Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Rayyan and Exam

When I received a note from Rayyan's kindie last 2 weeks informing bout his exam's week which is this week, I was surprised and worried!!

Since he is only 4 years this year, I didn't expect that he would sit for exam! Besides, he doesn't even recognised some of the alphabets and numbers yet. Dia main hafal ja tu ABC and 123. He can't write his name too!

Apa la nda sia susah hati kan!

But then, fikir-fikir balik.. My main reason sending him to kindie this year is actually to let him mix around with others and to improve his speaking skills.

And yes, we all are proud of him as he can now be my mom's company to talk to. Banyak dia tanya and pandai jg dia bercerita.

Whether he did well or not in his exam, it doesn't really matter for the time being. Of coz we want him to perform well, but isn't too early too push them at this age! Kesian ba! Kicil lagi ba kan.

Looks like I really take no serious bout it kan. Tapi.. Kalau kamu mau tau, I did prepare materials for Rayyan's revision besides revision his kindie's books. At least, kasi refresh otak dia. *wink*

All the best my son! Mommy knows you can do it!

P/s : The teacher teaching mandarin says Rayyan is good at chinese characters! Naaa Rayyan.. Buli kawan mummy ckp cina di rumah!

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  1. hihihi..mgkn klu Fredo sekolah sudah, sy pun nervous jg oh..tp btl tu..ndak pyh la ba push ni budak2 kn..nti tensen pula dorang..biar dorg enjoy smbl belajar..:)

  2. good luck Rayyan. saya ada bc status ko di fb yg dia tidur awal btl ni..kepenatan jwb exam kali..cute oh..hehe

  3. Lama2 pandai jg si Rayyan tu, biasa la budak2 mesti kasi happy2 diorang masa belajar, hehehe....


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