Friday, February 24, 2012

I miss my hair badly!

"So, are you bald now?" common question for me whenever I see my friends nowadays.

Well, as informed and as expectedly, the hairs began to fall badly after 2-3 weeks from the first chemo.

Before that, the hairs were already start falling specially after shower and morning wake up. Seeing the floor and pillow with hairs make me regret that I didn't cut my hair even shorter.

It was few days before Xmas last year when Lily accidentally pulls my hairs and made me realise.. It's time!! Seeing my hairs on her small palm really hurts! I showed it to my mom. Mom asked if there is any pain or not. Nope. No pain. The heart that pain for few seconds! 

The portion pulled by Lily!


On Xmas Day, I get my hubby to cut my hair as short as possible. The hairs are too fragile that simplify hubby's tasks. Pakai tangan saja tarik sambil gunting sikit. The hairs no more short but actually almost bald!! Senang la mau pakai the wig. The truth is I only wore the wig once which was on Xmas day itself. Ntah la.. Mcm tidak selesa juga pakai wig. Anak tudung is much2 better I think but not those tudung la. Am not ready yet. Takkan pula mau buka tu tudung bila sdh ada rambut balik kan. Seru belum sampai. Something macam tu la..

So, here goes my almost-bald head! Kira bald la juga kan..

Plan to totally bald it end of the mth. At least, sama rata kalau tumbuh balik. Kena pula rambut jenis lambat panjang! Aduiii.. bila la ada rambut balik ni?! The hair will only start growing after completed the chemo. Miss them so badly!

Recently, my eyes caught a 50% hair makeover voucher in Cleo and was excited kunun nie before I realise I have no hair for makeover! Poor me!

But pls don't pity me ya.. When I say poor me that doesn't mean like I was thinking negative or what coz I know I am strong and I can go through all this! I never know that I am as strong as myself now coz I am actually a pesimis person!! Perhaps I am just not pesimis as I think I am! Hmmm..

Of coz my children look at me weirdly and they prefer me cover my head at the beginning. We will tell them mommy is not well and they nod. "Mommy, du-du (sakit)" Rayyan repeated. Now, they are used to my new look. *grin*

Btw, I have completed part 1 of the chemo session. 4 cycles every 3 weeks done. Part 2 will start next week. It's a 12 cycles chemo on weekly basis with lesser dosage! Phewww... Am not worry with the total number of cycles. It's just that the weekly poke that I hate. Ngeri juga kena cucuk dekat area dada. Last cycle, the nurse wrongly poked and they have to re-do the poke-process. Aduiiiiiii..... menitik jg tu air mata!

So far, I do not have any major effect besides being bald. Appetite pun ok. Blood count ok. Cuma senang terjangkit flu+cough. Bila terjangkit, it takes 2 weeks to recover. Hmmm... Am not sure bout the cells thingy. So far, doc never review bout the cells. Maybe after completed the chemo?! Will keep u guys updated. Pray for me ya.. ^_^

Thursday, February 23, 2012

SPNB and Rumah Mesra Rakyat

You know bout Rumah Mesra Rakyat? A project by the Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB). I knew bout this but never really bother not until my mom received a call from my grandma at Kampong. 

The Wakil Rakyat in Kuala Penyu is currently promoting this project to the orang kampung. Anything to do with the coming election? Oppss..

My mom plans to build a house on her tanah at Kuala Penyu. She is quite certain bout the plan. For her hari tua kunun. With her EPF savings, I doubt the amount is enough.

And the project is just perfect! Basically, SPNB will build a landed house with 700 sq ft (for Sabah/Sarawak) on your land and you would only need to bear two-thirds of the cost of building the house, which is in the form of an interest free loan. The rest of the cost will be borne by the government.

The design of the Rumah Mesra Rakyat

The layout

In practical terms, those under this scheme will be able to own their own homes by just paying RM150 per month for the duration of their loan.

My mom is very happy and excited about it and looking forward to proceed with the application thingy. 

For more info, click here.

