Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Cancel Trip!!

Hello May!!

I've been waiting for tomorrow to come for months, since last year!!! We (hubby and I)  suppose to fly to Medan tomorrow afternoon!!

We almost confirm everything with the tour agent 2weeks ago when the huge earthquake hit North Sumatra recently which triggered the tsunami alert too!!

A tag by a friend in FB - an article "Gempa 8.5KR, Danau Toba Berpusar" comes with the following video, kinda scared me too. Nampak macam nothing tapi siapa la dapat jangka kan?!

Hubby decided that we should cancel this trip! *sigh* 

The flight tix was only RM50.40 return tix for 2 pax. Murah kan?

Tapi apa kan daya..tiada rezeki p Medan this time. Padahal, sudah buat kaw-kaw punya research!! Huhu..

I hope one day I will make it to Medan! *finger cross*

Now... need to do research on Manila pula! Hope we can make it! Kalau tidak, burn lagi itu tix!!

Anyway, HAPPY LABOUR DAY to all of you!!


  1. lain hari baru pergi la.. cancel for good baitu kan. wah yg 20/5 ada trip balik kampung juga..pigi tengok kaamatan ka tu Just. :)

  2. Hi sis!
    I've been reading your updates about the place since long time ago and now you guys are not able to make it, mesti sedih tu kan, tapi jangan sedih! Safety is more important right! Hehe.. Your manila trip mesti jadih pny tu..~ ;p

  3. DOnt be sad. Nxt time ada lg kan.. Nxt time blh update lg :)

  4. Ngam la kamu cancel itu trip sebab keselamatan lagi penting kan.. Don't worry, banyak masa lagi kamu dapat pigi sana :) Cheers ya moi!

  5. next time buli p jg tu Just..tapi ada kawan saya p sana lst week n just arrived back to sgpore today, so far dia x cerita pasal earthquake but dia cerita psl demonstrasi saja di Medan..

  6. Sabar ko sis. Next year lagi lah. Sambil-sambil tu kita tunggu for the cheap ticket lagi. :)

  7. eee.... tatuttt... apa buli buat lah nyawa lagi penting.... syukur 50++... kalau 5000?? adoi... hihihi

  8. The last time I went to Manila with Angel & my friends, a few week after that, the Philippines was hit by a tsumani. We were just in time to get back. Bayangkan kalau kami disana masa tu.. Suda la kmi p pulau.. huhuu.. Btw, better safe than sorry :)


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