Thursday, April 26, 2012

Singapore : Money Matters

As promised.. Here goes my last entry on Singapore - the belanjawan for our Singapore 2D1N trip!

Bought during AA promotion of coz and later on add on seats  - RM100.20 + RM12 x 2pax

Book via - RM205

USS entrance ticket

Pls make sure you purchase the ticket online at least a week before departure! Jgn sampai putih mata coz tickets might be sold out when you buy at the counter. Instead of purchasing the ticket thru their official site, I came accross a lady selling the ticket at cheaper rate. She claims that her friend is one of the tour agent in Singapore and of coz they got cheaper rate. The ticket suppose at SGD74 during peak season which is about RM180. Ours was at RM155 x 2!

Click to enlarge
The email with the ticket attachment!
Those interested, pls contact Puan Rosmanizah
If you ask me why I put myself in risk to purchase the tix from her, am just following my instinct!

EZ card for MRT
SGD12 + SGD10 (top up) / pax  


The only souvenirs that I bought from USS Store
SGD5.90 & SGD7.90

Hasil rembatan di Lucky Plaza
1. Fridge Magnet 5pcs for SGD10 (better beli di Chinatown, you get 7pcs)
2. Perfumes from left SGD18, SGD38, SGD18 (I hope they are worth buying! Haven't open mine!)
3. Singapore T-shirts 3 for SGD10. Bought 9pcs!! (budak punya tidak banyak choice. Trying not to pick the one with 'I Love Singapore' wordings. Telampau 'patrotik' pula saya rasa! LOL
Not in da pic : lighter 2pcs for SGD10 (at Chinatown, the lighter comes with cigarette case)

Hasil rembatan di Chinatown
Keychain 30pcs for SGD10 (you get 18pcs for SGD10 at Bugis)
Beg 3pcs for SGD10

Roughly about SGD122

Last but not least,

for the kids at home!!
Actually, saja mau kasi abis tu dollars!!

Total up...

Flight + Hotel + USS tix = RM738.40

EZ Card + Souvenirs + Foods = SGD324 x 2.5 = RM810

Well, before depart.. I have list down all the possible-spendings and I budgetted we need to change at least RM500. Itupun mmg cukup2 asal ada saja tu. Hubby decided to add extra RM100. And when mom asked for perfumes, budget increased! We actually converted RM900 to bring over to Singapore! So, kira kami tidak overspend la kan??!

Once again, this entry tiada langsung niat mau show off! Just wanna give you all the the idea if you are going to Singapore. Hope it helps! Happy budgetting and enjoy your holidays! *wink*

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chinatown Singapore

Our flight back to KL is at 2pm the next day. 1 malam pun cukup la. However, we decided to check out early  as we planned to go to Chinatown. Tidak puas hati selagi tidak sampai semua tempat yg ada dlm list. Hehee..

From Bugis Station, we took the green LRT heading Joo Koon and transit at Outram Park Station (3 stations). Proceed with purple MRT heading Punggol and disembark at the next station, Chinatown Station.

Once again, we took the wrong exit. So, we went down again to the MRT Station and look for signboard or map. It turns out that the Chinatown Night Market is located at Pagoda Street. So, we exit accordingly.

Once we were out, we knew that we've made it! Yup, agree.. macam di KK Petaling Street!

this is the view when u exit from Chinatown Station!

well maintained old buildings!

In Chinatown, you can get 30pcs of keychain for only SGD10! Compare to Bugis Street, the exact keychain sells at 18pcs for SGD10! Fridge magnet 7pcs for SGD10. At Bugis, fridge magnet 5pcs for SGD10!
Naa pilih-pilih...

I also bought Singapore-LongChamp-style bag at 3pcs for SGD10. Yg satu terus kena rasmi! Hahaa..

I find the bags are still cheap even after currency convert! 
Material dia pun tidak juga nipis. So, worth buying la..

Okay, semua sdh dpt.  It's time to say goodbye to Singapore!

We enjoy the trip so much walaupun penat! If you read my posts on Singapore trip, I've been complaining bout penat, penat and penat! Pls consider my condition ok. But I think I'm still doing great thou!! Kan kan kan??