On other notes... Talking bout SPNB, sakit hati pula ni. It has been a year from the date of our Sale and Purchase  Agreement with SPNB for the purchase of our under-construction Putatan-Platinum-Apartment. The apartment scheduled to be ready by Aug last year which later was delayed to Dec last year. Again we heard that it was delayed to March this year. It was then I googled and found few articles and complaints from other purchasers that the project is actually delayed until Sept this year due to some issues. Hmm.. 

Can't imagine if we are proceeding with our plan to go back for good this coming May and the apartment is actually not ready to move in yet!! Then, we will be definitely in big problem!! Hope there will be no more delay after this coz I think all the blocks are 90% completed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Denda

"Berdiri sini kuai-kuai!!"
That's the usual denda for Lily coz dia tersangat la aktif panjat-memanjat!
The denda works bila the daddy yang bersuara!
Kuai-kuai la dia berdiri di sana tu.. bikin kesian tingu tu muka dia..
Pls ignore the dinding yang berconteng dan bersticker..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kupi-Kupi with Belle (Sumandak of Ranau)

Another blogger meet up on last Sunday!! Guess what?? We are staying at the same area which only 3mins drive away!! And yet we took so long to arrange for a meet up?! Huh! Punya la tidak patut!!

It was Belle (Sumandak of Ranau) that I met.

Our 2-hours kupi-kupi (tp minum lain la bkn kupi! Hahaa) were full with stories even though macam saya lagi banyak cakap ni! Hahaaa.. Yep, we talked bout many things from ourselves, family, office, bloggers (bkn mengumpat aa), pregnancy (Belle is at 5th mth pregnancy now), children, women stuff, bla bla bla.. One topic jumps to another topic even the earlier topic belum abis story lagi! Haiyaa.. Telampau excited ba kunun.. Hahaa..

I always appreciate one to one meet up (kalau perempuan la) coz I think it will be a quality meet up! We'll get to know each other better ba kan.. But of coz the more the merrier! *wink*

Belle and me..  snapped by hubby when he came to fetch me after 2 hours!
Oh yess.. We will definitely catch up again kan Belle. Am so glad to meet one more blogger here in KL. Have a pleasant tea time with you sampai tambah air ni!! Hahaa.. Kalau ko boring2 saturang di rumah, ko buzz sia aa.. kita lepak lagi! Hihi..

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cinta Kami

Well, kinda 'tercabar' pula after reading kisah percintaan si Aki and sis Mouren. So, here goes Cinta Kami.. hope it won't bored you! Panjang juga ni..

He is my friend's brother. So, even though we never met before, more or less I've been knowing him since 1996. From what my friend told me, I gotta feeling that he is just not my type.

Apr 1999 - met him for the 1st time! well actually, accidentally met him when my friend and I were wandering around! He was waiting for his gf which happened to be my neighbour (next block). 

Jan 2003 - he came over to KL to further study (Myself was already here since May 1999). On and off he will comes to my house visiting his sisters. My PR skills towards guys is very bad and that I prefer to stay inside my room whenever he is around. There were time we (all of us) watch tv and enjoy meals together. We did chat but dia tanya satu, saya jawab satu. Just normal faq saja ba, nothing personal. I got this mindset that I don't like him and need to keep a distance.

Sept 2003 - He took his 1st move. He texted me one morning. That sms supposed to be sent to his sister. So, I replied him telling him that he actually sent wrongly and sesi berbalas sms pun bermula! That was the weirdest thing I ever did! If being the typical me,  I would normally just ignore his smses. Hmm.. Guess what.. I found out later that he actually did it on purpose! Salah hantar sms kunun!! Cisss..

We get closer day by day. I even said YES for a 'date'. Nope, we haven't couple yet. Since he is not a movie person, so we entered Petrosains KLCC!! Hahaa.. of coz, that bring us closer and yes we declared coupled a month later. I know things happen quite fast between us but I just let it be. Weird! 

Our first photo when we just about to start!

The next thing happened was like drama!! We got family issues and some miscunderstandings. Moreover, ada juga yang batu api. Things get totally messed up until we chose to be alone, just the two of us, without any supports from our family members. All we have is the two of us only. Cinta buta owh kan..

