Thursday, August 30, 2012

She turns TWO!!

Stale story! Tidak apa la kan.. Just for my record! Hihihi..

My daughter, Ryanna Adrilea turns 2yo on 14th July. We love you always and forever girl!!!

Simple celebration by us at home. 

Same like previous year, I ordered the cake from my ex-collegue
One day, wish to order cake from Cath!
The cake was actually fell down from the seat when hubby brake the car!!
Sakit nya hati time tu!
Sorry Ryanna! Mummy fault!!

The birthday girl!

telur merah - tatap!!

Ryanna's milestone as at to date :

Her pick up words : 
Mummy - em-mi
Daddy - di
Mummy tua - uh-a
Koko (Rayyan) - tho-tho
Uncle - en-no (uncle's name instead!)
Susu - tsu-tsu
Sakit - du-du

The rest, she only able to pick up the end syllable i.e takut - kut, motor - to, kereta - ta... 

At least, she is better than Rayyan. Rayyan only able to converse at his age of 3! 

Ryanna is very cute, active, independent, good mood most of the time, enjoys catchy songs, dance, currently loves to watch Elmo, Ultraman and those series with kids. 

She often makes those cute actions and mimics to make us laugh especially when we are scolding her. Terus tidak jadi marah! Haihhh.. 

One thing bout Ryanna, she knows how to balance her body when she is bout to fall down. Macam dia kasi brake badan or kepala dia. Unlike Rayyan, kalau jatuh, jatuh terus. Hmm.. 

She loves her koko! She is very happy when koko is around. She duplicates whatever koko does! *faint* Tapi, kalau gaduh, tidak mau kalah!! 

Her milestones from newborn to 1yr, click here.

Perhaps I just upload a video of them in my next entry! ^_^

Till then, happy merdeka to all of you! 


  1. Happy belated birthday Ryanna! xoxoxo

  2. Although it's stale story but still interesting to share here, especially ko cakap tu bday cake tajatuh! Astaga sis, kalu sa kecewaaa marah suda tu.

    BTW, Happy Belated Birthday to Ryanna from an-ti u-yen hahaa! *gitu stail goddaughter sa panggil sa dulu, skrg complete words suda :D :D*

  3. Thanks en-ti dia bilang c ryanna.. heheheh....

    Sis Mouren - mmg kecewa la ba sia time tu.. nasib baik butter cake so tagap sikit. kalau sponge cake, hancur sdh tu!!

  4. Happy belated birthday to your girl! Adore the cake. Nasib nda rusak sgt kan sis. :)

  5. Happy belated birthday ryanna ..

  6. happy belated bday, sama thn sm Fredo pula kn..hehe

  7. Isabel - ya ba! Kalau nda, nangis wor!

    Anne - thanks!

    Nanak - iya! :)


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