Friday, May 25, 2012

Berakhirnya Kimoterapi *updated with images*

My breast cancer journey!

Alhamdulillah.. Akhirnya selepas 'berhempas pulas' selama 6 bulan, rawatan kimoterapi utk 16 sesi berakhir sudah Rabu lepas! *lega*

Sejak 2 bulan yang lepas, saya terpaksa menjinak-jinakkan diri utk bermain dengan pensil kening! Yup, bulu kening dah gugur juga! Huhu.. Mula-mula tu memang rasa pelik tanpa kening. Tapi, sekarang dah biasa. Cuma paling malas bila terpaksa 'melukis' kening sebelum keluar rumah.

wajah tanpa kening!

Selain itu, jari jemari tangan dan kaki juga kerap sangat kebas. Kuku juga terasa ngilu terutama malam. Kebas + ngilu = tidak selesa + tidak bermaya! Taip sms pun mau tak mau! Nak koyakkan plastik pun tak dapat! Terpaksa guna khidmat gunting! Memang kesan kimo, bilang doktor! Hmm..

Kuku menghitam juga!!! Nasib baik bukan semua kuku!

Nasib baik kuku tak sempat terkopek! Seram bila tengok kuku yang seakan-akan 'mengecil'. Mungkin kalau rawatan kimoterapi belum berakhir, sempat juga terkopek kuku ni.

Arrow merah - 'ketinggian' asal kuku yg melekap pada kulit
Arrow biru - 'penurunan' level kuku yang melekap pada kulit
Entah macamana nak describe.. paham2 sendiri saja la.. huhuhu..

Sejak kebelakangan ini juga, saya terasa keletihan semacam. Mungkin kerana hanya duduk melayan anak di rumah tanpa exercise! Padahal melayan anak juga satu bentuk exercise kan?! Tapi memang penat sampai bila baring saja terus terlena! Tak sempat mengelamun! Hahaahaa..

Apa-apa pun, sangat lega bila telah selesai menjalani kimoterapi. Selepas ini, radioterapi pula. Rabu depan, saya akan berjumpa dengan doktor utk radioteraphy planning sebelum memulakan sesi radioterapi pada minggu lagi satu. Insya-Allah semuanya akan berjalan dengan lancar.

Buat masa ini, saya masih lagi MC. Yup, sudah MC selama 7 bulan!! Phewwww.. Target utk mula bekerja pada 1/6 tapi nampaknya tarikh masuk ofis harus ditangguh lagi. Sorry bos.. Thank you bos sbb MC berbayar selama 7 bulan ini!

Oh ya! Terima kasih kepada yang berkenaan yang telah meng-contact saya utk bertanya lebih lanjut tentang kimoterapi. Semoga kamu dan yang tersayang akan kuat, tabah dan positif utk menghadapinya.

Sorry, entri tanpa gambar. Gambar akan di-upload kemudian. Tungguuuu..

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Nite 2012

I guess most of you had a blast mother's day celebration last Sunday??

Once again, Happy Monday's Day to all of you specially the gorgeous bloggers mommies! You know who you are..

My 1st Mother's Day celebration was in 2009 which we celebrated it with MIL. 2nd year, celebrated it with MIL and late SIL. 3rd year, no celebration. This year, we celebrated it at nite, after hubby and I came back from Amcorp Mall. Yeahh.. we have to 'work' first. ;p

Anyway, since my mom is craving for an ice-cream cake, we decided to try out Baskin Robbins's! Hah!! We ordered the cake few days earlier and thanks to my bro who know the outlet manager. We got 30% less! Great!!

The cake!!


Cake cutting!!

Me + Mom + kiddos + cake

There goes our simple mother's day nite celebration!

On the other hand, I actually felt awful that we are not able to celebrate it with my late SIL anymore. Coz we used to arrange the celebration with late SIL and MIL. Semoga roh arwah ditempatkan bersama orang2 yang beriman... Amin..

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Interviewed by Socso Panel Doctors

Thanks to the company HR for the submission of my Socso claim under Faedah Hilangupaya Sementara. Bukan kes2 accident saja boleh claim socso ni. Illness pun boleh juga claim. I never know about this before.

Before that, let me just explain a bit.. of coz I'm insured under the company insurance but I was told that my insurance has excessed limit! Berapa saja la ba kan annual limit kena bg for kuli2. Sdh la brp bnyk punya treatments lps tu bil dia pun mahal!! Misti la sdh over limit itu insurance kan!!

Of coz the company didn't ask me to pay the bills now. They are paying the bills for me. Tapi mana la juga ada company yg bagus betul mau tanggung berpuluh2 ribu punya kos for a staff!! So, they are trying to claim Socso for me. Upon approval and get the $$$, the $$$ will pay back all my 'hutang' to the company. Kalau ada lebih, then only I get the balance. Tidak apa la. Yg penting, I didn't owe them kan! Senang juga hati!!

