Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ceritera Raya - Cameron Lagi!!

Two weeks before Raya, my uncle (at Gombak) came out with a last minute plan! To go for 1 nite vacay at Cameron on 2nd Syawal!

I was like "Cameron again??!!"... since we went there on CNY this year plus it was kinda nightmare juga coz of the congested road over there during peak season.

Yet... tidak sampai hati mau reject. Coz they  never been there before. So, was hoping for us to guide them. 

Luckily we managed to find vacant 3-rooms apartment. I was hoping to stay somewhere nearby the Berinchang nite market. But, all were fully booked. We have no choice but to stay at Rose Apartment, Kea Farm.

So, on 2 Syawal, we departed at 7.30am from home. My uncle waiting for us at Giant Gombak. Highway was smooth. Hubby speed sampai 160km/h! Uncle pun ikut juga!! Astaga!

We stopped by at... not sure which R&R.. and tapau KFC!! We heard that most of the Muslim's restaurant is closed. Restoran harapan - kedai mamak! Which will be very crowd and slow-service!

We reached Kea Farm before 1pm but only able to check-in after 2.30pm. And yes, mmg penuh dengan kereta di atas sana!! Supposed 10minutes drive journey turned 2hours!! *faint*

Oh ya.. wonder how many we are?

Our car - 4 adult + 2 child
Uncle's car - 5 adult + 5 child + 1 infant

Meriah kan??? Apa tidak, book apartment terussss!!! Hahahahah.. 

Ok.. sila cuci mata anda...

Rose Apartment + the view from balcony + living hall
Rental @ RM450/nite
Contact En Zainal 0194242178

Upon arrival, first thing first.. EAT!!! Semua kelaparan tahap dewa dewi! 

C Rayyan paling happy kalau jumpa tangga!
C Ryanna ada bestfriend! Lepak di balcony lagi!! Hehehe

Later that day, after eat and rest... we decided to hang out. Since mom wanna watch her taiwan drama (sempat lagik!!) and the other adults wanna nap, so only four of us - me, hubby, my uncle and her wife went out. Sorry kids, you need to stay too! Hehehhee.. 
At one of the strawberry farm. Unfortunately, the farm was closed. Kedai souvenir saja buka.
Notice my hubby's happy face? Happy coz he does not have to drive!

When we came out from the farm, we could see cars are queueing from the top hill!
So, we headed to the nite market. Need to hunt foods for dinner.
Tapi, hujan la pula time bejalan2 di pasar malam!! Tepaksa la juga beli payung! Haisss...

Malam... rehat2 and main2 sama the kids - lil cousins!!

The  next day...

Breakfast at mamak's restaurant. Service mmg super slow!!!

Giant fruits - Tempat wajib singgah!!
Notice my uncle menyusun anak utk begambar?? LOL


Borong la apa2 yg patut sblm balik KL!

One thing kalau ramai budak, susah mau bergerak. So, this time tidak banyak jalan. Just singgah and one person turun beli apa2 yg patut. Yang lain tunggu dalam kereta saja!

Phewww... Don't think will visit Cameron in few years time! Other destinations pls!! Hihihi... 


  1. Banyak budak! Nice trip for raya ni.. gembira semua tu budak2.. hehe

    oYa! Its not late for a Raya wish kan, Selamat hari Raya sis! :)

  2. Waa...meriah ooo..! Best kan..Ramai2 jalan...

  3. selamat hari raya sis..
    ur mom jg la ndak mau ketinggalan tgk taiwan drama..xpa ba xjalan2..yg ptg tidur luar 1mlm siok suda rasa tu..yg ptg budak2 happy kn :)

  4. Gee - mmg budak2 paling happy kalau p bercuti2. thanks for the raya wish. :)

    Jue - hahaha.. best tp susah jg mau begerak.. takut ilang! Choyyy... hihihi..

    Nanak - thanks. Ya ba my mom!! Ciss.. tp betul ba siok jg jalan2 tdur luar! hirup udara tmpt lain. heehehe..


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