Monday, January 30, 2012

Visiting Kenny of Pesona Butiza and Baby Harmony

As much as I wanted to update my blog, my priority still goes to my kids. Rayyan's kindie is giving the pupils a week CNY break. You know kids.. kalau main pandai bergaduh. The worst part, when they are chasing each other sampai bertolak-tolak! Mau pengsan!! So, it is best to 'play' along with them..

Before Rayyan starts kindie, he used to wake up late (after 10am), so this mommy will make fully use of the before-wake-up-time to blog and blogwalk. After Rayyan starts kindie, the blog hours changed to when-Rayyan-is-in-kindie at the same time need to play with Lily too. When Rayyan cuti sekolah, blog has to cuti too coz I just can't find the perfect to blog except by skippin' the evening nap! Huhu..

Okey enuff with the excuses..

Some of you should have aware that Kenny of Pesona Butiza's 2mths old daughther has been admitted to hospital due to swollen chest! Since they have been transferred from Hospital Putrajaya to Hospital Kuala Lumpur which is near my place, I decided to pay them a visit.

So, last Thursday me and hubby visited the, at Institut Pediatrik, HKL. Kenny was on the phone when we arrived. So we approached the husband instead. Baby Harmony was still asleep due to the sedation as she was sent for Ultrasound earlier. Ada kahak and nanah yang kena sedut dari dada Baby Harmony which Doc will send for lab test.

Poor Baby Harmony. Be strong Ken and hubby! Understand that they have been discharged on Friday, if not mistaken. Baby Harmony is currently on antibiotic. Will pray for Baby Harmony's speedy recovery.

It's great to finally meet you in person Ken! Hope your transfer will be process ASAP!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - CH

Gong Xi Fa Chai from Rayyan & Ryanna all the way from Cameron Highlands!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Rayyan and Kindie

Unlike all of you all who are now busy with CNY preparation, I don't have anything to prepare. Well, actually we will be celebrating my mom's advance birthday celebration tomorrow nite (tonite) before our departure to Cameron Highlands. Let just talk about it after I'm back from my vacay ok..

So I guess I better continue with Rayyan's kindie stories.

Tadika Little Prince
Yeah! Aki got it right! We enrolled Rayyan to Tadika Little Prince!

First Day

Rayyan's excited faces on his first day kindie!
Maybe Rayyan got too excited to see many friends at the Kindie on his first day that he totally ignored us. He doesn't cried at all when I told him that I will be waiting for him outside. My intention to wait for him at the kindie compound pun tidak kesampaian. Since it was 2nd day schooling, there were no other parents were waiting around. So, I just left Rayyan with heavy hearted. 

Even Rayyan only has to stay at the kindie for only 2 hours (only the first week. Normal school time will be 8am - 12pm), we all were worry and keep on wondering how's Rayyan doing! Will he tells the teachers if he wants to g the toilet. Will he fights with the pupils. Hmm..

Day 1 - Back from school!

Surprisingly, when I went to fetch him on his very first day, he was smiling happily and mixing well with other pupils. Teachers was saying Rayyan is very good boy, brave, active and friendly. Mummy is so proud of you Rayyan!! 

Second Day - Fifth Day
Drama starts!! Hahaaa.. Even though we don't have problem to wake him up in the morning and he doesn't cried when we sent him to kindie, but he wanted us to accompany him at classroom. Teachers didn't encourage us to do so  coz that the reason we send them to school so that they will be independent rite. Seeing him crying and trying to open the grill on the 2nd day was very painful! But I don't have no choice! 

Day 2 - menangis-nangis panggil "mummy"!

Teachers told me that Rayyan only cried for a while. He will stopped when teachers showed him animals! Oh yess.. He loves animals!! Teachers also said that Rayyan enjoys naik turun tangga very much! Aduii.. 