This is the point where we struggle very hard to live! Staying in KL with low income and him working part-time at McD (he discontinued his study), mmg susah betul time tu!! We almost give up and wanted to return to KK. Kalau ingat2 balik, I just dunno how we managed  to go through all the difficulties! We went through everything together and we were never apart until now! Maybe that's explain why we never celebrate V-day... hari2 sama2, hari2 bejumpa until now for the pass 9 years!

Family? Well, we were still keep in touch with our own family. His family knows about us, it is just that I prefer not to join them in any occassion. Meanwhile, I keep it secret from my mom for 3 years. Yes, we took 3 years to proof something and we are proud (even until now) that we really build this relationship from zero to something, without supports from others. We have car. Rumah walaupun sewa tp fully furnished, tidak la kosong  macam mula2. We have stable carrier and most importantly we are ready for the next level of life. *wink*

Raya 2006 - this is when I brought him met my mom for the 1st time. Mum actually knew about us when we just started the relationship but due to misunderstanding she disagreed. That's is why I keep it secret from her. I also brought him to visit my convert-to-muslim aunt. Both aunt and uncle were very supportive and promise to help us to have a word with my mom about us. Thanks to them that mom finally agreed and we were then engaged on Dec 2006 and officially hubby and wife on 1 June 2007.

We faced our next challenge in 2010 and almost divorce! Yeah, I never blog bout it coz I just can't. I just want to forget what had happened and glad we still have each other now.

It's our 9th year being together and will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this year. Insya-Allah, we will face everything together no matter how hard it is, like those days and may this journey of love last forever.

Us on the recent trip to PD!

That's all bout Cinta Kami. Cinta kamu macamana?? Thanks for your time.

Btw, do "LIKE" my other Eternal Love Story here.

Psst Aki.. itu bell lama sudah bunyi tu.. Hehehee.. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cath-j giveaway all about LOVE

Am joining Cath's February Giveaway. Missed her previous giveaways as i can't seem to follow her updates. Even if i manually type the url pun didn't work. Need to click from others blog's link of her baru buli.. hmmm..

Ok, anyway... I LOVE my husband, children, family and friends as much as sis Mouren does!! Who don't?!  But for this giveaway, my LOVE story will be my children - Rayyan and Ryanna!

My eternal loves!

To be honest, am a person who don't really like kids in my early ages. Ampai la budak paling kiut depan mata, it won't make me feel like cubit them or sayang them or hug them at all. I don't know how to entertain kids. I don't know how to pujuk kids. I just don't know at all. My mom was pretty worried actually. *wink*

"Before I was a MOM" is the best way to describe all!

Before I was a Mom I made and ate hot meals.
I had unstained clothing.
I had quiet conversations on the phone.

Before I was a Mom I slept as late as I wanted.
And never worried about how late I got into bed.
I brushed my hair and my teeth everyday.

Before I was Mom I cleaned my house each day.
I never tripped over toys or forgot words to lullabies.

Before I was a Mom I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous.
I never thought about immunizations.

Before I was a Mom I had never been puked on, pooped on, spit on, peed on, or pinched by tiny fingers.
Before I was a Mom I had complete control of my mind, my thoughts, my body and all my feelings.
I slept all night.

Before I was a Mom I never held down a screaming child
so that doctors could do tests or give shots.
I never looked into teary eyes and cried.
I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin.
I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep.

Before I was a Mom I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put it down.
I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt.
I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much.
I never knew that I could love someone so much.
I never knew I would love being a Mom.

Before I was a Mom I didn't know the feeling of having my heart outside my body.
I didn't know how special it could feel to feed a hungry baby.
I didn't know that bond between a Mother and her child.
I didn't know that something so small could make me feel so important.

Before I was a Mom I had never gotten up in the middle of the night every 10 minutes to make sure all was OK.
I had never known the warmth, the joy, the love, the heartache or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much.....
.......before I was a Mom....

