Thursday, April 26, 2012

Singapore : Money Matters

As promised.. Here goes my last entry on Singapore - the belanjawan for our Singapore 2D1N trip!

Bought during AA promotion of coz and later on add on seats  - RM100.20 + RM12 x 2pax

Book via - RM205

USS entrance ticket

Pls make sure you purchase the ticket online at least a week before departure! Jgn sampai putih mata coz tickets might be sold out when you buy at the counter. Instead of purchasing the ticket thru their official site, I came accross a lady selling the ticket at cheaper rate. She claims that her friend is one of the tour agent in Singapore and of coz they got cheaper rate. The ticket suppose at SGD74 during peak season which is about RM180. Ours was at RM155 x 2!

Click to enlarge
The email with the ticket attachment!
Those interested, pls contact Puan Rosmanizah
If you ask me why I put myself in risk to purchase the tix from her, am just following my instinct!

EZ card for MRT
SGD12 + SGD10 (top up) / pax  


The only souvenirs that I bought from USS Store
SGD5.90 & SGD7.90

Hasil rembatan di Lucky Plaza
1. Fridge Magnet 5pcs for SGD10 (better beli di Chinatown, you get 7pcs)
2. Perfumes from left SGD18, SGD38, SGD18 (I hope they are worth buying! Haven't open mine!)
3. Singapore T-shirts 3 for SGD10. Bought 9pcs!! (budak punya tidak banyak choice. Trying not to pick the one with 'I Love Singapore' wordings. Telampau 'patrotik' pula saya rasa! LOL
Not in da pic : lighter 2pcs for SGD10 (at Chinatown, the lighter comes with cigarette case)

Hasil rembatan di Chinatown
Keychain 30pcs for SGD10 (you get 18pcs for SGD10 at Bugis)
Beg 3pcs for SGD10

Roughly about SGD122

Last but not least,

for the kids at home!!
Actually, saja mau kasi abis tu dollars!!

Total up...

Flight + Hotel + USS tix = RM738.40

EZ Card + Souvenirs + Foods = SGD324 x 2.5 = RM810

Well, before depart.. I have list down all the possible-spendings and I budgetted we need to change at least RM500. Itupun mmg cukup2 asal ada saja tu. Hubby decided to add extra RM100. And when mom asked for perfumes, budget increased! We actually converted RM900 to bring over to Singapore! So, kira kami tidak overspend la kan??!

Once again, this entry tiada langsung niat mau show off! Just wanna give you all the the idea if you are going to Singapore. Hope it helps! Happy budgetting and enjoy your holidays! *wink*

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  1. suka tu yg c Asai pigang. Ada mainan katun Cars. Ngam betul sama boys sa. Sini mana ada jual tu. Even di Famous Amos pun tiada jual mcm tu.

    Sukaaaa sa tu tau.

  2. Sa guna link wordpress sa suda ni. :)

  3. oh.. kira murah juga la tu kan untuk 2 orang, rm900 ja.. he he he.. :).. banyak juga yang kamurang beli..

  4. Muuahhhh... Hehehehe thanks for the infos... Yayyy so happy. Will proceed for the USS ticket.. Hehe

  5. wah, thanks for sharing this. at least ada idea suda.. bnyk juga ko shop sana still murah ni budget ko hehe..bagus2 :)

  6. Thanks for sharing...senang mo buat budget reference sudah if mo pigi sana....

  7. Sis Mouren - d kedai cukulat di airport mcm2 ada! Tp buli2 c rayyan sia nda suka. Dia mau jg ultraman!! Cisss..

    Aki - sia nda tau murah ka nda. Bnyk ka pula tu? Souvenir standard ja tu semua! :)

    Dora - ur welcome dear! :)

    Stella - lucky semua org ckp murah. Actually, kalau nda mau shops lg murah kan. Tp tepa la.. Bkn selalu shop d tmpt org! Hehee..

    Rose - cuba kunun ko buat budget ref utk philippines trip ko! :)

  8. Saya suka sebab ada breakdown for all the budget! Len kali senang mo rancang :D

    Thanks Just!

  9. Just bestnya kamu kan. ..Hehe Sy yang tinggal di sebelah spore jak ni kan belum lagi pernag pergi.PAssport pun tiada. Lucu betulkan ..

  10. kalau tingu kan just inda juga lah mahal betul kan...worth bh tu..


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