Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cinta Kami

Well, kinda 'tercabar' pula after reading kisah percintaan si Aki and sis Mouren. So, here goes Cinta Kami.. hope it won't bored you! Panjang juga ni..

He is my friend's brother. So, even though we never met before, more or less I've been knowing him since 1996. From what my friend told me, I gotta feeling that he is just not my type.

Apr 1999 - met him for the 1st time! well actually, accidentally met him when my friend and I were wandering around! He was waiting for his gf which happened to be my neighbour (next block). 

Jan 2003 - he came over to KL to further study (Myself was already here since May 1999). On and off he will comes to my house visiting his sisters. My PR skills towards guys is very bad and that I prefer to stay inside my room whenever he is around. There were time we (all of us) watch tv and enjoy meals together. We did chat but dia tanya satu, saya jawab satu. Just normal faq saja ba, nothing personal. I got this mindset that I don't like him and need to keep a distance.

Sept 2003 - He took his 1st move. He texted me one morning. That sms supposed to be sent to his sister. So, I replied him telling him that he actually sent wrongly and sesi berbalas sms pun bermula! That was the weirdest thing I ever did! If being the typical me,  I would normally just ignore his smses. Hmm.. Guess what.. I found out later that he actually did it on purpose! Salah hantar sms kunun!! Cisss..

We get closer day by day. I even said YES for a 'date'. Nope, we haven't couple yet. Since he is not a movie person, so we entered Petrosains KLCC!! Hahaa.. of coz, that bring us closer and yes we declared coupled a month later. I know things happen quite fast between us but I just let it be. Weird! 

Our first photo when we just about to start!

The next thing happened was like drama!! We got family issues and some miscunderstandings. Moreover, ada juga yang batu api. Things get totally messed up until we chose to be alone, just the two of us, without any supports from our family members. All we have is the two of us only. Cinta buta owh kan..

This is the point where we struggle very hard to live! Staying in KL with low income and him working part-time at McD (he discontinued his study), mmg susah betul time tu!! We almost give up and wanted to return to KK. Kalau ingat2 balik, I just dunno how we managed  to go through all the difficulties! We went through everything together and we were never apart until now! Maybe that's explain why we never celebrate V-day... hari2 sama2, hari2 bejumpa until now for the pass 9 years!

Family? Well, we were still keep in touch with our own family. His family knows about us, it is just that I prefer not to join them in any occassion. Meanwhile, I keep it secret from my mom for 3 years. Yes, we took 3 years to proof something and we are proud (even until now) that we really build this relationship from zero to something, without supports from others. We have car. Rumah walaupun sewa tp fully furnished, tidak la kosong  macam mula2. We have stable carrier and most importantly we are ready for the next level of life. *wink*

Raya 2006 - this is when I brought him met my mom for the 1st time. Mum actually knew about us when we just started the relationship but due to misunderstanding she disagreed. That's is why I keep it secret from her. I also brought him to visit my convert-to-muslim aunt. Both aunt and uncle were very supportive and promise to help us to have a word with my mom about us. Thanks to them that mom finally agreed and we were then engaged on Dec 2006 and officially hubby and wife on 1 June 2007.

We faced our next challenge in 2010 and almost divorce! Yeah, I never blog bout it coz I just can't. I just want to forget what had happened and glad we still have each other now.

It's our 9th year being together and will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this year. Insya-Allah, we will face everything together no matter how hard it is, like those days and may this journey of love last forever.

Us on the recent trip to PD!

That's all bout Cinta Kami. Cinta kamu macamana?? Thanks for your time.

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Psst Aki.. itu bell lama sudah bunyi tu.. Hehehee.. 


  1. wah!!!!!!! terharu sa baca ni..

    just kurus betul ko dulu..yeh GBU both of you

  2. punya la adventures kita dulu kan honey... susah senang kita bersama... mcm tu Rumi n Juli.. hahahaha! dan I am very proud sbb kita sudah kasi bukti yg kita boleh berjaya from zero to something, without family support.

    I will always love you honey..

  3. errr... punya la SLIM kita dulu kan.. hahahahaha... tidak cukup makan.. hari2 belasah maggi.. haha

  4. sweet sis..
    sgt2 susah mo survive d kl kn..
    God Bless both of you sis :)

  5. sambil tebaca komen si Asai, YEAH!! you made it.. I like.. wow.. memang inspiring oh cerita kamu 2 si Moureen.. sa terharu sudah ni.. ehem2.. mo kawin capat la ni.. ^_^.v..

  6. Wah. Banyak onak duri pula relationship kamu mula2 ah. Mcm drama pula. Glad both of you made it. Kalo sudah jodoh, mmg tidak boleh dipisahkan kan. Hehe.

  7. gambar first time dating tu bah, style macho2 lagi ni dua2's really inspiring to read other people's marriage life and how they stay strong to liven up the marriage.

    God bless you both and your two sweet children.

  8. Well, life isn't always a bed of roses debilang tu lagu, and I am glad that you two made it until today. And pray that you two will love each other forever.

  9. mencabar juga ko punya kisah cinta kan Just, tapi byk pengajaran saya rasa di sebalik ni story..
    semoga terus bahagia n kekal bersama selamanya..:)

  10. Macam rasa cerita drama woh crita kamu....terharu...may your marriage will be blessed always and forever.

  11. wah! just...shiok mau baca n ambil someting good dari pengalaman kamu ni.. :)

  12. siok ooo kisah cinta kamu ni..huhuhu...

  13. beaty - hehehee.. kurus kan?!!

    Asai - Hahahaa.. sian ba kita dulu.. huhuhu..

    Aki - kasi LAGI capat!!

    Angel - ya ba.. berliku-liku la ba kunun mcm drama! ;p

    Carol - thanks carol. hahaaa.. itu gmbr belum couple baitu, itu la kontrol macho! hahahah...

    Dora - thanks for the pray.. :)

  14. Cath - betul ba basah itu mata?! ;p

    Stella - mmg mengharukann jg la. hihihi.. sia tggu ur post.. :)

    Kay - ya ba kay.. bkn alang2 pnya cabaran ni. :)

    Rose - ada jg la mcm drama! hehee..

    Belle - ba, ko pun kasi post psl kamu ba. :)

    Eryati - siok jg la. tp time tu nda siok la.. hahahaa..

  15. Wah hebat juga kisah cinta kamu ni just hehe..Semoga kekal ke akhir hayat..InysaAllah..:D

  16. agreed with rose, mcm drama kisah kamu oo Moy.. And being me, mcm biasa keluar air mata sampai husabans sia tanya apa lagi cerita sedih sia baca..

    Anyway, org ckp everything happen for a reason ba kan moy.. May your bond of love last for eternity..

  17. Tu gambar2 yang paling manang tu. Kalu teda cabaran dlm marriage kan kita tdk tau besar mana tu kesetiaan cinta. Cewahh..loike this post. :)


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