Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chinatown Singapore

Our flight back to KL is at 2pm the next day. 1 malam pun cukup la. However, we decided to check out early  as we planned to go to Chinatown. Tidak puas hati selagi tidak sampai semua tempat yg ada dlm list. Hehee..

From Bugis Station, we took the green LRT heading Joo Koon and transit at Outram Park Station (3 stations). Proceed with purple MRT heading Punggol and disembark at the next station, Chinatown Station.

Once again, we took the wrong exit. So, we went down again to the MRT Station and look for signboard or map. It turns out that the Chinatown Night Market is located at Pagoda Street. So, we exit accordingly.

Once we were out, we knew that we've made it! Yup, agree.. macam di KK Petaling Street!

this is the view when u exit from Chinatown Station!

well maintained old buildings!

In Chinatown, you can get 30pcs of keychain for only SGD10! Compare to Bugis Street, the exact keychain sells at 18pcs for SGD10! Fridge magnet 7pcs for SGD10. At Bugis, fridge magnet 5pcs for SGD10!
Naa pilih-pilih...

I also bought Singapore-LongChamp-style bag at 3pcs for SGD10. Yg satu terus kena rasmi! Hahaa..

I find the bags are still cheap even after currency convert! 
Material dia pun tidak juga nipis. So, worth buying la..

Okay, semua sdh dpt.  It's time to say goodbye to Singapore!

We enjoy the trip so much walaupun penat! If you read my posts on Singapore trip, I've been complaining bout penat, penat and penat! Pls consider my condition ok. But I think I'm still doing great thou!! Kan kan kan??

To Singapore... we will definitely come again with our kids  to explore Pulau Sentosa, hopefully during Xmas this year! *wink*

Next entry, I'm gonna reveal all the monies incurred for this holiday! From flight fare, hotel, MRT, souvenirs...  Just wanna share on budgets! Bercuti mesti mau buat bajet kan..  


  1. Ya Just I want to see the budget part ;)

  2. wah still well maintain those buildings kan Just..time study dulu saya kagum betul sama itu changi aport tu sebab kami ada buat kajian secara mendalam tentang ini airport.

  3. wow,this must be good invest right sis?anyway,is it good to shopping here?=)

  4. Wow! Best sya baca post2 ko yg sya termissed. In my list juga SG ni. Mcm sya pun terasa penat ikut ur journey haha... Siok. Thanks for sharing ya, Just. Mesti mo tunggu ur nxt post ni supaya blh bajet juga nanti. ;)

  5. sakan ah.. :)

  6. wow, can't wait the budget part, sebab sa plan mo pigi sana on train!! ha ha ha.. well, kira murah juga barang2 dia tu kalau gitu.. ^_^.v..


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