Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Woman’s Talk : Breast Lump!

My breast cancer journey!

*Inhale* *exhale*

It’s Pink October month! Have you check yours? Have you done with the BSE (Breast Self-Examination) To be honest, I rarely done mine.

And I thank the instinct or should I say the warning given to me that nite (last Sunday) during my shower.

To detect something is not rite really surprise me! It is on the right one! Head began questioning and kinda worry also. Not to worry is impossible!

Informed hubby when I went to bed that nite. Asked him to feel it too. However, dia dengan mamai nya ckp, “nanti pigi check aa..”

The next day, started my Google at office and asked for advices from the senior kakak².

Finally, informed Mom bout it. When it comes to health, Mom will be one among the last person that I want to inform. I just don’t want her to worry.

Actually, Mom went through this lump thingy before. I remember very well that she had been warded a nite for an operation to remove the lump. Thanks God it was not a cancer. That is where I gain the strength to stay calm and think positive. Hoping and praying that I'll be alright. 

So, last Friday I went for a Breast Ultrasound at National Cancer Society Malaysia. (I was informed that Mammogram is only recommended for ladies above 35 years old.)

The front desk

Bikin kembang bulu juga masuk the building. huhuhu..

My appointment was at 11am. Been called by a lady doctor for a manual check and been waited until 12.30pm for my turn for the ultrasound! Baik tidak payah buat appointment kan?!

It took only 15minutes to finish the process. It's like what pregnant mommies go for the baby ultrasound. Only the 'area' yang lain!

The worst part is being "molested" by a guy-doctor! Hishhh... 

Ok.. here's the report by the doctor :

"There is an irregular hypoechoic mass in the right breast at 12 o'clock, corresponding to the palpable lump, measuring 12 x 7 x 13mm. There are multiple well defined hypoechoic masses in the right subareolar area. The largest measures 10mm. No focal mass in the left breast. The mass in the right breast at 12 o'clock is suspicious of malignancy BIRADS. BIOPSY IS RECOMMENDED"

*inhale* *exhale*

As for the service charge, it is actually RM100 for the breast ultrasound. Upon collecting the reports, the lady at the front desk says “no charges”.  Without asking further, I say ok and thank you. Heee…

Straight away, we went to Hospital Ampang which is near my house and less crowd than Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Mmg tiada orang di sana. Pesakit pun kurang. Staff pun kurang!

We were asked to go straight to the Klinik Pembedahan (aduiii naa… bikin takut ja oo!!). Went there just to set an appointment date which is on the 8/11/11! Punya lama lagi kan… bikin tambah risau seja ni!

In the meantime, am asking the company HR to check if our medical card covers my case. If yes, memang tidak teragak-agak saya proceed at the private hospital!

Till then, pray for me ya friends!


  1. aiyooo...sia pun belum buat lagi BSE oo..Terlupa..
    Okay, will do it in near future =)
    Thanks God that it not cancer moi.. I pray for you =)

  2. owh Just..nah since ko suda blog sini..sa pun ada lump juga d left breast sa ni..this monthend baru ultrasound ni..sebeb sa p QEH..ari tu sa suda kena ambil sampel..belum keluar result..

    I pray for you ah just..

  3. tc ya... insyaallah, u gonna b ok... my sisi dh buang 2... besar wit 50sen.. alhamdulillah msh boleh bf baby :)

  4. I should do mine too. Btw, Guiliana Rancic, the E! News anchor was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank God, she found out early :)

  5. Hopefully U'll be fine Sis.. Ko ok juga tu.. relax ma.. ^_^.v..

  6. Tunung ~ jgn lupa buat tau.. yg bkn cancer tu my mom. mine belum tau lg but Insya-Allah teda apa2.

    Beaty ~ Ooww... ba, sama2 kita think positive aa.. pray for you too Beaty..

    eB ~ Thanks eB. Insya-Allah takde ape2. :)

  7. mau bedah sudah ka just nanti next appointment

  8. Angel ~ mesti buat tau!

    Aki ~ berelax2 laini.. thanks Aki. :)

    beaty ~ belum la.. appointment ambik sample pun belum! hmm..

  9. Just, harap2 semua okey ah. sa pun belum pernah tau bt check2 ni. check sendiri pun jarang2. nanti sa pigi check lah.

    be positif ah.. i pray for ur health.