Rayyan's classroom (Ladybird) for 4yrs old pupils at upstair

At home, we normally asked Rayyan what did teachers taught him at the class. He normally answers 'ABC'.. He sang ABC and Happy Buffday song too.. and he showed us some hand exercises too! We also asked him if teachers got beat him and he says yes. We asked which part on the body, he pointed his leg. Naik turun tangga punya pasal la ni! 

Sixth Day onwards

There should be 5 of them and Rayyan is the only PRINCE in his class!
Rayyan doesn't cries anymore!! So happy and relief! Infact he is improving on his ABC! *clap hands* However, teachers complaint he refuses to write! *sigh* Need to monitor his writing from now on la ni..

Okay people... Happy CNY and happy holiday in advance!! *wink*  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Drugs

The two drugs for the first 4 cycles of chemo

Alhamdulillah.. the 3rd cycle went well yesterday! 

Hopefully will not infected with flu these few days as I need to be on very good condition for my Cameron Highlands vacay this coming Saturday!! Yayyy...

DC / Aki / Arms - Nanti kita atur ok!! *wink*

Happy Wednesday ppl!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Kindie Ramblings

Since last year, both hubby and I agreed to send Rayyan to kindie this year as he is turning 4 years old this year. We want him to be exposed and mix around with friends.

Tadika KEMAS is just opposite our house. Definitely we want to to enrol him there, so it will be easier for us to send and fetch him everyday. However we missed the enrollment which was in Aug last year.and yet we were informed that KEMAS will screen through parent payslips. If that so, 'tidak layak' should be the result, means we have to look for other kindie.

I was kinda frustrated as Rayyan still at home on the first day of school reopen last Wed. Kes last minute! Hence, I went to the nearby chinese Kindie, Tadika Insaf (bout 10min walk)  on the first day school reopen and asked bout the enrollment and registration. I was pretty sure to enrol Rayyan to that Kindie before hubby asked me to check with the other Kindie, Tadika Little Prince at the other side of the playground opposite Tadika Insaf. Glad we did the comparison specially the fees.

Tadika Insaf
Registration : RM80
Monthly School Fee : RM160
Textbook and Stationary (half year) : RM170
School uniform (2sets) : RM60
T-shirt : RM30
Printing/Worksheet Fee (half year) : RM30
Supplementary Fee : RM160
Advance Dec School Fee : RM160
Total Registration : RM850

Tadika Little Prince
Registration : RM50
Monthly School Fee : RM120
Smart reading & printing (half year) : RM60
Exercise book (half year) : RM100
Text book (half year) : RM95
Meals & Foods : RM80
Insurance Coverage : RM20/mth
School uniform (2sets) : RM70
T-shirt : RM35
Advance Dec School Fee : RM120
Total Registration : RM750

Rayyan in his Monday-Uniform
dari rumah peace-peace la kunun! Wahahah...

Mahal owh kan??!! Phewww... Nyway, you should be able to guess which kindie we enrolled Rayyan to huh? Wonder how is Rayyan doing at Kindie?? Stay tuned... ^_^

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Port Dickson :Finale

Oh boy.. I better make this as the last entry of our PD vacay. It becomes stale day by day! *sigh* 

Our last activity in PD was beach-ing!! *grin*

The beach!

Pasir memanggil-manggil!
We don't want the kids to get sick and so we only spent bout an hour at the beach. I'm sure the kids enjoy themselves very much though.

At first, Lily macam malu-malu mau main tu pasir..
lama-lama, geram punya pasal.. Lily makan tu pasir!!!

Laut pula yang melambai-lambai!

Naaa.. berendam terusss!!

Since semua pun penat specially the kids, so we tapau for dinner. It is not easy to handle grumpy kids okey.. that is why we always prefer tapau. 

After 2 nites stay, we finally checked out at 10am the third day and it was raining! Am so glad that the weather was very nice to us the day before. Otherwise, it will surely ruin the cuti-cuti!

