Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's 14th February!!

Jadi kenapa lah?!! Hahahaa.. *what an intro for this loving day!*

So, any special plan today?? Expecting any surprises?  Believe it or not me and hubby seldom celebrate V-day.

Now, bila sudah kawin.. I'm kinda agree that married couples are not really into V-Day! Opss.. bukan semua ok!

Anyway, either you are celebrating or against the V-day, I am still gonna wishing you people a very Happy Valentine's Day! May your relationship be filled with an eternal love.

Psst.. am finger-crossing for a cake and ice blended date with hubby tonite (kalau tidak malas la!!)..


  1. Happy Valentine to you Just..May your relationship will last forever...Amen..!

  2. Happy Valentine to you sis... =) have a great date with your hubby hehe

  3. happy valentine to u sis...may god blessing both of you..=)

  4. Happy V day...!! Have fun. walau suda terlimpas ni

  5. Happy V Day!

    My V Day? Usah dikata la.. Masih dalam pantang bah. Hehe! Tapi since kemarin itu V Day, jadi instead of plain chicken porridge for dinner, si Harry kasi taru sikit century eggs di dalam untuk kasi meriah. Haha..

  6. susah mau pigi dating skrg ni... anak2 sentiasa alert klu mummy & daddy pakai cantik2.. lagi2 kalau kunci kereta sudah d tangan.. laju ja tu anak2 pigi ambik kasut drg..


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