  10. Stay positive k Just. Hope everything is well.

  11. male doctor lagi tu..alalala...
    its good that u share this, to raise awareness among us ladies kn..
    hope u will be ok. :) think positive :)

  12. Just..be strong ya..think positive ..semua akan ok juga tu...

  13. ilyannur ~ sia pun jarang cek tp mmg Tuhan mau kasitau sia la tu.. ba, ko pun buat aa.. :)

    Mell ~ Thanks Mell. I will.. :)

    nc ~ yeahh.. buat apa mau malu kan.. yg penting sharing and yg lain pun extra aware bout this. Thanks nc.. :)

    Kay ~ Thanks Kay.. I will.. :)

  14. Like you said, it's impossible to tell you to not feel worry cos i've went through that stage (although not diagnosed for breast cancer) and it is definitely not easy to say...'dont worry'....But, it's mandatory to feel calm. And the way i see it, you have been very calm. I praised for your quick action.

    Early detection and action are always the key to prevent things to become worst.

    keep us posted. and in the mean time, you are in my prayer Just.

  15. Hi Just thanks for sharing this. Will bring you in ma prayer. Like you said impossible to say not to worry but just to say stay strong and hope for the best and pray will help. Sa punya youngest sis pun early detection and sudah pigi surgery to remove we thank god its not cancerous juga like your mum. Sa baca pun seram sejuk sa selalu juga buat BSE before & after PMS but sometimes pandai juga lupa...you are in ma prayers. I just knew about beaty condition juga in her recent post will pray to both of you

  16. Hi Just,

    this is alarming for me who rarely check on BSE. InsyaAllah will go for checkup la ni.

    In other hand, you dont worry so much. If its anything, remember there is no pain without cure. The most important is for you to be clam and positive.

    you in my pray ya. Dont worry.

  17. Carol ~ thanks Carol! I think if it's not because Mom's past experience, dun think that I will be able to calm down. Nyway, will keep you guys updated. Thanks again..:)

    Rose ~ thanks moy.. hrp2 mmg teda apa2 la ni.. :)

    Nora ~ thanks Nora. Will remain positive.. :)

  18. i really admire your calmness la sis. but i must say you did da right thing by goin for check up immedietly. hoping da best.. my pray for u k..:)

  19. awww menakutkan o...and i admit it, sa lgsung x prnah buat BSE...huhu

    will pray for you sis, and you'll be fine :)

  20. Sis..tau hal ni dari blog sis Beaty...sedih oo...take care ahh...harap2 cuma lump besa2 ja...

    Take care and be strong...


  21. FA ~ kalau panic pun nda guna kan moy.. heheh.. thanks.. :)

    Michelle ~ thanks.. dun forget to do yours..

    Ellen ~ ya harap lump besa seja.. thanks.. :)

  22. Hope everything's fine with you Just.. You'll be in my prayer, just hang in there ya.

  23. AnnieMing ~ thanks Annie.. I will.. :)

  24. Adui itu yg saya malas tu kalau doc lelaki yg cek (Padahal my gynae was a guy juga hihihi)... tapi kalau bab meramas2 tu..ee... menci...

    saya pernah juga ada biji di breast tu moi.. kena operate lagi... syukur bukan cancer... doc ckp every human pasti ada ni biji2.. kdg2 di tgn.. di pinggang... and for us di nenen... don't worry we pray you will be ok kio... :)

  25. Saya tidak pernah cek, tapi masa kandungan 9 minggu dulu, itu nurse ajar macamna cara cek, yai..punya sakit dia picit2..sudah lah tengah bengkak...

    Harap2 lump besa saja la kan...jangan takutkan diri sendiri...

  26. cath ~ ya ba.. nda siok kena ramas kan! thanks for the sharing moy.. it's comforting! :)

    zezebel ~ sia kena picit time mau kasi nenen baby.. sakit ooo!

  27. Babe, pls share ur biopsy experience later ya... Risau lah.. Tq :)
    Btw, wish u all the best ya!

    1. Hi Lina. Thanks for dropping by. I have shared bout it before. Here's the link : http://www.just2story.com/2011/10/biopsy-done.html

      In fact, you can read thru all my journeys here : http://www.just2story.com/search/label/Breast%20Cancer%20Journey


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