Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Worst Convo??

Ok.. now you tell me… what is it in your mind when there is a Convocation being held in any Uni???

Crowd.. Flower.. Students wearing robe.. Family… Agree with me??

So, when a friend approached me to join her for a booth sharing for a Convo which will be held in UPNM – Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia at Kem Sungai Besi… despite the “Pertahanan” – means I will be expecting guys in their uniforms… I was actually targeting their family and relatives.

And yeah.. I agreed to join her. The rental for 4 days (Friday to Monday) is only RM300 per booth. Sharing the booth for 3 pax (including myself).. So I only pay for RM100. Before sharing, we have actually considered our selling stuff. Takut juga tidak muat meja. Me with my BO. My friend with her brooch and some clothes (using cloth hanger). The other friend with her makeover which means she actually does not occupy the table. Fare and square lor!

Our booth is actually the parking lot. 1 booth = 1 parking lot. So you can imagine the booth size. The table is smaller than what I have in Amcorp. So, must be good in organizing and displaying stuff. *wink*

We were quite excited to be there on the 1st day. We were told that there will be an Opening Ceremony held in the afternoon and Malam Kebudayaan at nite.

Day 1 - Semangat setup the booth

Makeover at only RM50 - pun tidak laku!!

Ok.. there were crowd but not really crowd la. Or maybe because of the loooong booth-parking-lots, so all the booths are not centered so hardly see the crowd. Students wander around only hunting for foods! Biasa la kalau guys kan.. mmg makan seja! Hmm…

Crowd is coming! They have just finished with the Opening Ceremony..

Anyway, my first day was fine... managed to get some sales though!

The 2nd day was worse! Singing-performance rehearsal and karaoke competition in the afternoon and concert at nite didn’t help me to get even 1 sale!!! Wuarghhhh…. Muka memang buruk la sudah hari ni! Hhuhuhuhu…

Bila tiada org, tiada langsung. Kalau ada pun yg student saja!

“It’s ok. Tomorrow is the convo day! Will see the crowd tomorrow.” A statement to kasi senang hati!

We arrived late on our 3rd day – the Convo day! It’s about time for the 1st session to come out from the hall. But heyyy… where are the people???!!! Langsung nda meriah ni! Lengang ja! Astaga! Apa punya convo mcm ni!!

Where are the family? Ok.. ada la juga but sikit!

Where are the students with robe?? Ok I saw only 1 girl wearing red robe! The rest but not many are in their uniforms.

Where are the crowd??? Ntah la!! Aduiiii… memang tidak meriah oo!!

The worst part is it was raining that afternoon and kami kebanjiran!! Buli??!!! Sandi eh!!

Air melimpah dari parit!!

Rahmat hujan maybe.. managed to get 1 sale though! Thanks to the student who bought the WHPO! At least, tidak la balik dgn tangan kosong!

Looking at the ‘crowd’, kami tawar hati sudah mau datang the next day. Baik lagi masuk ofis! Huhuhu… 

Even that day itself, we closed as early as 7pm! Sitting there since 12noon until 10pm for the past two days is just not worth it!

Makan ja la kerja kami!

Kaki 'petugas' yg kuciwa!!

Food court at our booth??! Kami sewa tapak bkn sewa meja! Tiada privacy betul!!

Overall, I only managed to cover my rental. My friend selling brooch pun tidak balik modal. The other friend doing the makeover lagi la kesian! No business at all! Poor her..

Tidak apa la.. bukan rezeki kami… the experiences yg mahal! AND I am just not feel comfortable to be amongst the uniform guys! Kin takut ni! Hahahahaha…

Amcorp jugak la! *wink*

P/s : am feeling weird these few days... hmmm.... 


  1. Atukkkssss lain juga konvo di sana tu tiada kemeriahan, Punya lah sandi sudah lah panas (abis ada kipas kan hehehehehe) kebanjiran lagi tu. Sandi juga woh, nasib juga ko ada sale at least buli2 lah daripada 2 kawan ko yang betul2 sandi teda pulangan.

  2. Omigosh... sorry to hear that. Kalau sa, maybe i will ask the organizer for some refund... nda berbaloi ni... tempat pun nda bagus =.= haiz

    anyway... its a very good learning experience to gain in your business life.. hopefully after this, makin prosper your business ^^

  3. pengajaran:jgn dtg upnm sudah yaa??mmg ndak dapat sambutan pun...

  4. hehehe~memang da taw da~sewa da la mahal~xberbaloi~sangat2 merugikan~ndak dapat sambutan lagi tu~

  5. aduh sikit urang ni just...ermmm dei..heran sa tada meh yang ada robe2 tu? aikk bikin sangatlah hairan ni..

    tia pa bh just..nanti ada juga rezeki tu nanti...

    jangan putus asa..chayooo...c just buli bh tu

  6. kesian kat org berniaga...sekadar boleh meluahkan rasa simpati..apapon sabarla..dugaan org berniaga,yang penting pengalaman tu yg berharga..selamat maju jaya..^_^

  7. itu pnglmn yg plg ptg bah...adeh,sukur jg ko blh cover tu sewa kn...tunggu ko pndh sabah, ko p convo d ums,meriah tu..hihi

  8. kalau pigi UPM si Aki,lagi kurang sambutan.. Universiti Putung Memutung.. Ha ha ha.. :-).. btw Sis Just,tu pengalaman yang mahal ba tu.. he he he.. :-)..

  9. alalala...pengalaman. lain kali nda pyah dtng berniaga sna lagi sebab suda tau nda byk smbutan. P time konvo u lain mesti meriah juga tu.:)

  10. doi,ni baru la pengalaman sis..
    bgus jan p lg la if uniform yg conve..biasa dorang mmg budget2 tu..hee..

  11. adui... mcm tu lah bah business Just... ada pasang surut... syukur lah terbayar sewa.... memang bikin sakit hati juga lah... paling parah kebanjiran.... aduiiii......

  12. astaga ada jg ka convo gtu? huhu

  13. Business challenge baini. Bilang salah location pun tidak juga tp maybe bukan time mau beli belah bah tu.

    Tiapa sis, mmg bukan rezeki ko lah sana tu hehe!

  14. Sabarlah Just. Biasalah tu berniaga. Anyway comel ko punya BO...

    Tapi napa sikit ja orang ah p tu konvo Just?

  15. hmmm.... mmg bkn rezeki sia la sana tu. tepa la.. cari lg tmpt lain... malas mau dipikirin lg... muahahahaha... :)

  16. Inda pa Just, cari experience dulu :) Pelan2 nanti bulih success juga tu bisnis kamurang.. Just don't give up, yet! Hehe..


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