Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Merlion Park Singapore

After USS and hotel check-in, next is the must-visit place in Singapore - Merlion Park!! Here stands at 8.6 metres high and weighing 70 tonnes, the Merlion statue that has a lion's head and a fish's body - the Singapore's tourism icon!!

From Bugis station, we took the green MRT heading Joo Koon and disembarked at Raffles Place Station (2 stations). This round, no need transit! Heee..

Unfortunately, we took the wronged exits at the Raffles Place station! *sigh* We didn't see any exit to Merlion Park or Esplanade. Or maybe we missed the signboard! so, we followed the marina bay exit instead.

The view of our 1st exit

Naaa... membaca map sudah c kawan! Hahahah...

Along 2nd exit, we were surrounded by tall buildings. Well, sambil jalan sambil tengok-tengok la ba kan! I love their buildings! Cantik-cantik ni!

Love this blueish building!

After about 10mins walk, we saw the boat-like building! Punya cantik!!

The Marina Bay Sands Resort

We went closer and only found out that actually Merlion Park is at the other side! Nun jauh di sebelah sana!!

If I didn't circle it in red, will you notice the Merlion Statue?

Astaga!! Punya jauh mau patah balik! 15 min juga la!! Sweating ok!! huhuhu..


Kasi 'sportlight' dulu tuan punya blog! LOL

Anyway, we enjoy ourselves camwhoring with Mr. Merlion Statue.

Next, souvenirs hunting!! Stay tuned...


  1. Ok. Thats beautiful. Even sy dulu stay d johor. X pnah smpai singapore

  2. Nice infos. next time klu sya p Singapore sya refer blog ko.:)

  3. USS will be our next getaway,ahahah...

  4. Nice!
    Maybe Singapore will be our destination with my friends next year :D Klu ckup budget la.. hehe

  5. wah best o. lama sudah sya teringin p singapore tapi blum tercapai ni.

  6. wonderful betul percutian kamu ni just

  7. Unik building architecture yang ada macam bot di atas tu...harap2 saya pun sampai sana one day...


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