So, the HR has submitted the claim to Socso mid of last month. Surprisingly, I received a letter from Socso in less than 2 weeks. Efficient juga Socso ni. I am scheduled for an interview by Socso's Panel Doc on 9/5 which was yesterday. Siap ada 'nota ugutan' lagi tu. If I didn't turn up for the appointment, 'nama anda akan diletakkan di bawah sekali'!! Yayyyy...

We were late for the appointment yesterday. It was supposed at 2.30pm. Punya la saya risau.

When we reached at Klinik Ortopedik, Hospital Ampang, there were already a group of ppl sitting and waiting for their turns at Bilik 19 - special room for Sosco's claimants. So, I placed my appointment letter at the tray outside the room.

I can see there are 3 doctors inside the room. There is a chair in front them for the claimant. All the claimants went in for only 5mins!!

Sekejap juga?? Apa la yang kena tanya tu??

As expected, I was the last claimant! It was my turn after one hour of waiting.

Doctor 1 : So, CA right breast?

Me : Ya

Doctor 2 : Dah habis rawatan?

Me : Belum. Ada 2 kali lagi kimo.

Doctor 1 : kimo 6 kali ke?

Me : bukan. 16 kali. 4+12.

Doctor 1 : Kenapa banyak sangat? (dengan muka yang teramat hairan!)

Me : Sebab doctor cakap saya masih muda. So, doctor suggest 4 kimo pertama every 3weeks. Yang 12 tu everyweek, dosage rendah.

Semua doctor kehairanan sambil belek kertas masing2 and jot down some notes.

Doctor 3 : So, the cancer kena lymp nodes?

Me : Ya

Doctor 3 : Organ lain?

Me : So far yang I tau, tak kena.

Doctors angguk2 saja la.

Doctor 3 : Bila dijangka habis semua rawatan?

Me : June

Doctor 2 : Ok. You balik dulu. Sebab kita tak boleh buat keputusan sekarang sbb you masih dalam rawatan.

Me : Ok. Terima kasih.

So yeah.. that's it. Tunggu 1jam but went in for 5mins only! Hahahahah..

I presumed the HR has to resubmit my claim again after I completed all my treatments.

Whatever it is I just hope the claim will be approved and the amount will be enough to cover my 'hutang'! Kalau tidak, macamana la tu aa?? *garu kepala* 

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Rayyan and Exam

When I received a note from Rayyan's kindie last 2 weeks informing bout his exam's week which is this week, I was surprised and worried!!

Since he is only 4 years this year, I didn't expect that he would sit for exam! Besides, he doesn't even recognised some of the alphabets and numbers yet. Dia main hafal ja tu ABC and 123. He can't write his name too!

Apa la nda sia susah hati kan!

But then, fikir-fikir balik.. My main reason sending him to kindie this year is actually to let him mix around with others and to improve his speaking skills.

And yes, we all are proud of him as he can now be my mom's company to talk to. Banyak dia tanya and pandai jg dia bercerita.

Whether he did well or not in his exam, it doesn't really matter for the time being. Of coz we want him to perform well, but isn't too early too push them at this age! Kesian ba! Kicil lagi ba kan.

Looks like I really take no serious bout it kan. Tapi.. Kalau kamu mau tau, I did prepare materials for Rayyan's revision besides revision his kindie's books. At least, kasi refresh otak dia. *wink*

All the best my son! Mommy knows you can do it!

P/s : The teacher teaching mandarin says Rayyan is good at chinese characters! Naaa Rayyan.. Buli kawan mummy ckp cina di rumah!

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Testing 123

I hope it works!!

Am trying to post this entry via BB!

Oopss.. The image is just gambar hiasan! Hehehe.. Btw, still figure out how to play around with images! Hmm..

Have a great days peeps!

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Cancel Trip!!

Hello May!!

I've been waiting for tomorrow to come for months, since last year!!! We (hubby and I)  suppose to fly to Medan tomorrow afternoon!!

We almost confirm everything with the tour agent 2weeks ago when the huge earthquake hit North Sumatra recently which triggered the tsunami alert too!!

A tag by a friend in FB - an article "Gempa 8.5KR, Danau Toba Berpusar" comes with the following video, kinda scared me too. Nampak macam nothing tapi siapa la dapat jangka kan?!

Hubby decided that we should cancel this trip! *sigh* 

The flight tix was only RM50.40 return tix for 2 pax. Murah kan?

Tapi apa kan daya..tiada rezeki p Medan this time. Padahal, sudah buat kaw-kaw punya research!! Huhu..

I hope one day I will make it to Medan! *finger cross*

Now... need to do research on Manila pula! Hope we can make it! Kalau tidak, burn lagi itu tix!!

Anyway, HAPPY LABOUR DAY to all of you!!