~Author Unknown~

Eventhough am still in the learning process to be a mother, one thing for sure is that the LOVE for them is an ETERNAL LOVE! You both are mommy's greatest supporters!! You both are mommy's greatest strength to fight everything!! Mommy LOVES you very much kids!!  *hugs and kisses*

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : V-Gift

Naaa... we didn't make it for cake and ice-blended date last nite (for V-day)
as hubby has to OT and came back late.
But he came back with the above! Thanks hubby...
So sweet and so cute nie.. ^_^

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's 14th February!!

Jadi kenapa lah?!! Hahahaa.. *what an intro for this loving day!*

So, any special plan today?? Expecting any surprises?  Believe it or not me and hubby seldom celebrate V-day.

Now, bila sudah kawin.. I'm kinda agree that married couples are not really into V-Day! Opss.. bukan semua ok!

Anyway, either you are celebrating or against the V-day, I am still gonna wishing you people a very Happy Valentine's Day! May your relationship be filled with an eternal love.

Psst.. am finger-crossing for a cake and ice blended date with hubby tonite (kalau tidak malas la!!)..

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cameron Highlands : CNY Getaway

21/ 1

7.20am - journey began

8.00am - jammed all the way from Rawang!! Entering RnR is like impossible!! We have to park at roadside and climb 'divider' for a toilet break at RnR! U can imagine the toilet queue!

Jammed all the way from Rawang to Simpang Pulai.. I bet it is still jammed all the up to North..

Toilet break! Parked at the roadside will do..

1.00pm - As advised, we chose to exit through Simpang Pulai instead of Tapah. Had our lunch at Simpang Pulai RnR before continue with s-journey (jln bukit). Thank God the journey up to Berinchang is very smooth unlike at the highway!

2.40pm - Reached Hotel Equatorial. Wandered at the hotel lobby while waiting for our unit's key! Exhausted with the 7-hours-journey!! The normal driving time should be about 3.5 - 4 hours.

Sempat lagi my mom and bro minta urut mesin! ;p

The tired driver!

4.15pm - we were too tired and all we longed for is REST and REST!! Besides, it was raining and  very damn cold even hotel does not have fan or aircond! We didn't go anywhere that nite. Only hubby and father-in-law went to tapau for dinner. Betul-betul kepenatan owh kan.. hahaa..


Morning - jalan2 di Pekan Tanah Rata. Souvenirs shopping! Lepak minum.

Souvenir shopping at Tanah Rata

Then we headed back to Berinchang. Start lagi jem!! Hate it!! When we saw a Strawberry Farm signboard, we parked our car. Better jalan-jalan daripada sangkut dalam jem!!

Ramai orang!!
Rayyan yang paling enjoy helping the Atok with strawberry pluckings!

It was still jam when we finished touring the Strawberry Farm. Again we stopped at a row of roadside shops for jalan-jalan. It was raining again that afternoon. *sigh* So we decided to return to hotel for a rest.

At night, we drove to Pasar Malam Berinchang. A 10-minutes journey turned up to 2-hours journey!! Hilang terus rasa lapar! Hubby waited for us inside the car while we went for a quick food-hunting. Hubby kepenatan kaki!! Manual car okey!!

jem.. jem.. jem..


CNY Day 1!

Check-out early as we plan to drop by at few places for camwhoring. *wink*

Goodbye CH.. panjang umur kita jumpa lagi!

To be honest, we regretted that we picked peak season for this trip! Banyak tempat tidak ter-singgah specially the tea farm! Macam mau pigi lagi nannnnn-ti! Even though it was my 3rd trip down here, but kesian with the rest sbb belum puas jelajah CH.

Nyway, the kids paling happy bila pigi bercuti-cuti. Their happy faces that is all matter! So, Nora.. don't worry k.. we never let the hotel ruins our holiday!

If you missed the hotel review, click here.

See ya in the next getaway! *wink*

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Tunung

Met another blogger last Sunday - Tunung!
It would be great if we could make it for coffee, next time perhaps.
Thanks for the dropped by ya moy! Glad to see ya..

