Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hello!! Anybody??!!

Ya ya I know!! You know!! It's my first entry for this mth! Hello June!!

Being myself, despite my laziness and health condition, I actually can't blog when I'm not focus. I got lots of stuff dancing in my mind lately. And yes, I'm all stress up!! Pdhal baru balik dari Pulau Pinang time cuti sekolah tu! I guess it just not enuff!!

Anyway, I'm currently in the ward!! Due to high-40c-fever on tues, was then asked to do blood test and urine test. I also skipped my radiotherapy session for 2 days because of the on-off fever. In fact, I felt feverish for few days. Sampai menggigil2!!

Was asked to see Doc for the urine test result. I was actually worried if it's positive-pregnant!! Hahahhaha..

Urine test resulted that urine is infected with ESPL resistant bacteria. Will need inject form of antibiotic to kill them! Kinda relief coz negative but.. Admission??!!! I was really really not in the mood for admission!! I have enuff stressful for this one.

With heavy-hearted, here I am! Weekend pula tu!! *sigh* Hope will be discharged asap. Meawhile, will try to get some 'quality mind-rest' here.

Don't worry guys.. I'll be fine! I'll be strong! And I'll be back with some stale stories.. Hahahaa..

P/s : Happy Father's Day to all fathers in the world specially to hubby! Sorry, no treats from me this year..

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  1. Oh, glad nda seriouskan. Yg penting suda check. :-) Susah juga mo jangka, apa2pun, have some rest. Hopefully, tmrw ko kena discharged, kasi senang hati. ;-) Take care.

  2. Oh my... Paling me takut that jarum.. Me pena kana guna yang kedua besar if I'm not mistaken, tu pun mo pengsan suda

  3. Just havea rest k.. HUb ko faham juga bah tu..yang penting kesihatan ko terjaga

  4. Hi Just, take care and get well soon k...

  5. Don't worry Just..Everything will be fine ok...Get well soon...Cheers..

  6. hi just! get well soon.. cuaca nda menentu bah sekarang.. bah take care dear..

  7. hope u getting better by now just. Take care selalu..:)

  8. take care.. get well soon.

  9. Take care moy! Nanti kita plan another meet up kio..

  10. Besa la tu kan, kalo baru balik dari cuti. Tu hati ada tetinggal sikit sana tempat bercuti wakakaa.

    Hmm ko post this entry on June 16, ni ari 25th suda. So mcmna ko skg? Ok ba kan?


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