Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Cameron Highland : The Hotel : The Winning Prize

Before I share bout my recent Cameron Highlands (CH) trip, I would like to dedicate this entry to my dear friend Nora who has acknowledged me as the Winner for her Dian BC Holiday Food Contest organised last year and won myself a 3D2N stay at Hotel Equatorial CH.

So, we decided to check in at Hotel Equatorial CH on 21/1 and check out on 23/1. We have confirmed the dates months ago. My mom is very happy and kinda excited for this trip as she has wanting to go to CH, besides Langkawi. It would be our CNY getaway! *wink*

Hotel Equatorial, Berinchang
But we are not staying inside the main building

We finally reached the hotel which is located at Berinchang almost 3pm, after a looongg-tiring-7-hours of journey and was informed that our unit is still in the cleaning process and would take about an hour to be ready. We were asked to wander around first. We were actually desperately need a rest!! With kids and old folks with us, I bet lying down is all we need. So we decided to just park our car at the parking lots and wander inside the hotel lobby. Kids were happy running here and there.

Our unit's wing/block
Wing 7

Finally, we were handed with our unit's key at about 4.15pm. Our unit was located at Wing 7, unit no 217. It is at ground floor. Glad that we do not have to climb the staircases. 

Views from our balcony

As much as I wanted to give my best review on the hotel, we were quite disappointed with the unit's condition. The staff didn't really clean the unit. I think they only clean the floor. Dust is everywhere. My mom thinks that the sofa's seriously need laundry! The TV in the living room is not functional either. We think that the unit has not been occupied for quite some time. Bau lama ni.. Anyway, we didn't make any complaints. I think it's no use to make any fuss since I am sure they are full house.

The living room + 'kitchen'
Unlike other Mayangsari units that I been before, this one do not have dining table

The master bedroom is quite spacious

Well, I'm not sure if the rest of the units are the same condition or it is just my luck! Anyway, the hotel location is great if it's not because of the jammed! It's CNY! It's peak season! We should have expecting the jammed!! 

I hope I didn't freak you guys out with my review. As I said, perhaps it is just not my luck! Stay tuned for more Cameron pixies.. :D

Psstt... Nora, don't feel bad bout it k.. will try out Melaka Parade next.. *wink*


  1. waaa....best nya...may god blessing u sis..=)

  2. Best juga kan Just..dapat stay hotel free.. huhu..

  3. best o..turus ada keinginan mau p CH lagi balik ni..

  4. banyaknya tempat si Aki belum pigi lagi.. :D

  5. Teringin mo p CH tapi sampai sekarang bulum tersampai-sampai lagi

  6. Sa rasa macam sa pernah pigi sini duulu waktu zaman Uni. Tapi sini kaitu ah betul2, eih sa pelupa sudah lepas beranak ni tau. :( Macam sa ingat2 ni scenery bah..

  7. kalau tengok photo.. nampak ok saja semua kan... tapi saya rasa mcm tu lah kalau hotel2 di tempat2 sejuk... ada bau.. sebab lembab...

  8. Wah best nie...Dapat Stay hotel Free lagi kan...

  9. OMG Just,

    So sorry for the hotel condition. Its beyond my control because I rely it all on Mayangsari Management.

    So far, I don't receive any complaint from other clients. Mostly of them said OK with CH. But maybe due to CNY the hotel staff is a bit occupied.You know me rite, I will try so much to help if I can. I don't mind abt Money, as long as the clients is satisfied.

    We also travel a lot and honestly sometime we do encounter this kind of experiences and conditions with other hotel. But, we do felt its NORMAL because nothing is perfect thou and we just appreciate on what we get at that time.We just don't let the things ruin the holiday mood hahaha.

    The Hotel in Cameron that I went before also have a bad lembap smell, but we know its normal for resort in high land.

    Neway Am happy you enjoy your holiday in CH. During my visit there last week, they said its Normal to have Traffic JAM due to holiday and peak hours. The best to go is on normal days..:D

  10. Azeanthy ~ cuti and hotel free mesti la best! :)

    Kay ~ bila ko p CH?

    Aki ~ nnt buli ba bw sumandak jalan2 sana.. :)

    Rose ~ one day sampai jg baitu ko d sana. :)

    AnnieMing ~ mau kena kurik2 pic lama baru dpt recall kali Annie.. hehee..

    CathJ ~ abis sia nda kasi zoom kan.. hahahha.. nyway, not a big prob.. :)

    Julie ~ ya ba julie.. patut pigi time bkn cuti lg puas hati.. :)

  11. Nora ~ its ok Nora.. thats y sia teda komplen2 sama ko sbb sia tau the mgmt yg pnya responsibility. Yup, peak season so staf pun sibuk lari sana sini kan.. thats y jg sia teda komplen2 bising sama the mgmt.

    Hotel utk tidur seja kan so not a big prob jg. we make sure hotel wont ruin our holiday.. :)

    Lps ni, plan for melaka parade lg ni.. hihihi..

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  13. adeee punya main lawa sana kan just..sa suka tingu tu building dia ni..he he best woh..


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