Monday, August 06, 2012

No More Sexytary!

First and foremost, tepuk tangan for our Hero, Dato Lee Chong Wei! An awesome match indeed! Despite Silver, you still won GOLD for us!! Congrats Dato!!

So, it’s my 4th day working today! Yup, am no more the Secretary for my dear Datuk. In early June, the HR sorts of asking for my ‘permission’ before they hire new Secretary to replace me. For 9 months, a colleague has been assisting me and Datuk. Thanks Jamie!

All this while, she will be the one replacing me whenever I was on leave, mc, maternity leave, etc.. In fact, she replaced all the previous Secretary who does not stay long with Datuk. She has been working for 17 years with the Company. It’s her 1st job after SPM!! Phewww… Of coz she knows Datuk very well and yes she is the best ‘replacement’ person.

Unfortunately, she has finally served her notice of resignation and her last day of work was a week before end of July. I think she is trying to conceive. Good Luck Jamie!! Heeeee…

We had a farewell dinner for her at Restoran Nelayan Titiwangsa before fasting month starts. And yes we enjoyed the dinner very much.

With Jamie (center) and Mr Wong (ex-colleague)

All of us!

There are other photos too but due to mouse problem.. malas la!! Grrrrr...

Oya, why I can’t be Datuk’s Secretary anymore??! Coz working with Datuk could be super stress sometimes. And it’s not good for my recovery process! At the moment, I will be handling our Company website! Learning new things! Yeahhh… Again, thanks to Datuk and Company for the concern!

Actually, another colleague who in-charge of this website thingy has left. So, am taking over her tasks. We are in the midst of revamping our websites. I’ll be the ‘runner’ between the subsi and our web designer. Nampak senang kan! So yeah... No more sexytary! Heehehehehe...

Happy working anyway!


  1. syukur just.. company ko betul2 menjaga kebajikan ko..

  2. Nice sis. Nice to see you to be back with your fellow colleagues. Your 'pesanan' akan sampai before Raya. Sa tunggu 'kualiti product' bah hehehehe...

  3. Joanne - thanks! :)

    Nowriz - ya ba! Sgt2 besyukur.

    Sis Mouren - O yeah miss my colleagues so much! After raya pun tepa ba sis!

  4. bgus betul company yg jga kebajikan pekerja...


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