Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lucky Plaza & Bugis Street Singapore

Lately sgt malas update blog! huhu..

Okay, kita sambung kisah Singapore. Mau kasi habis by this week, before May!!

After USS and Merlion Park, it's time for shopping! Well, more to souvenir hunting actually! Most of my friends recommended Lucky Plaza and Mustafa Mall for perfume hunting. Mustafa Mall is a 24hours operating mall! Naaa.. Shopping la kamu subuh-subuh! Hahahaa.. Since ramai yang cakap Mustafa Mall lebih kurang macam Mydin in KL, so we opted Lucky Plaza.

From Merlion Park (Raffles Place Station), we took the red MRT heading Jurong East and disembark at Orchard Station (4 stations)!

Yup, Lucky Plaza is situated at Orchard! There are quite a number of malls here at Orchard. If you really want to do some shopping here in Singapore, you may want to explore Orchard. *wink*

I wish I had captured some pictures here in Orchard or at least Lucky Plaza, but no!! Non at all!! Astaga!!
As I entered Lucky Plaza, my mind only focus to look for perfume for my mom. That's the only thing she asked for. There is one particular shop selling perfumes at Ground Floor.

"NO Testing! Once tested, consider sold!!" Naaa.. angkat kaki terus! Apa punya kedai!! Macamana la orang mau tau the smell kalau tidak try!

Next shop is selling souvenir stuff! Apa lagi.. borong terus!! Singapore t-shirt 3 for SGD10! Baju jenis nipis la. Those with better quality sells at SGD12.90 - SGD19.90.  Fridge Magnet pun beli di sini. 5pcs for SGD10. Lighter 2pcs for SGD10.

Then, sambung lagi pencarian perfumes. I wonder there are not many perfume shops here. Lucky we found another one at 1st floor.

SGD18 - SGD38

For dine-in, there are lot of Indonesian and Phillipinos restaurants here. Ramai diorang di sini! Remittance banks to their countries pun banyak! 

In my 'itinerary', the next destination is actually Chinatown. But, I was too exhausted! Been walking for 12hours!! So, we decided to go back to Bugis.

From Orchard Stations, take the red MRT heading Marina Bay and transit at City Hall Station (3 stations). Proceed with green MRT and disembark at the next station, Bugis.

Forgot which exit we took and led us to Bugis Street, which is just at the opposite side.

Memang happening betul di sini. Ramai orang! We just jalan-jalan cuci mata coz we already bought what in the list except keychain.

exactly at the road side and there is bus stop too!

Bugis Village
For dinner, we decided to try at the famous nasi beriani Zam-Zam Restaurant located opposite the Sultan Mosque.

Their service is really bad!!! The waiting time for them to clean up the table and for them to get our order was like forever!! Ok, the restaurant was full house tapi takkan la tiada satu orang pun yang layan kami?! Of coz we called them tapi either diorang tidak layan atau suruh kami tunggu!! We managed to get our drinks though! Hubby tried to order at the counter.

Counter man : Tapau ka makan sini?

Hubby : makan sini

Counter man : duduk dulu. nanti ada orang ambil order.

Hubby : Saya sudah duduk sana dekat 1jam tapi tiada orang peduli (mula panas)

Counter man : ok mau apa?

Hubby : nasi beriani

Counter man : nasi habis. Lagi tunggu setengah jam. (padahal, hubby nampak ada nasi!)

Hubby paid our drinks and we walked away dengan hati yang sakit! We had our dinner at a nearby cafe and went back to hotel straight away after that. Tersangat penat even masih awal.

Bersambung lagi...

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  1. murah juga perfume sana kah Just..heheh

  2. Kamu mmg minat perfume, sis?

    Langkah bijak kamu buat sbb kluar dr tu restaurant after a long wait. Lain kali jgn pigi sana suda.

  3. Just....
    The best food in Singapore was"PIzza Hut" , wakakaka..All I can say that i don't like the foods.Maybe we didn't found the best or we are too choosy...

  4. Julie - ramai ckp mmg murah perfume sana. :)

    Sis Mouren - semua d rmh sia minat perfume kecuali sia. Hahhaaa.. Itu laitu c sai sdh blacklist itu kedai. Kekekke..

    Mil - actually mmg day 1 tu, dinner ja kami pnya betul2 makan time. Sbb penat, nda enjoy the foods la. 2nd day b4 blk kl, mkn d BK d airport. Hahaaa.. Yg zam zam restoran tu ramai forumer yg recommended. Kebetulan hotel kami dekat sana trus la mau try kunun tp hampeh!!

  5. wah.. ada parfume ni..wangi tu.mcm murah juga kan but kalau convert kan p RM sama juga ka?

  6. sya pun minat perfume oh Just. nxt time mau p beli jg klu p sana. Adui, bikin panas juga tu kedai makan. Dia malas mau layan customer ka..

  7. bayar?? kalau saya, kasi tinggal tu kadai terus.. ha ha ha.. :D

  8. itula tu..sy bc juga tu tp laki sy ckp malaysian foods is still the best!ahahah....
    Itu perfume tidakla murah sangat..bila convert lebih kurang juga..cuma kami x puas hati beli sb MEMANG ada perbezaan bau bila perfume yg di kadai mcm tu.itu adalah pertama dan terakhir kami akan beli...di amcorp mall dgn shah alam jugala yg paling murah

  9. Hui... Kalau hubby saya yg kena mcm tu...dia sudah sound tu... Lain sikit tu hubby sia... Hahaha... Pernah di perth dia tidak bagi tip sama tu restaurant gara2 nda buli bawa balik tu makanan budak... Gila... Padahal aturan negeri dirang, kau nda bgi tips boleh naik makamah oh.. Hihihi

  10. I love Bugis street! Alala tu Zam Zam punya buruk xD haha nda jadi mo try sana la ni.

  11. Bugis street is the famous place to buy souvenirs


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