Friday, July 13, 2012


My breast cancer journey!

After successfully completed my 16 cycles of chemotherapy, next treatment will be radiotherapy - ionizing radiation. It is part of the cancer treatment to control and kill the malignant cells. It is also preventing tumor recurrence after surgery to remove a primary malignant tumor i.e. early stages of breast cancer.

Before the treatment, will need to do marking on the area which need to be treated. The marking process they call it RT Planning. Process takes  about 10mins. Just lay down with both hands up and they will do the rest. Ruler,  white board marker pen and white tape are the tools for marking. Pls do not remove the marked white tapes sticked on any area of your body, until the very last day of your treatment! Phew.. Kalau tertanggal, dorang lekat balik! Hehehe..

That's one of the marking right on my chemoport

As for the radiotherapy treatments itself, I only have to lay down for about 2-3min on each session. Oh yes, need to take off shirt and bra. Radiotherapy is something like laser pointing to the treated area from few angles. In my case, 3 angles - left, right and top. It's a standard of 25x sessions on daily basis. It is a much easy process.

This is the machine for radiotherapy.
The one circled is moveable 360 degree!

Side effect?? Errr..  the common side effects are fatique and skin irritation like a mild to moderate sunburn. That's answer why I often doze off easily. Just shut my eyes and la la land!! Heheheh.. yup, sunburn on that area!

I have successfully completed 25x of radiotheraphy yesterday. 8x more for booster. Can't wait to finish the treatment.. Sudah tersangat boring hari2 p hospital!

Will start working soon!! with new position!! That need me to refresh what been study before!! Phewww..

Still got few stale stories.. huhuhu...

Till then..


  1. Few more sis, then u'll be ok! :) Take care~ ^.^

  2. Horayyy, nda boring suda ko ni lepas balik keja. (^^)

    You mean sis, lain suda task ko di opis? Wah, apa suda kunun? Numbul 2 boss kah hehehehehe..

  3. Yeay, got promoted kah? Congrats k! Jadi berapa kali lah tertanggal tu tape? If me memang sekejap terus terbuka and pasang balik lagi :)

  4. sikit lagi tu Just..ko sabar n terus kuatkan semangat. happy working..:)

  5. Every day p hospital? Adededehhh....

  6. you know Just, this post is actually very helpful esp to people who have just found out they are having the same illness, or family members who want to know more about the procedure and sort of give us the insight of how it's gonna least, ada info kan kurang sikit tu worries.

  7. Syukurlah, just. Ndak lama lagi selesai suda sesi perubatan ni. Moga2 just sentiasa sabar dan bersyukur krn berpeluang utk berkongsi pengalaman dgn kami. Bertuahnya kami dpt mengikuti pengalaman just ni....:D

  8. sedih sy baca blog ko sis, get well soon! my mom dlu pun ada cancer but still on the early stage.. syukur juga my mom buat pap-smear check-up..

  9. Semoga Just cepat sihat...n baik drp cancer ini

  10. Get well soon ya Just. (^^)

  11. Wow, you're one fighter babe. Just accidentaly bumped into your blog and what a conident person you are. Still based in KL? Coffee perhaps?


    Sis Mouren - Hahahah.. kan best kalau betul2 jadi numbul 2 boss!! yup, lain sdh! Hihihi.. Tp, tunggu sia start keja dulu baru sia kastau.. hehehe..

    Vera - adui baa.. kalau promote mmg bagus la. tp bkn. kena re-post. heheheh.. mm.. ada la 2 kali tebuka dalam 1bln. tp lain2 area pnya tape la. hehehe..

    CathJ - ya ba moy! everyday ba kalau radiotherapy even the process less than 5mins!!Huhuhu..

    Carol - sharing is caring ba kan.. :)

    Ann R - owh ya ka.. naa lps ni mmg kena buat regular check up sdh.

  13. adei... saya baca my komen here... adeiii la konon... sekarang sendiri bakalan mau baring sana hahahahahha... oh 2-3 min... oh syukurrrrr..... hihihihi..... saya ni tau la cepat panik... hahahahhahaha

    1. hihihi.. dun worry moy.. this one sgt sinang. dtg hosp p limpang seja skjap. hahahah..


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