To Singapore... we will definitely come again with our kids  to explore Pulau Sentosa, hopefully during Xmas this year! *wink*

Next entry, I'm gonna reveal all the monies incurred for this holiday! From flight fare, hotel, MRT, souvenirs...  Just wanna share on budgets! Bercuti mesti mau buat bajet kan..  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lucky Plaza & Bugis Street Singapore

Lately sgt malas update blog! huhu..

Okay, kita sambung kisah Singapore. Mau kasi habis by this week, before May!!

After USS and Merlion Park, it's time for shopping! Well, more to souvenir hunting actually! Most of my friends recommended Lucky Plaza and Mustafa Mall for perfume hunting. Mustafa Mall is a 24hours operating mall! Naaa.. Shopping la kamu subuh-subuh! Hahahaa.. Since ramai yang cakap Mustafa Mall lebih kurang macam Mydin in KL, so we opted Lucky Plaza.

From Merlion Park (Raffles Place Station), we took the red MRT heading Jurong East and disembark at Orchard Station (4 stations)!

Yup, Lucky Plaza is situated at Orchard! There are quite a number of malls here at Orchard. If you really want to do some shopping here in Singapore, you may want to explore Orchard. *wink*

I wish I had captured some pictures here in Orchard or at least Lucky Plaza, but no!! Non at all!! Astaga!!
As I entered Lucky Plaza, my mind only focus to look for perfume for my mom. That's the only thing she asked for. There is one particular shop selling perfumes at Ground Floor.

"NO Testing! Once tested, consider sold!!" Naaa.. angkat kaki terus! Apa punya kedai!! Macamana la orang mau tau the smell kalau tidak try!

Next shop is selling souvenir stuff! Apa lagi.. borong terus!! Singapore t-shirt 3 for SGD10! Baju jenis nipis la. Those with better quality sells at SGD12.90 - SGD19.90.  Fridge Magnet pun beli di sini. 5pcs for SGD10. Lighter 2pcs for SGD10.

Then, sambung lagi pencarian perfumes. I wonder there are not many perfume shops here. Lucky we found another one at 1st floor.

SGD18 - SGD38

For dine-in, there are lot of Indonesian and Phillipinos restaurants here. Ramai diorang di sini! Remittance banks to their countries pun banyak! 

In my 'itinerary', the next destination is actually Chinatown. But, I was too exhausted! Been walking for 12hours!! So, we decided to go back to Bugis.

From Orchard Stations, take the red MRT heading Marina Bay and transit at City Hall Station (3 stations). Proceed with green MRT and disembark at the next station, Bugis.

Forgot which exit we took and led us to Bugis Street, which is just at the opposite side.

Memang happening betul di sini. Ramai orang! We just jalan-jalan cuci mata coz we already bought what in the list except keychain.

exactly at the road side and there is bus stop too!

Bugis Village
For dinner, we decided to try at the famous nasi beriani Zam-Zam Restaurant located opposite the Sultan Mosque.

Their service is really bad!!! The waiting time for them to clean up the table and for them to get our order was like forever!! Ok, the restaurant was full house tapi takkan la tiada satu orang pun yang layan kami?! Of coz we called them tapi either diorang tidak layan atau suruh kami tunggu!! We managed to get our drinks though! Hubby tried to order at the counter.

Counter man : Tapau ka makan sini?

Hubby : makan sini

Counter man : duduk dulu. nanti ada orang ambil order.

Hubby : Saya sudah duduk sana dekat 1jam tapi tiada orang peduli (mula panas)

Counter man : ok mau apa?

Hubby : nasi beriani

Counter man : nasi habis. Lagi tunggu setengah jam. (padahal, hubby nampak ada nasi!)

Hubby paid our drinks and we walked away dengan hati yang sakit! We had our dinner at a nearby cafe and went back to hotel straight away after that. Tersangat penat even masih awal.

Bersambung lagi...

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Merlion Park Singapore

After USS and hotel check-in, next is the must-visit place in Singapore - Merlion Park!! Here stands at 8.6 metres high and weighing 70 tonnes, the Merlion statue that has a lion's head and a fish's body - the Singapore's tourism icon!!

