Thursday, December 22, 2011

Back from Port Dickson

It is really really great to be away from KL city even for 2 nites! *grin*

My last trip to PD was in 2005!! Goshhh... It was actually a last minute plan. Lucky we managed to book a room through my friend, Nora.

So, last Saturday (after Amcorp!! - yeah!! I'm still in Amcorp!), we headed to PD. Late check-in lorr...

Will story more in next entry.. Meanwhile, you guys enjoy some pics dulu k.. :)

View my room on Sunday morning

Another view

Beach-ing is a must!

Jungle trekking

Visiting muzeum

To be continued...


  1. Sa tinguk gmbr ko sama your R's...takajut sa tgk; besarrr suda c Ryanna! Odoi. Kasi jumpa sa sama dia nanti :)

  2. Sa suka tu view yang ada nampak laut n pool sedap mata memandang. Amcorp yang tempat ko jual BO waktu konvo dulu tu kah moi hehehehe...

  3. wah siok owh just ko jalan2 bagus bah tu just kasi hilang stress kan just

    have a nice day

  4. Sis Mouren ~ basar sdh ba dia sis... hahaha.. ba, nnt kalau sia blk kita atur aa.. :)

    Rose ~ yg konvo tu lain tu moy. Amcorp sia pigi every weekend. :)

    eB ~ I'm ok eB! :)

    Beaty ~ hubby sia stress gila d ofis. Tu yg kami jalan2 kunun. :)

  5. have fun and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! wooohooo happy holidays!

  6. Bestnya makan angin. Next year mo cek2 flight da ni. Harap2 ada promo yg meletup2 haha. Anyway, take care. Glad to know u're having a good time wt your family. :)


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