Friday, January 20, 2012

Rayyan and Kindie

Unlike all of you all who are now busy with CNY preparation, I don't have anything to prepare. Well, actually we will be celebrating my mom's advance birthday celebration tomorrow nite (tonite) before our departure to Cameron Highlands. Let just talk about it after I'm back from my vacay ok..

So I guess I better continue with Rayyan's kindie stories.

Tadika Little Prince
Yeah! Aki got it right! We enrolled Rayyan to Tadika Little Prince!

First Day

Rayyan's excited faces on his first day kindie!
Maybe Rayyan got too excited to see many friends at the Kindie on his first day that he totally ignored us. He doesn't cried at all when I told him that I will be waiting for him outside. My intention to wait for him at the kindie compound pun tidak kesampaian. Since it was 2nd day schooling, there were no other parents were waiting around. So, I just left Rayyan with heavy hearted. 

Even Rayyan only has to stay at the kindie for only 2 hours (only the first week. Normal school time will be 8am - 12pm), we all were worry and keep on wondering how's Rayyan doing! Will he tells the teachers if he wants to g the toilet. Will he fights with the pupils. Hmm..

Day 1 - Back from school!

Surprisingly, when I went to fetch him on his very first day, he was smiling happily and mixing well with other pupils. Teachers was saying Rayyan is very good boy, brave, active and friendly. Mummy is so proud of you Rayyan!! 

Second Day - Fifth Day
Drama starts!! Hahaaa.. Even though we don't have problem to wake him up in the morning and he doesn't cried when we sent him to kindie, but he wanted us to accompany him at classroom. Teachers didn't encourage us to do so  coz that the reason we send them to school so that they will be independent rite. Seeing him crying and trying to open the grill on the 2nd day was very painful! But I don't have no choice! 

Day 2 - menangis-nangis panggil "mummy"!

Teachers told me that Rayyan only cried for a while. He will stopped when teachers showed him animals! Oh yess.. He loves animals!! Teachers also said that Rayyan enjoys naik turun tangga very much! Aduii.. 

Rayyan's classroom (Ladybird) for 4yrs old pupils at upstair

At home, we normally asked Rayyan what did teachers taught him at the class. He normally answers 'ABC'.. He sang ABC and Happy Buffday song too.. and he showed us some hand exercises too! We also asked him if teachers got beat him and he says yes. We asked which part on the body, he pointed his leg. Naik turun tangga punya pasal la ni! 

Sixth Day onwards

There should be 5 of them and Rayyan is the only PRINCE in his class!
Rayyan doesn't cries anymore!! So happy and relief! Infact he is improving on his ABC! *clap hands* However, teachers complaint he refuses to write! *sigh* Need to monitor his writing from now on la ni..

Okay people... Happy CNY and happy holiday in advance!! *wink*  


  1. Wah..Happy betul C Rayyan pi school kan Just..Tapi sikit saja students dlm kelas dia kan...

  2. hihi.. tia lama ok la tu si rayyan.. kalau sudah ada kawan & suka dengan cikgu2ny..

    macam adik sy.. hari cuti2.. pandai bertanya.. 'danial nda sekolah hari ni??' hihi..

  3. Wah si Rayyan dikelilingi oleh princess lah ni di class kan hehehe....

  4. biasa tu budak2 mcm tu..

    adank buah sa kan 2 minggu kakak sa kasi kawan dia ni...sebab menangis ja..

    tia pa nanti dia kan biasal lah tu..he he he


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