Psstt.. Aki, DC.. Kamu p Amcorp jumpa saya lagi kio.. Hihihi..
Saya ni tidak rajin p Mid Valley or Sunway! *wink*

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Cameron Highland : The Hotel : The Winning Prize

Before I share bout my recent Cameron Highlands (CH) trip, I would like to dedicate this entry to my dear friend Nora who has acknowledged me as the Winner for her Dian BC Holiday Food Contest organised last year and won myself a 3D2N stay at Hotel Equatorial CH.

So, we decided to check in at Hotel Equatorial CH on 21/1 and check out on 23/1. We have confirmed the dates months ago. My mom is very happy and kinda excited for this trip as she has wanting to go to CH, besides Langkawi. It would be our CNY getaway! *wink*

Hotel Equatorial, Berinchang
But we are not staying inside the main building

We finally reached the hotel which is located at Berinchang almost 3pm, after a looongg-tiring-7-hours of journey and was informed that our unit is still in the cleaning process and would take about an hour to be ready. We were asked to wander around first. We were actually desperately need a rest!! With kids and old folks with us, I bet lying down is all we need. So we decided to just park our car at the parking lots and wander inside the hotel lobby. Kids were happy running here and there.

Our unit's wing/block
Wing 7

Finally, we were handed with our unit's key at about 4.15pm. Our unit was located at Wing 7, unit no 217. It is at ground floor. Glad that we do not have to climb the staircases. 

Views from our balcony

As much as I wanted to give my best review on the hotel, we were quite disappointed with the unit's condition. The staff didn't really clean the unit. I think they only clean the floor. Dust is everywhere. My mom thinks that the sofa's seriously need laundry! The TV in the living room is not functional either. We think that the unit has not been occupied for quite some time. Bau lama ni.. Anyway, we didn't make any complaints. I think it's no use to make any fuss since I am sure they are full house.

The living room + 'kitchen'
Unlike other Mayangsari units that I been before, this one do not have dining table

The master bedroom is quite spacious

Well, I'm not sure if the rest of the units are the same condition or it is just my luck! Anyway, the hotel location is great if it's not because of the jammed! It's CNY! It's peak season! We should have expecting the jammed!! 

I hope I didn't freak you guys out with my review. As I said, perhaps it is just not my luck! Stay tuned for more Cameron pixies.. :D

Psstt... Nora, don't feel bad bout it k.. will try out Melaka Parade next.. *wink*

Friday, February 03, 2012

Mom's Advance Birthday Party

My beloved mom turned 55yrs old on 24th Jan (same birthday with Baby Ashley Anne. Congrats AnnieMing!). We decided to have the makan-makan the nite before we departed to Cameron Highlands (CH) on the 21st Jan coz we knew we will definitely exhausted when we got back from CH on the 1st day of CNY. Besides, tidak bagus buat belated party. Is it chinese belief? Tapi, buat makan-makan sebelum keberangkatan pun penat juga! huhu..

Makan-makan among family members only. So, macam biasa la.. my in-law, parent and siblings, mom's brothers (different moms) (2 families) and mom's 1st cousin (my aunt) . But, my aunt couldn't make it that nite. Even only 4 families (plus us), tapi rumah yang kecil bila penuh dengan budak-budak.. Total of 11 kids?!! Mmg 'ini kali la' kan.. hehee..

Baru perasan... oren pula semua colour the dishes kan.. hehhehe
popia rolled by me.. the rest cooked by dear mom.
Not in the pic, telur merah! Mom's must-have kalau ada birthday.

Para tetamu.. ada yang tiada dalam gambar
The kids bergumbira with the toys. Rayyan mixed well juga but Lily shy-shy cat.

Simple cake from Kings
Mom requested for a butter cream butter cake, her fav!

Beloved mom mau juga bergambar sama the cucu-cucu.
Bottom-left : mom with the bros (taukeh dobi)

Cake cutting...

Happy birthday to my beloved mummy! I love you! Can't imagine life without you. Thanks for every single things! *hugs and kisses*

Ok... kemas-kemas semua and tidur for few hours. Kena bangun awal and get ready for CH! ^_^

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - P

Can finally stick this!
Passed my JPJ test on 16 Jan 2012!
Good luck to Tunung and Bella who are now on their driving classes!
Happy Wilayah Day and Welcome February!! ^_^