Surgeon Specialist. *dag dig dug*

Yeah.. it's an auto-published entry.

Was thinking to just come in late to the office today but of coz depending on the consultation. If it takes longer time, then I have to take half day leave. If the doctor is taking the sample this morning, then I am thinking to ask for MC. Muaahahah... let see how ya..

Am actually so happy when the HR informed me that she has checked with the company insurance agent. My case is covered under the whatever-plan it is. So, I can bring the medical card (provided by the company some time this year! we do not have it before.) together with the reports to any of the private hospital to perform treatment/surgery with FOC. Phewww...

It's indeed a good news to me! 

Immediately, I made an appointment to see the surgeon specialist this morning at Hospital Pantai Ampang. The Hospital is only less than 10minutes drive from home. *wink*

Am not saying the government hospital is not good ok but at least the waiting time and appointments dates will be much much lesser. With government hospital, the next appointment date given will be at least another 3 weeks, the earliest! *faint* Really need to close the 'case' soonest possible la

So far that I can recall, this visit would be my first time getting treatment at private hospital! 

Well, I must say that I seldom get sick. I only admitted to hospital (government) 3 times in my entire life.

The first one was when I broke my arm when i'm was in kindergarden. I was warded for a mth if not mistaken and I missed the graduation ceremony! *sad*

Can you guess the second and third???   

Yup, when I delivered Rayyan and Ryanna!

Other than that, just the normal sakit-sakit-manja! Ahahaha..

Oppsss... Ok.. I better stop. Tertukar cerita sudah ni... hehehe... Will update when I'm back ok!

Till then, Happy Friday and have a great weekend ya!


  1. Bah dont worry, mind over matter... just believe for the best. haha

    I too seldom masuk hospital. I think the last time was hmmmm I go help a friend to jaga her grandma who have to stay overnight at the hospital =x

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Yeah just..jangan ko takut okey bh tu just..kalau ambil sample ja oke tu...

    take care ya will pray for u

  3. I've never been hospitalized.. even pernah diserang 2 jenis malaria skali pun,bila sampai hospital,durang suruh si Aki balik juga.. Anyway,si Aki pray for si Just.. ^_^.v..

  4. jangan risau sangat kio Just. semua akan ok juga..just pray and pray..

  5. akit pa ko sis? get well soon! :)

  6. hope everything is okey! get well soon ah

  7. Hope everything goin well to you. GB

  8. Oh ini pula about the status in your FB tu. Ketinggalan betul saya nie...

    Praying the best for you Just. Don't worry, everything gonna be OK...have faith!

  9. sis, get well soon. teda pa tu. yakin ja... doa untuk sis

  10. You will okay :) don't worry, get well soon yea

  11. Hi strong and get well soon ya!


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