From Bugis station, we took the green MRT heading Joo Koon and disembarked at Raffles Place Station (2 stations). This round, no need transit! Heee..

Unfortunately, we took the wronged exits at the Raffles Place station! *sigh* We didn't see any exit to Merlion Park or Esplanade. Or maybe we missed the signboard! so, we followed the marina bay exit instead.

The view of our 1st exit

Naaa... membaca map sudah c kawan! Hahahah...

Along 2nd exit, we were surrounded by tall buildings. Well, sambil jalan sambil tengok-tengok la ba kan! I love their buildings! Cantik-cantik ni!

Love this blueish building!

After about 10mins walk, we saw the boat-like building! Punya cantik!!

The Marina Bay Sands Resort

We went closer and only found out that actually Merlion Park is at the other side! Nun jauh di sebelah sana!!

If I didn't circle it in red, will you notice the Merlion Statue?

Astaga!! Punya jauh mau patah balik! 15 min juga la!! Sweating ok!! huhuhu..


Kasi 'sportlight' dulu tuan punya blog! LOL

Anyway, we enjoy ourselves camwhoring with Mr. Merlion Statue.

Next, souvenirs hunting!! Stay tuned...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Where We Stayed in Singapore

After the 3-hours USS 'tour', we rushed ourselves to our hotel located at Aliwal Street, Bugis.

From USS, take the monorail from Waterfront Station to HarbourFront Station (1 station). Proceed to Ground Floor of Vivo City Mall to take the purple MRT heading Punggol Station and transit at the next station, Outram Park Station. At Outram Park Station, take the green MRT heading Pasir Ris Station and stop at Bugis Station (4 stations).

There are few exits at most of the MRT Stations. Make sure you know the landmarks of your location.

Referred to the map, our hotel will pass by the famous Sultan Mosque. So, we exit as per signboard. We also dropped by at 7-Eleven to buy buns and drinks.

Sultan Mosque was built from 1824-1826!

After bout 10mins walk, we finally found Aliwal Park Hotel! Tertapuk juga ni hotel. Di dalam lorong. Of coz, it was online pre-booked hotel via and last minute too! This is 1-star hotel and the cheapest that I managed to book for Bugis area.

From my readings, I have actually blacklisted Geylang area eventhough there are a lot more budget hotels (less than RM200/nite) in that area. My target area for hotels are Orchard and Bugis. However, I couldn't find the hotel that within my budget at Orchard.

There was actually one particular hotel at Bugis that I wanted to book earlier but due to the last minute booking, that hotel was already fully booked. So yeah.. the only available hotel within my budget is Aliwal Park Hotel.
Photo credit : Mr Google

Personally, when you are tired, a 10-min walking distance hotel from the MRT station, seems so far a way. Been walking from early morning ok!! Besides, you need to cross about 3 main roads! Road crossing is not a problem anyway. Singaporeans sgt mematuhi lampu isyarat! They will still wait for the green light eventhough there are no vehicles passing by!

The shoplots at the opposite of the hotel

As expected, the room size is not that spacious with basic amenities (aircond, 32" LCD TV, telephones, fridge yang bekarat, kettle, packet drinks, toothbrush-provided at the counter upon checkin). No worries with the toiletries coz I am one of those type that bring along my own toiletries whenever we travel! Heee.. Btw, the size of room is also not a big issue as long as the room is clean. However, the cleanliness still can be improve especially the toilet!! Mcm tidak pernah kena berus tu dinding! Huhuhu..

The dressing table!
Oppss.. pls ignore all the stuff ya! Tiada tempat ampai brg ni! hahahaa
btw, the fridge is underneath the table! Hmmm..

Bilik yang sempit utk tidur saja ok la..

Anyway, we had a quick rest and shower before we proceed to next destination.. Merlion Park!!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Universal Studio Singapore

So, we started our day as early as 5am on 31/3/12. Get ourselves ready and departed to LCCT at 5.40am. Since it is only 1 nite, we decided to park our car at the airport. The cheapest rate will be RM16/day/entry! Risky? Yes! Coz we heard car being stolen. But well, we don't have any choice. *pray*

We have actually check-in via web and we don't have any luggage to drop coz we are on our own backpacks! heee.. After immigration checking, we entered the boarding area and had our breakfast.