Our 2 rooms apartment at Mayangsari Resort
Heart the classic-antic deco of the unit!

Us! Thanks to the cam self-timer!

Next vacay will be Cameron Highlands in 2 weeks time! *wink*

Friday, January 06, 2012

Port Dickson : Rumah Api Tanjung Tuan

Really need to finish up my PD's stories so that I can share bout Rayyan yang sudah masuk kindie!! Yayy.. so excited ni!! Sabar dulu.. 

From Muzium Tentera Darat, we went straight to Rumah Api Tanjung Tuan. It was quite jammed though as we have to pass by the famous Teluk Kemang! We took 40 minutes to reach there and it was already noon. Pheww...

The entrance
Entrance fee : RM1 per adult

What surprise us was that we have to jungle-track in order to meet the light house. With half-hearted, we proceeded. Air pun tiada bawa! (Kes malas balik pi kereta!) Bayangkan tenghari buta!! Adusss!! *faint*


We finally reached the 'kaki' dengan penatnya! Kesian the kids! Was expecting to see 'air mineral utk dijual', but only found penjual ice cream! So we bought one for Rayyan. Poor kids..

The Light House!

Looking at the staircase, bikin give up juga la! But, takkan semudah itu! Alang-alang sudah juga kan! *wink*

Climbing up

Slowly and patiently, we climbed those staircases and conquer the peak! Ceh.. macam naik Gunung Kinabalu pula! Hahahaa..


The view from the peak is awesome! Laut selaut-lautnya!! Seluas mata memandang!! I wish we can stay there longer but the peak area was too limited and visistors were keep on coming up, forcing us to climb down soonest. *sigh*

Climbing down

Siapa yang paling penat???!

Next, mesti la makan! We had our lunch at Kedai Kopi Pak Lang at PD town.

I like the wall clocks displaying few other places timing

Mihun Sup was what left for us!! It was nice though!
Can guess our drink?? I actually forgot the exact name! Hah!! Teh Special??!

Last activity of the day, tidak lain dan tidak bukan.... beach-ing! Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Port Dickson : Muzium Tentera Darat

Hi ppl! So it's your first day of working in 2012 huh today?? Mine will be in few more months!! Paling awal pun should be in May! Phewww... long rest for me at home! But then, I will be still on and off in Amcorp! Heeee...

Well, I don't have any New Year celebration stories as we all were just staying at home and watched tv! We were actually down due to fever+flu+cough. So, staying at home is the rite choice I guess!

So, I think I better share my PD stories before they get stale! :)

17/12/2011, after Amcorp.. fetched mom and kids at home and headed to PD. We have informed the management that we will be checking in late (about 8pm).

I would said that it was actually a last minute decision. We came to the idea a week before and you must aware that it was actually school holidays! Thanks to my friend, Nora. She was able to make the hotel booking for us! Even though there was slight miscommunication between Nora and the management, besides the unit's condition, we were actually feel really great to see the excitement and happy faces of our kids! No worries, Nora! No regret at all. *wink*

Iklan : For those planning for holidays in Port Dickson, A Famosa Resort Melaka, Mahkota Melaka, Dungun Terengganu, Cameron Highlands, Jakarta (coming soon), you may get reasonable price of 2-rooms Apartment at DianBizzcorner.

Hubby was actually looking forward to de-stress himself from office workloads and why not?! It was his birthday's treat!! *grin*

The nite of arrival, we only went to the nite market. As for dinner, my dear mom has cooked simple dishes from home and we tapau-ed them all the way to PD! Thanks mom. You're the best!!

The next day... 1st program is visiting Muzium Tentera Darat! Enjoy the pixies..

C Rayyan juga la paling begaya!!

Love to see them holding hands

Next... Rumah Api Tanjung Tuan! Stay tuned... ^_^

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Goodbye 2011!

am here wishing you guys a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!

2012.. pls be good to me!
Still have some pending stories to be updated though! *sigh*