Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Nite 2012

I guess most of you had a blast mother's day celebration last Sunday??

Once again, Happy Monday's Day to all of you specially the gorgeous bloggers mommies! You know who you are..

My 1st Mother's Day celebration was in 2009 which we celebrated it with MIL. 2nd year, celebrated it with MIL and late SIL. 3rd year, no celebration. This year, we celebrated it at nite, after hubby and I came back from Amcorp Mall. Yeahh.. we have to 'work' first. ;p

Anyway, since my mom is craving for an ice-cream cake, we decided to try out Baskin Robbins's! Hah!! We ordered the cake few days earlier and thanks to my bro who know the outlet manager. We got 30% less! Great!!

The cake!!


Cake cutting!!

Me + Mom + kiddos + cake

There goes our simple mother's day nite celebration!

On the other hand, I actually felt awful that we are not able to celebrate it with my late SIL anymore. Coz we used to arrange the celebration with late SIL and MIL. Semoga roh arwah ditempatkan bersama orang2 yang beriman... Amin..


  1. waa..tu kek ba nmpk sedap..
    great celebration just :)

  2. Kak Just... Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom. I really hope that God will bless you with good health and happy moments with your family, specially with your kids.

    Take care kak Just :) will find time to visit you soon.

  3. wah siok..and the cake kan baskin punya sedap ni..

    and happy mama day Just !!

  4. sy x berapa ingat sd mcmmmn rasa tu BR sy terlampau obses kek RV!!Happy Mothers day to you

  5. wahh.. eye on the cake..:) sedapnya! happy mother day Just.

  6. Aik, nda tau termasuk kah tdk komen sa yg pertama.

    ...tu cake bah, mahal owhh tapi mahal lagi jasa ibu kan :)

    Happy Mommy's Day to you, sis (^^)

  7. Happy mom's day Just...Sedap tu cake ooo...:-)

  8. happy mother's day semua.. tapi kan itu baskin robbins bah saya terpikat..huhuhuhu..sedap tu!

  9. Wahhhhhh.... Skrg juga saya mau p baskin robbin cari kek ni tauuuu.... Yummmmm....hihihi

  10. its never too late to wish any women a Happy mothers day ba kn.. :)
    baru ada peluang blog walk2 ba ni..

    Happy Mothers Day Just.. :)


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