Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guests from KK

Yuhuuuu!!! Just in da house!! Hehehee.. MIA for quite some time. Tiba-tiba, blogging mood hilang! Besides, malas mau transfer photos dari memory card! Entries without photos?? Err... Something that I'm trying avoid! Kununn...

Thanks Jue for the sms! Heran c kawan tiada update blog! Heh!!

Well, am still here.. nothing much happening actually! 24hours di rumah ja except Tuesday, Wednesday and weekends!

Tuesday - have to queue for registration at Amcorp (itupun kalau rajin + larat)
Wednesday - chemo session
Weekend - at Amcorp provided I go for  registration on Tuesday!

At home, have to keep on eyes with the kids! They are very active. Running here and there. Chasing each others. Grill climbing!! Becakaran!! *faint* By the time they doze off, the mother pun mau rehat juga! *wink*

But this week, Mon-Wed, I am involve in a bazaar.. Thanks to vendor-friend for the sharing. There is another one on Friday but I think i better rest myself for Saturday's trip. *wink*

Ok enuff with the sort-of-complaint intro..

In my last entry, I mentioned that we'll be going to Melaka for jalan2. Unfortunately, plan changed. Our 'guests' still wanna jalan2 di KL! 2 hari tidak cukup!

Mom is so happy that they overnite at our house on their second nite here in KL.

Acara tengah malam!! Sempat juga kan.. LOL

On Friday, before their flight return back to KK in the evening, we gathered at my uncle house at Gombak for lunch!

Ko-Chung ikan bilis & sambal udang specially made by grandma and aunt
Daun and 'tali' diimport dari KK! Hihihi...
Actually, orang di KL mau belajar 'menimbu' (means wrapping Ko Chung in Dusun Tatana)

Grandpa insisted a celebration for his cucu cicit..

Belated angpow from Grandpa

Missed my childhood when I look at this pic!

Sending them at the airport! Some are not in da pic!

Till we meet again in KK.. ^_^

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Chemo

Chemoport Trolley = needle poking at the chest!
yang selalu buat saya nervous!! Always worry if they poke wrongly!! *sigh*

Drip is how the process for second part of chemo (the weekly basis)
One bottle of drug and one bottle for flash before I can go home
The drug bikin tidur ok! Normally I'll wake up after one and half hour! *wink*
Psstt.. if you are reading this entry between 10am and 1pm today... I'm actually on my chemo session! God bless me.. :) 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cuti-Cuti Sekolah

Kalau sebelum ni tidak pernah peduli pasal cuti sekolah, tp sekarang ni kena la ambil tau sbb Rayyan sudah sekolah! Hehehee..

My grandparent, aunts and lil cousins will be arriving tonite. They will be staying at my uncle's hse at Gombak for 4 nites. Hope they can make it to overnite at our hse for at least 1nite. 

My uncle is planning to bring them to Melaka for jalan-jalan. Melaka juga la kan selain Genting?! Hahahaa.. Since they are 7 of them plus 'tuan rumah' lagi, sebiji MPV pun tidak muat. So, we will be going to Melaka with 2 MPVs. Hopefully the wheather will be nice to us this Thursday! 

Last year, we went to AFamosa Resort but not Bandar Hilir, Melaka's town. My last trip to Bandar Hilir was in 2008! Huhuhu.. Besides wheather, also hoping for smooth driving at Melaka town coz it's school holiday!! I remember my last trip in 2008 was during CNY. 1 jam lebih juga pusing-pusing cari parking!! Goshhhh!! 

Rayyan and Ying Ying

Anyway, Rayyan is kinda excited coz his lil aunt is arriving. He made good friend with Ying Ying when he and my mom went back to KK last year to attend my cousin's wedding. Mau main naik-naik tangga kunun mcm di KK. Ntah di mana mau cari tangga dalam rumah ni. Wakakakaa..

P/s : just a short entry sbb tiada serita best! ^_^

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Torch

Blackberry Torch replacing Blackberry Curve.. with fushia case!!
Thanks mom!! ^_^

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hey March!

Hello March! Hello everyone! *cough* Been coughing for 2 weeks. Am recovering now. That's the main reason for the MIA. Huhuhu..

Any special happening on Leap's day the 29 February? Birthday celebration? Wonder if there are couples out there celebrating their anniversary on Leap's day? *slap forehead*

Mine was 'celebrating' Leap's day at hospital. It was my 1st cycle of chemo for part II - the weekly chemo. 11 more cycles! It's hard not to count the cycles. Can't wait to end this. Not to mention the 25-daily radiotherapy after this. *sigh*

Anyway, life goes on...

Am still with our weekend biz at Amcorp Mall. Biz was quite slow these few weeks but still enough to cover the table rental.

Will be sourcing for other places too for weekdays after this as hubby plans to surrender his 'love letter' to the company after 7 lovely years being there. He just can't cope with the office politics anymore, besides he always believe that he can earns more after he resigns. Less stress. More flexible. And happier..

Of coz I am worry with his decision at first. He assures me with what he has on hands - his plan for at least the next 2 mths. I know he has been very very stress lately and I have to support his decision. So yeah.. Am giving him something like 'probabtion period'. Hihihi.. If what he plans didn't work out within 2 mths, he has to find job, by hook or by crook!  Insya-Allah rezeki ada di mana-mana..

the Globe is calling!!

Current mode : Universal Studio Singapore!! Can't wait to fly on 31/3!! *grin*