Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Port Dickson : Muzium Tentera Darat

Hi ppl! So it's your first day of working in 2012 huh today?? Mine will be in few more months!! Paling awal pun should be in May! Phewww... long rest for me at home! But then, I will be still on and off in Amcorp! Heeee...

Well, I don't have any New Year celebration stories as we all were just staying at home and watched tv! We were actually down due to fever+flu+cough. So, staying at home is the rite choice I guess!

So, I think I better share my PD stories before they get stale! :)

17/12/2011, after Amcorp.. fetched mom and kids at home and headed to PD. We have informed the management that we will be checking in late (about 8pm).

I would said that it was actually a last minute decision. We came to the idea a week before and you must aware that it was actually school holidays! Thanks to my friend, Nora. She was able to make the hotel booking for us! Even though there was slight miscommunication between Nora and the management, besides the unit's condition, we were actually feel really great to see the excitement and happy faces of our kids! No worries, Nora! No regret at all. *wink*

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Hubby was actually looking forward to de-stress himself from office workloads and why not?! It was his birthday's treat!! *grin*

The nite of arrival, we only went to the nite market. As for dinner, my dear mom has cooked simple dishes from home and we tapau-ed them all the way to PD! Thanks mom. You're the best!!

The next day... 1st program is visiting Muzium Tentera Darat! Enjoy the pixies..

C Rayyan juga la paling begaya!!

Love to see them holding hands

Next... Rumah Api Tanjung Tuan! Stay tuned... ^_^


  1. a lot of nice pictures of the kids... haha belum pernah ni sa melawat any military base or related.

    Looking forward for the next update =)

    Happy New Year!

  2. jalan2 memng siok owh...woh siok owh

  3. comelnyaaa dua budak tu siss huuu

  4. Hehe Just, am Happy budak2 happy there..:D. Btw Lily sooo cute.. addei macam mau cubit ni nampak gambar dia hehe.

  5. Hi Just! Ngam laini kamurang pigi jalan2 kasi tenang fikiran :) Kegembiraan jelas terpancar di muka-muka kamurang oh.. Hehe! Take care yaa..

  6. Uiyo.. Abang yang bagus oh si Rayyan.. sa mo mencontohi dia ni.. ^_^.v..

  7. Nice family getaway. Glad to see ya'll happy faces. Take care my friend.

  8. DC ~ the kids la ba paling manang. Cuba kalau dorang pandai snap, mau jg minta snap banyak2 oleh dorang. hahaha..

    beaty ~ jalan2 kasi tenang pikiran.. :D

    eB ~ thanks eB.

    Wen ~ thanks anty Wen! :D

  9. Nora ~ ya ba nora. dorang la paling gumbira ni.. itu mata dia bikin geram tu.. :)

    Annie ~ Thanks Annie. Ya ba lama sdh nda p jalan2 kan.. :)

    Aki ~ jan kama ko tertipu Aki! hahaaaa...

    Rose ~ thanks moy..


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