Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Tumbuh Pt 2

The hair, after a mth from the previous WW entry.

My uncle said "3 bulan lagi panjang sudah tu"! Let see..

Nyway, wishing the Muslims a blessed Ramadhan!

Eventhough most of friends didn't encourage me to fast as I am still on recovering process, but I believe Allah will help me go through this. However, am not fasting when doing treatment.

Will start work on next Monday - still to be reconfirmed though.
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  1. iya betul cakap uncle tu just,3 bulan or maybe less panjang sudah tu rambut. (^^)

  2. Yay finally tumbuh juga rambut mu amoi! :D Saya pun actually gugur rambut lepas beranak, sekarang sedang dalam proses mau tumbuh balik juga.. Hee!

  3. tanpa ko sedar pjg betul suda rambut ko nnti tu Just :)

  4. Kak doakan semoga just semakin sihat ya. Tengok rambut pun dah mula keluar banyak2. Kejap jak panjang tu, just......:D

  5. Thank GOD everything will regain to normal now. You such a strong lady, Just.

  6. hi just!

    nanti kalau sudah panjang mesti rambut ko cantik.. coz dia samarata penumbuhan dia..

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    P.S: good luck with your therapy and etc. hope that you're feeling better! :)

  8. You're getting new hair sis. Beautiful one! yeah...

  9. Hmm... sia pun agree dengan kawan-kawans ko. If can, no need fasting first la. Biar tu rambut tumbuh brabis dulu baru la ;) Yang penting, kesihatan ko dlu ba.


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