Friday, November 11, 2011

The Report and Follow Ups!

My breast cancer journey!

Ok.. let's continue the previous entry.

Before that, thanks to Cath for the flower sent to my ward! Also, some colleaques and ex-colleague for fruits and Chicken Essence! Some visited me at home too...  So nice of you all.. *hugs*

Yup.. the report is out! *sigh*

Some facts :

* I am actually at Stage 2B (out of 4 stages) and Grade 3 (out of 3 grades)! Gosh.. this one really scared me to hell!! Grade 3 means those cells are spreading very very fast!!

* 3 out of 12 lympnodes has been infected. Hence, full clearance/removal of the lympnodes has been done.

* a test on the woman hormones also resulted positive which means have to be on medicine for 5 years! In other words, not advisable to conceive at least 2 years as it is very risky.

Follow up treatments :

1. 6 cycles of chemotherapy which to be done once every 3 weeks! Will have to be on MC during the chemo. Should be about 4-5 mths MC! Cost involves approx RM5k per cycle (in private hosp).

2. After chemo is radiotheraphy 25 times.. 5mins daily!! Cost involves approx RM8k for all 25x.

3. Then only start with the 5-years-medicine which will cost me approx RM150 per mth.

Well.. have checked with HR if the company is ok with the 1+5months MC.. Sendiri mau ingat la kan!! Long mc ba tu!! Silap haribulan kena kasi resign owh!! And I am very speechless when the HR assures me that the company/company insurance will take care of all the costs and I'll be on paid MC for 6 months (approx)!! Syukur Alhamdulillah..

Terhutang budi betul sama my boss!! I am aware that the green light is from my boss! Thanks Datuk!

On other thoughts, I guess my back-for-good plan has to be postponed for couple years! I know it is still too early to plan for anything but I can't help but to think bout this one. I can't just hand over the 'love-letter' to the company after all the helps kan?! Hmm...

Anyway, gonna meet Dr Patricia with the Oncologist on the 19/11. they will then advise further on the chemo. I'm kinda nervous bila fikir psl tu chemo.

I was told that I will be very weak for 3-4 days after the chemo jap.. Hair loss is the common side effect.. Hmm..

I don't think I have other choice here am I?! So yeah.. I really hope that I have all the strength, mentally and physically to go for the chemo! InsyaAllah..

Till then.. you all take care ya.. have a great weekend!

Pssttt... today is 11.11.11!! What a nice number! Any special agenda for today? ^_^


  1. owh just....kami akan terus doakan kesihatan strong no matter what..

    syukur ur boss is okey kan..syukur btl Just

  2. take care Just. harap2 semua okey =)

  3. focus on getting well there. be strong ya.

  4. doakan kesihatan Just dari jauh..:)

  5. your boss is one generous people I've ever known.. normally smua akan resignedkan workers tu.. U r so lucky!! And don't forget,the broccoli.. ^_^.v..

  6. be strong..and semoga cepat sembuh.

  7. Hi Just,

    I've sent you sms. Nanti kau reply IF you want to try k. Until now, bertenang ja kau..syukur operate the thing. cuma, on you need to control ja supaya inda dtg balik.

    On your decision tu, I think its the best to do. Me too, kalau company help macam tu, I will stay for a while baru resign. Kira mengenang budi juga bah kan tu hehe..

    Ok take care ya.

  8. Will pray for you just, keep going and strong. Thanks to Allah dalam susah2 begini he blessed you with a good boss with a generous heart and taking care of your beyond expensive bills. Thats blessing...ya jangan lupa broccoli macam si Aki bilang oh and cabbage too....

  9. Thanks all!

    Beaty ~ mmg syukur betul sia.. :)

    Aki ~ semua pun ckp sia lucky. Then, I should be proud for being his Secretary. Tidak sia2 kena marah2 d ofis kadang2. hahaa.. Oh mmg sia ingat itu broccoli tu. My mom baru bili td pg.. :)

    Nora ~ thanks for the sms. As replied, mmg go for yg practical one. :) Itu la ba tu kan, hutang nyawa sdh sama the company.. :)

    Rose ~ mmg syukur betul owh.. marah2 sayang pula dia sama sia di ofis. hahaha.. :)

  10. take care just! its good that u are strong to face all this :) be positive always k

  11. Just, macamna suda ko? Feeling better ka?

  12. Untung dpt boss yg prihatin mcm tu ooo moi... Take care kio moi..

    P/S: Suda buat BSE tu hari and alhamdulillah tiada yg luar biasa..

  13. Just,apa nama company ko tu,sy mo apply kerja o hehe. take care k.

  14. Hi~ take care ya Just!! will always pray for you and believe everything will be okay~

  15. im also speechless Just..

    but my prayers is always with you.
    you have a very good employer.

    God bless you always.

  16. Just..i know u r strong okey..jangan lupa brocolli ah sama cabbage..bagus tu untuk recover ur body..

    everything happen for a reason..

  17. Big applause to you boss & colleagues. Bukan semua company dapat bertimbang rasa like they did.

    For you, stay positive & strong. God bless you & family.


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