Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hey March!

Hello March! Hello everyone! *cough* Been coughing for 2 weeks. Am recovering now. That's the main reason for the MIA. Huhuhu..

Any special happening on Leap's day the 29 February? Birthday celebration? Wonder if there are couples out there celebrating their anniversary on Leap's day? *slap forehead*

Mine was 'celebrating' Leap's day at hospital. It was my 1st cycle of chemo for part II - the weekly chemo. 11 more cycles! It's hard not to count the cycles. Can't wait to end this. Not to mention the 25-daily radiotherapy after this. *sigh*

Anyway, life goes on...

Am still with our weekend biz at Amcorp Mall. Biz was quite slow these few weeks but still enough to cover the table rental.

Will be sourcing for other places too for weekdays after this as hubby plans to surrender his 'love letter' to the company after 7 lovely years being there. He just can't cope with the office politics anymore, besides he always believe that he can earns more after he resigns. Less stress. More flexible. And happier..

Of coz I am worry with his decision at first. He assures me with what he has on hands - his plan for at least the next 2 mths. I know he has been very very stress lately and I have to support his decision. So yeah.. Am giving him something like 'probabtion period'. Hihihi.. If what he plans didn't work out within 2 mths, he has to find job, by hook or by crook!  Insya-Allah rezeki ada di mana-mana..

the Globe is calling!!

Current mode : Universal Studio Singapore!! Can't wait to fly on 31/3!! *grin*


  1. O...apa yg kamu meniaga just? ya ba..jan risau rezeki ada d mana2.. betul tu.. :)

  2. Cuti2 S'pore kah moi...bestnya. Bah blog your cuti2 universal studio arr...am sure ko pigi sana tu kan hihi..

  3. if pndi politic cpt naik kan sis..even my workplace pun main politik + kena pndai kipas,kalo tidak memang d pinggir la mcm kmi.. dgn sabar menunggu kontrak abis :)
    btw,enjoy ur coming holiday sis :)

  4. Huhu...Biasa lah klu office politik nie....Bah enjoy your cuti2...:-)

  5. Just...yeah sa harap ko akan lalui chemo ko dengan penuh semangat..Tuhan sentiasa ada dekat ko.

    Susa bh juga kan kalau sama company yang ada banyak politic..tidak buli tahan suda bh kan..

    bh have a nice cuti2 ahh..pigi universal lagi tu

  6. Have a nice vacation Just. Please blog about it ya! Want see the rate & places to visit there.

  7. Sa pula malas sdh mo urus corner sa tu...hihi. sa tau tu perasaan ko mo menunggu selesai rawatan tp apa2 pun kena bertahan saja la kan...your hubby mo buat bisnes sendiri jg ka?:-) bh nnt cerita2 la psl your vacation nnt k..

  8. 7yrs wah! If too much yeah why not. 1 door closed, another opens kan. I think better mcm ni kan ko isi masa p holiday and pejam celik, ur treatment pun complete. Pray for ya.

  9. Office politics, the main reason I surrendered my own love letter last year...You are right, rezeki ada di mana-mana yang penting berusaha...

    Masuk 3 bulan sudah saya duduk rumah, syukur juga masih boleh bayar bil :) For now I am busy preparing my big day...hehe. After that, baru cari kerja balik...

    You are in my daily prayers. Saya tau macam mana the situation because my mum pun survivor juga...kanser pangkal rahim. Sokongan keluarga dan kawan-kawan banyak membantu...

  10. Hi Just,

    How long you in Singapore?, Jgn lupa pi Bugis Road and Orchard Road. Perfume disana very cheap compare to Malaysia, and yes its Original..:-D

    I have no yet update my blog on Thailand and Singapore trip ari tu.. banyak mau cerita, but malas betul ni mau mengarang ayat. But kalau kamu pi Universal Studio, jangan lupa pi Steven Spielberg action studio. Best tu...:-D

    Btw, good luck in your treatment dear, big hugs from me.

  11. Belle - sia bisnes bag organizer n mcm2 organizer.. :)

    Rose - psl itu universal studio la sia mau p sana kalau nda, nda kali.. hahaha..

    sabrina - nasib baik ofis sia nda brp bnyk politik.. tp tukang kipas mmg ada la.. huhuhu..

    Julie - kin panas kan.. :)

    Beaty - thanks moy.. yeahh sabar2 ja sia ni.. :)

    Eryati - hehehe.. ntah bila buli sampai europe!

    Dora - wokeh!!

    memel - sambil bisnes sambil buat kena d rmh.. :)

    Crystal - ini la menyibukkan diri ni.. :)

    Sumandak - siok guyang kaki d rmh kan moy.. turun naik gunung lagi! muahahahah..


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