Monday, November 07, 2011


My breast cancer journey!

Oppsss.. lebih kurang macam itu la yang saya rasa sekarang ini!

Hi all!! How are you?? Hope you all are doing well..

Well, as you all know.. the operation went well on last Tuesday! Operation to remove lumps and lymp nodes which have been affected too! 


8.30pm - admission at Hospital Pantai Bangsar (Ward D336)

12.00am - start fasting

1.11.11 (nice date huh!)

7.00am - getting ready for operation - in blue gown!

The blue operation-gown!

7.15am - a jap on the b@tt!!

7.30am - send to OT. Start mamai sudah sini. Seram betul bila kena letak betul2 di bawah lampu bulat dalam OT! And the last thing I could recall is that the doc is giving me a jap on my left arm! Ubat bius yang buat saya pengsan for more than 3 hours!

10.50am - mula sedar! dapat rasa ngilu di bahagian breast. cuba buka mata yg berat and was trying to read the wall clock few times! I was at the ICU, for their monitoring purposes. I was then send back to my bed.

Before the nurse is going to leave me, dalam keadaan yang tersangat mamai, saya minta tolong the nurse untuk kasi keluar hp saya dari dalam laci yg berkunci di tepi katil.

I need to inform hubby/family that I'm back to my bed! I know they have been waiting for my call.

Mom woke me up softly when they arrived. My kids were there too. Rayyan looking at me weirdly. He also refused Ryanna to sit at the bed as if he doesn't want Ryanna to disturb me! Hubby and mom take turn to feed me with porridge. I'm so touched! 

The mamai face yang kelaparan! Abis licin itu porridge! Hee..

I only feel better and stable in the evening as I already able to go to the toilet on my own!

I was finally discharged on Thursday with a tube hanging underneath the armpit! *sigh*

The tubes!!

"Ba.. Sudah2 la ko tu.. Malam sdh ni.. Sudah2 la tu shopping!" hubby is teasing me as I have to carry the tube-bag 24hours!! Cisss...

Oh ya.. was given one month MC!!

By the way, I'm ok.. no pain.. only kinda numb on the right arms due to the removal of lymp nodes.. can't wait to remove this tube! I look really sick with the tube!! Huh!!

To be continued..

Salam AidilAdha and Happy Holiday to all of you.. ^_^


  1. glad to know that the operation went on fine.

    I hope and pray the best for you. Get well soon. *hugs*

  2. saya tidak tahu apa perasaan saya nampak ko dim post ni Just..tapi saya bersyukur ko ok..semoga tidak apa2 lah lepas ni kan..
    bah ko rehat lah...

  3. syukurlah operation bjalan lancar...rehat banyak2 ok..sabar2 with the tubes..(ndak dpt sy bayangkan how u carry tat?)

  4. syukur. sekarang masa utk recover saja kan. pray for your health!

  5. Glad to know that op went well sis.. Take care & get well soon sis..
    God Bless..

  6. hi just.. semoga cepat cepat sembuh ya.

  7. Thanks GOD. :P syukur la sis

  8. you look so pale.Hopefully everything are fine. Get well soon ok! God bless you.

  9. Hi sis.. Thanks God the operation went well. and I'm glad that you are feeling better now. Take care ya sis.. God Bless you.. :)

  10. Alhamdulillah dah sihat..
    semoga terus sihat.. :) jaga kesihatan dan pemakanan yer..

  11. Wish u speedy recovery Just! Take care :)

  12. Syukurlah pembedahan pun selesai. Semoga just cepat2 sembuh seperti sediakala. Lucu jg gurauan husband just tu...:)

  13. feeeeewwwhhhh.... Thank God everything went well! Rest well sis... nanti senang kita kupi2... haha wish you speedy recovery :D

  14. rest well ah strong u r always in my prayer ah just..

  15. salam....

    semoga cepat sembuh....Amin...

    luv u sis....'hugs'

  16. You're surrounded with caring people, you're so blessed! Hope you'll recover fast yah Just.. Saya yang jauh di mata akan pray for your fast recovery.. Rest well! *hugs*

  17. Glad everything went well. take good care of yourself and enuf rest and speedy recovery

  18. Asalamualaikum,

    Pray for you speedy recovery my friend..:-). Alhamdulilah semua sudah ok.

  19. Yeah ha,the operation went well!! Get your rest enough and praying for your recovery!! God bless U sis!! ^_^.v..

  20. Just, sia baru tau ni. Hope everything is okay. Na 1 bulan MC tu then just maximum your rest la.

    I'm sure we all, your blogger buddies, hope you a speed recovery.

    Happy Sunday Just! And I pray for your health :)


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