Monday, October 10, 2011

Won 3D2N Stay @ Hotel Equatorial Cameron Highland!

OMG!!!! Am soooo happy to receive the news this morning!! Rasa mau melompat²! Muahahaha..

It's a contest I joined in Aug which has been extended to end of Sept. Dian BC Holiday Food Contest by Nora. Although the contest didn't get good response, Nora still proceed with the contest and winning prizes. It's ok Nora. Still can arrange other contest in future. *grin*

As promised, the result was finally out this morning! Yeahhh... I'm going to Cameron Highlands with my family! *smiling ear to ear*

Won a stay at 2rooms apartment Hotel Equatorial Cameron Hidghlands! So, harus la bawa family yang ku cinta!! *wink*

Mom going to love this! Cameron is in her list after Langkawi!!

Intend to check-in during CNY cum Mom's buffday on the 24/1/2012. Hope there is room for us. Otherwise, will change plan lor..

My last trip to Cameron was in 2003! Astaga.. punya lama gila sdh kan!!  Can't waittt... 

Ok guyss... have a great Monday! 


  1. Woweeeeee punya untung ko just manang ni contest. kalo sa pun dapat malumpat2 juga woh di cameron highland lagi tu....mimang bertuah badan lah ko just hehehehehe...bah congrats: )

  2. Wah.. congratz just.. pnya best tu dpat 3d2n pi Cameron Highland.. Me, 1st time I went there masa trip sma2 dgn classmate university year 2008 mgkin tu.. Pigi sna smbil makan angin smbl siapkan assignment.. xda tau bila la lagi buli pi sna.. :)

  3. kalau si Aki,pengsan2 kali kalau dapat tu hadiah tau.. ha ha ha.. ^_^.v..

  4. Wah siuk juga ko menang contest Just..nah my last trip to Cameron Highland was last 2008..plan mo p lagi but x tau bila..

  5. Rose ~ sia mau jg melumpat2 tp mcm sot pula.. hahah.. so, sia sinyum sampai mau tekuyak mulut seja la.. hahahha...

    A-Me ~ sia first time pigi pun time Uni. pastu yg 2003 tu day trip. So, mcm nda siok la.. nda bnyk tmpt singgah.. :)

    Aki ~ sia pun pingsan jg tp sadar msh. hahaha..

    Kay ~ ba, plan la for future! :)

  6. siok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats...jan lupa bawa jacket tabal2 kio p sana

  7. 3 days 2 nite o..punya best tu :)
    bah, enjoy a ..hehe

  8. woah siooookkkkkkk..congrats for winning,mana mau cari ooo free stay hihi

  9. beaty ~ hehehe.. 2nd time sia p sana sia pakai sleeveless ja! hahaha..

    nc ~ yes i will.. :)

    Mell ~ ya lor... bkn 1N tp 2N.. phewww... :)


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