I was quite worried coz it was raining. What if it is raining when we arrive Singapore?

8.35am, flight departure to Changi Airport, Singapore!

Oh ya! Did I mention that this is actually my very first over-the-sea trip? Doiiii..

It only took us about 40mins to arrive Singapore. Before landing, we were asked to fill up 'visa' form which to be presented at Singapore Immigration upon arrival.

Upon arrival, we just followed the others until we saw the Singapore Terminal Arrival Immigration counters.

So yeah.. Journey began rite after that. From Terminal 1, we followed 'skytrain' signboard which will take us to Terminal 2 (and also Terminal 3). It is a free shuttle that connects ppl from all the airport terminals. From Terminal 2, we followed 'train to city' signboard which took us to the Changi Airport MRT station.

We queue up and bought EZ link card for ourselves. The card cost us SGD12/card. The card itself is SGD5. So, we have SGD7 'on hand'.

Always refer to this!

The MRT!

The LED-ed station indicator

Our destination??? Universal Studio Singapore (USS) of coz!!

To get to USS, we have to be transited twice. From Changi Airport, take the green MRT heading Joon Koon or Pasir Ris and transit at the second station, Tanah Merah. From Tanah Merah Station, again take the green MRT heading towards Joon Koon and transit at Outram Park Station (11 stations). At Outram Park, take the purple MRT heading HarbourFront station to the HarbourFront station itself (only 1 station from Outram Park). The journey will cost you SGD2.30 and about an hour traveling time. Maybe we spent some time to capture some photos juga in between. Hah!!

Outram Park Station

At HarbourFront Station, proceed to Level 3 of Vivo City Mall for MRT (Sentosa Station) to Sentosa Island. We didn't explore the mall coz I can't wait to enter USS. Lucky, it is just a very quick-short-one-station to get to the Waterfront Station which will cost you SGD3 for return ticket. So, pls keep your ticket if you are not using the EZ link card.

Entering Sentosa Island

I was already all over excited to see the USS signboard and even more excited smiling ear to ear to see the globe! It's like dreaming! ok.. exagerating pula!! But yes.. I am super excited!

Sudah puas bergambar-gambar sama itu 'haunted' globe.. baru la enter USS! It was already 11.30am! And we are lucky coz it was cloudy that day. Baru lepas hujan.

Here goes the sections and attractions for each sections.. Enjoy my pics! :

1. Hollywood - Monster Rock

2. New York - Lights, Camera, Action by Steven Spielberg

Sayang betul tiada si Marilyn Monroe!!

We catched the 1pm show on our 2nd round!

Oopss.. I was too concentrate on the movie and didn't take any photos at all
Thanks Mr. Google. This is how it looks! Really enjoy the show!

3. Sci-Fi City - Cylon or Human Rollercoaster and Transformer The 3D Ride

Naaa... I just don't dare enough for the roller coaster! Yang tu trip ja tu.. hahhaaha..

4. Ancient Egypt - Revenge of The Mummy

5. The Lost World - Jurassic Park Rapids (river raft), Canopy Flyer, Dino-Soarin, Amber Rock Climb and WaterWorld (live water stunt show)

We catched the 2pm show on our 2nd round! Enjoy the show so much too!! By the way, do not sit at the front rows and the middle rows if you do not want to be soaked or splashed!!

6. Far Far Away - Shrek 4D, Donkey Live, Enchanted Airways (junior roller coaster)

I love the castle very much!

7. Madagascar - A Crate Adventure (river boat ride), King's Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round

We missed all the cartoons characters here on our 1st round. The queues for each character were quite long plus the sun started smiling to us when we about to finish our 1st round. So, we skipped for lunch. When we came back for 2nd round, all the characters were gone! *sigh*

I was just too exhausted for lunch even hubby just bought himself a coke! I brought sandwiches from home! *wink* So, we rest for a while before we made our 2nd round for Steven Spielberg's show and the live water stunt show.

After 3 hours, we decided to 'check-out'. Yep, it was a very quick trip for USS but we have no regret!

We need to check-in to our hotel at Bugis and we still have to go to other places.

To be continued...

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