Monday, January 30, 2012

Visiting Kenny of Pesona Butiza and Baby Harmony

As much as I wanted to update my blog, my priority still goes to my kids. Rayyan's kindie is giving the pupils a week CNY break. You know kids.. kalau main pandai bergaduh. The worst part, when they are chasing each other sampai bertolak-tolak! Mau pengsan!! So, it is best to 'play' along with them..

Before Rayyan starts kindie, he used to wake up late (after 10am), so this mommy will make fully use of the before-wake-up-time to blog and blogwalk. After Rayyan starts kindie, the blog hours changed to when-Rayyan-is-in-kindie at the same time need to play with Lily too. When Rayyan cuti sekolah, blog has to cuti too coz I just can't find the perfect to blog except by skippin' the evening nap! Huhu..

Okey enuff with the excuses..

Some of you should have aware that Kenny of Pesona Butiza's 2mths old daughther has been admitted to hospital due to swollen chest! Since they have been transferred from Hospital Putrajaya to Hospital Kuala Lumpur which is near my place, I decided to pay them a visit.

So, last Thursday me and hubby visited the, at Institut Pediatrik, HKL. Kenny was on the phone when we arrived. So we approached the husband instead. Baby Harmony was still asleep due to the sedation as she was sent for Ultrasound earlier. Ada kahak and nanah yang kena sedut dari dada Baby Harmony which Doc will send for lab test.

Poor Baby Harmony. Be strong Ken and hubby! Understand that they have been discharged on Friday, if not mistaken. Baby Harmony is currently on antibiotic. Will pray for Baby Harmony's speedy recovery.

It's great to finally meet you in person Ken! Hope your transfer will be process ASAP!


  1. Kesian nya Baby dia Just..Berapa bulan tu?

  2. Owh am sorry to hear about Baby Harmony. Shes so adorable and i hope everything's will be fine and speedy recovery to baby Harmony and will bring her in prayers..

  3. Kesian bb Harmony..dei gia..semoga cpt sembuh..

    Nah terjumpa suda kamu kan

  4. oooh dia pla yang sa follow di twitter tu!

    pray that baby harmony will get will soon =)

  5. o..ada sy ikut post dia di FB tu,,tapi sy na tau pula..pasal pa harmony kana admit.. Harap2 baby harmony recover soon enough! Amen!

  6. andu bah.. cian.. Pray for everyone!! ^_^.v..

  7. oh ya sis.. btw, I mention you in my post
    the 10 special couple!! ^_^.v..


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