Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas at Times Square

Nothing special with our Christmas this year. However, after mom and bro came back from church on Christmas morning, we decided to go to Times Square. Saja mau jalan2...

Enjoy the photos..

The giant Xmas tree of Times Square
But I think biasa2 saja

Like father like son!
Rayyan said : "mcm daddy"

Makan time!!

Cute kan the mascott
Lily takut!! Hahaha..

We have to be quick here! The kids were exhausted and refused photo-takings!

Last but not least.. US!! (My bro didn't join us as he has to work!)

So yeahh... that's my Xmas day!!


  1. Lawa pla time square punya deco kan... I should really go for a visit, haha.

    New Year pla menjelang tiba :D

  2. Merry Christmas Just, For us pun ndada apa2 this christmas, busy mengemas etc..but my FIL will come from Sarawak InsyaAllah next week..

    Psttt, love your wig, Nice on you..:D

  3. Merry Christmas Just!! beautiful pics

  4. Merry christmas SIS. :P cayalah tu hubby ko and rayyan.. comel ja dua org tu hehe

  5. siok kan christmas sama family..

    wah sama bju owh hubby ko sama rayyan..he he cool


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