Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guests from KK

Yuhuuuu!!! Just in da house!! Hehehee.. MIA for quite some time. Tiba-tiba, blogging mood hilang! Besides, malas mau transfer photos dari memory card! Entries without photos?? Err... Something that I'm trying avoid! Kununn...

Thanks Jue for the sms! Heran c kawan tiada update blog! Heh!!

Well, am still here.. nothing much happening actually! 24hours di rumah ja except Tuesday, Wednesday and weekends!

Tuesday - have to queue for registration at Amcorp (itupun kalau rajin + larat)
Wednesday - chemo session
Weekend - at Amcorp provided I go for  registration on Tuesday!

At home, have to keep on eyes with the kids! They are very active. Running here and there. Chasing each others. Grill climbing!! Becakaran!! *faint* By the time they doze off, the mother pun mau rehat juga! *wink*

But this week, Mon-Wed, I am involve in a bazaar.. Thanks to vendor-friend for the sharing. There is another one on Friday but I think i better rest myself for Saturday's trip. *wink*

Ok enuff with the sort-of-complaint intro..

In my last entry, I mentioned that we'll be going to Melaka for jalan2. Unfortunately, plan changed. Our 'guests' still wanna jalan2 di KL! 2 hari tidak cukup!

Mom is so happy that they overnite at our house on their second nite here in KL.

Acara tengah malam!! Sempat juga kan.. LOL

On Friday, before their flight return back to KK in the evening, we gathered at my uncle house at Gombak for lunch!

Ko-Chung ikan bilis & sambal udang specially made by grandma and aunt
Daun and 'tali' diimport dari KK! Hihihi...
Actually, orang di KL mau belajar 'menimbu' (means wrapping Ko Chung in Dusun Tatana)

Grandpa insisted a celebration for his cucu cicit..

Belated angpow from Grandpa

Missed my childhood when I look at this pic!

Sending them at the airport! Some are not in da pic!

Till we meet again in KK.. ^_^


  1. Tiba2 sy mau makan kochung bah tgk ni entry
    last weekend pn my mom dtg kk dr sndakan for holiday

  2. wow.. tu ko chung ba.. he he he.. dulu sa tia pandai makan tu, tapi kalau ada yang kena selera saya, jadi tu.. :D

  3. Hi Just how are u? wah lama sa tdk drop by sini ohh..btw siok juga kan sekali sekala ada tetamu di rumah...inda juga buring hihihi

  4. kalu sia moi, bukan teda mood tapi teda idea mo blogging..hihihi

    P/S: Ba, bila mo jumpa lagi moi? weekend any time buli tapi jgn ja 19-23/4 kio..=P

  5. Sioknya kamurang ramai-ramai. Hehe.. Lama sudah sa inda terasa makan ramai-ramai sama kazen ku ni. Your 5th pic reminds me of those good old days ;-)

  6. Ko chung! But I only like the ones yang got peanut. If ikan bilis, don't like. Hehehee. Memilih ba kan si kawan.

    Suddenly, I also miss the times when I was a kid. Don't have to worry about anything. Just be back before 6! Hahaa.

    Happy Thursday, Just!

  7. Apa kamurang main tu 'kua mirah' kah pakai joker lagi tu capat lah kua hihihi....tinimbuuuuuuuuuuu KP paling pemos lah tu asal pulang kg misti kana buat oleh my aunt sebab kami suka makan tu....

  8. punya siok tingu the kids makan sama2 sambil duduk di tikar :)

  9. siok! lama sy x makan kochung.. hehe


    p/s: I created a new blog, Do fly by ya.. hee
    geelifee.blogspot.com ;p


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