Friday, August 10, 2012

Meet Ups

I actually seldom hang around with friends. Maybe because hubby and I used to 'tail' each other since the very first day! Moreover, I am a stay-at-home person.

Nowadays, as much as I want to lepak with friends, I'll think of my mom who is getting tired day by day to take care of my kids, especially my daughter! She is just very active girl!! I'll talk bout Ryanna/Lily/E'ee next round ya.

Somehow, I managed to meet up with some friends before the fasting month and before I start work! Sorry kids, mommy needs a break! Heee...

Meet Up #1

Lunch with my ex-colleague, Lina. She's like a sister to me. She resigned from my current company a week before my wedding. So, for the past 5 years, we'll have lunch like once a year just to catch up stories. And we'll normally meet up when I wanna hand her our famous Kuih Cincin whenever I come back from KK. Heheheh...

Meet Up #2

Finally, after I think 5 mths from the first quick-hi at Amcorp Mall, Tunung and I mananged to arranged for hang out! Yep, it was our day! Not just lepak and makan, but we sukat the Times Square for 5 hours! Yet, it was not enough!! Hahahaha... We share almost the same life-stories. Share the almost the same taste on fashion. And yes.. we are looking forward to sukat other places again SOON!!   After Raya kio Tunung!! :)

Meet Up #3

Lunch with Nora. She is Sabahan blogger-friend that I known for, errrr... since 2009! Since our offices is just nearby, we'll sometimes have lunch together. We even went to SPA together July last year. Groupon's voucher ba! I didn't blog about it coz all pictures were blurry!! *sigh*  Btw, if you guys are looking for 2-rooms apartment to rent for vacay, you may contact her!

Meet up #4

This one is special case. Hehehe.. She was my ex-colleague too. She only worked for a year with my company. But, we managed to get along. Maybe coz we always share bout business stuff. Uisehh!! And she is very simple and sempoi person! The reason behind the meet up was actually I wanna passed her some selling stuff. Hahahahah... 

So, that's about it..  Hoping for more meet ups in future! *finger crossed*


  1. Hehe, memang siok ramai kenalan. Nanti tunggu turn kita lagi. hehe...

  2. Memang seronok berjumpa kawan2 lama...amat2 merindui suasana itu!

  3. Hi Just,

    Nanti after Raya we ave lunchies together kio.. Selamat Hari Raya, maaf Zahir Batin..:-D


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