Friday, April 13, 2012

Where We Stayed in Singapore

After the 3-hours USS 'tour', we rushed ourselves to our hotel located at Aliwal Street, Bugis.

From USS, take the monorail from Waterfront Station to HarbourFront Station (1 station). Proceed to Ground Floor of Vivo City Mall to take the purple MRT heading Punggol Station and transit at the next station, Outram Park Station. At Outram Park Station, take the green MRT heading Pasir Ris Station and stop at Bugis Station (4 stations).

There are few exits at most of the MRT Stations. Make sure you know the landmarks of your location.

Referred to the map, our hotel will pass by the famous Sultan Mosque. So, we exit as per signboard. We also dropped by at 7-Eleven to buy buns and drinks.

Sultan Mosque was built from 1824-1826!

After bout 10mins walk, we finally found Aliwal Park Hotel! Tertapuk juga ni hotel. Di dalam lorong. Of coz, it was online pre-booked hotel via and last minute too! This is 1-star hotel and the cheapest that I managed to book for Bugis area.

From my readings, I have actually blacklisted Geylang area eventhough there are a lot more budget hotels (less than RM200/nite) in that area. My target area for hotels are Orchard and Bugis. However, I couldn't find the hotel that within my budget at Orchard.

There was actually one particular hotel at Bugis that I wanted to book earlier but due to the last minute booking, that hotel was already fully booked. So yeah.. the only available hotel within my budget is Aliwal Park Hotel.
Photo credit : Mr Google

Personally, when you are tired, a 10-min walking distance hotel from the MRT station, seems so far a way. Been walking from early morning ok!! Besides, you need to cross about 3 main roads! Road crossing is not a problem anyway. Singaporeans sgt mematuhi lampu isyarat! They will still wait for the green light eventhough there are no vehicles passing by!

The shoplots at the opposite of the hotel

As expected, the room size is not that spacious with basic amenities (aircond, 32" LCD TV, telephones, fridge yang bekarat, kettle, packet drinks, toothbrush-provided at the counter upon checkin). No worries with the toiletries coz I am one of those type that bring along my own toiletries whenever we travel! Heee.. Btw, the size of room is also not a big issue as long as the room is clean. However, the cleanliness still can be improve especially the toilet!! Mcm tidak pernah kena berus tu dinding! Huhuhu..

The dressing table!
Oppss.. pls ignore all the stuff ya! Tiada tempat ampai brg ni! hahahaa
btw, the fridge is underneath the table! Hmmm..

Bilik yang sempit utk tidur saja ok la..

Anyway, we had a quick rest and shower before we proceed to next destination.. Merlion Park!!

Stay tuned!


  1. wow.. how much dollar la tu bilik kamurang tu?? tia kisah ba kalau travel.. he he he.. ^_^.v..

  2. Kecil saja tu bilik kah Just...But It's ok lah..yg penting ko enjoy and happy kan...:-)

  3. Sempit jg kan hotel dia. Dulu kami pun mcm tu. sudahla kami ni besar2 laki bini. Ada anak.. Ada luggage.. Wahhhh betul2 tidak muat. Ngam la utk bagpacker.. :).. Yg hotel kami dulu tu la.. Hihi..

  4. Love reading ur entries.. esp bila u add some bahasa sabah... i'm blogwalking baini.. hope u can visit and mungkin follow me??? tq n see ya..

  5. awesome trip!! the mosque looks so beautiful! ^^

  6. aikk..sempit juga kan just tapi kalau d sing kalau mau pili hotel yang selesa mau perlu more $$ but nvr mind yng ptg ada tmpt tidur kan


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