Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Recap of Breast Cancer Journey!

My breast cancer journey!

Alhamdulillah.. Glad that I have completed all my treatments, finally!! *relief*

Just to recap all from A to Z..

9/10/11 - Notice there are lumps on my right breast
22/10/11 - Biopsy at the same hospital
25/10/11 - Collected result - Breast Cancer Stage 2B. Was advised to remove whole right breast.
27/10/11 - Seeking second opinion from Dr Patricia Gomez, Breast Specialist of Hospital Pantai KL
31/10/11 - Admission for surgery to remove lumps at the same hospital
1/11/11 - Surgery took 2 and half an hour
3/11/11 - Discharge
26/11/11 - Surgery to insert chemo port which only took half an hour (day care)
29/2/12 - First out of 12 cycles of chemotherapy Part 2 - every week
5/6/12 - First out of 33x of radiotherapy - daily
25/7/12 - The last radiotherapy - completion of all treatments
(click those links for further details ya)

Doc advice :
- eat healthy foods - less meat, more fruits, vege and fish. This is very hard for me coz I don't each vege and I like snacks and fast food!! *sigh*

- supplement for prevention of recurrence? No need. Coz what I need most is Tamoxafin tablet which to be taken daily for 5yrs! That will cost me RM150/mth.

- no more period!! I was shock to hear this coz I thought the period only stops during treatments but it is going to stop for my entire life???!!! Period is my enemy. If have them, have to go see doc immediately as doc will need to stop them. Unless we plan to have another baby, then will have to consult with doc. Deep inside, I am so glad that I already have a pair of children.

Yep, everything done in 9 mths!! Really appreciate my company and boss for taking care of the bills and paid MC! I couldn't ask for more!! *touch*

Thank you so much for all your prayers and supports. You all make me stronger and I never know that I am such a strong person!! Really!!

Anyway, will start work on Wednesday 1/8/2012. Working only 4 months this year... O.O

P/s.. sorry no pics.. am just lazy to upload.. Heeee...


  1. syukur semua sudah berakhir.. (^^)

  2. Thank God, finally ko kembali sedia kala.. Welcome back Just. Respect oh sama ko, very positive ni

  3. Thank God, everything went well kan moi..
    Ok, selamat kembali berkerja kio!

  4. im sure it was a rollercoaster period but u've managed to survive the journey. here's a toast that things gonna be just good from now on.

  5. Am really glad that you are doing good now. I seriously don't know what to say but to keep praying that you'll be greatly bless even more.

    Take care kak Just :)

  6. no period for entire life?
    mudah2an semuanya kekal berakhir..amin..

  7. Dropping by from Daniel's blog. Am glad you managed to go through all that in positive spirit. Keep up the good spirit, Just :)

  8. good to read you have done your treatment Just... saya lagi ni baru step 1... adoiiiiii.... wow mau 1 tahun juga oh kan... wow...


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