Friday, September 28, 2012

Sebab excited...

Yes! Tunung and I memang excited for the Avon's Breast Cancer Walk held last Sunday! Hahaha...

It's been quite some time I don't have this kind of chat! Sob sob sob...

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend! ^_^

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fresh Eggs??!!

Info of the day... :)

♥ A great piece of information by Klew Nu Farms ♥

Fill a container up with warm water. The reason 
for this is eggs are porous. If you put an egg in cold water, it will contract and draw any bacteria that is on the outside of the shell in through the pores. This is not good. So, if you use warm water, the egg will expand, and you will notice that little air bubbles form on the shell.

Put your eggs into the warm water, and look at them. A very fresh
egg will sink to the bottom and lay on it's side. Week old eggs will
rest on the bottom but the fat end of the egg will rise up slightly.
Three week old eggs will be balanced on pointy end with the fat
end sticking up. Old eggs will be floating, bobbing along the surface
of the water. These floaters should be tossed as they aren't any good to eat.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Legoland Vouchers

the Legoland kids-go-free voucher is expiring on 31 Dec 2012
Voucher worth RM110 ok!

Just keeping.. going or not is different story! Hah!  

Other than the above, you may want to grab these two for the voucher..
Err.. not really sure if the promotion is still running..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Breast Cancer Survivor-Pageants!

That's what I felt when I was handed with the pink sash stated "Breast Cancer Survivor"!

It was my first participation in this kind of event and I was very excited for the Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Charity Walk by Avon and eventually feel very proud to be one of the Breast Cancer Survivor-Pageants who joined the walk!

Don't look for me coz I was not there!
Photo by DC

Thanks to DC and Jess for the indirect invitation. :)

The event was held at Malaysia's famous federal administrative centre, Putrajaya on last Sunday (23 Sept 2012). Roads became a sea of pink as thousands flooded Presint 2 & 3 in pink t-shirts in support of the fight against breast cancer.

The 5km walk flag off at about 8.25am, after a Zumba dance warm up. It's impossible to 'rock' our body due to space limits! *sigh* 

Throughout the journey, we were entertained and cheered by eclectic mix of groups at each station. A total of 5 stations along the way.

Another 4km journey when we reached Station 2. We was like "What??" Hahahaha...

By the way, there were local idols and Avon celebrities joining the walk too. We managed to catch Soo Wincci, Intan Ladyana, Dato' Fazley and Dina. However, I only helped to take photos for Tunung with Soo Wincci and Intan Ladyana. I was actually hoping to catch Scha Alyahya, but no luck! Huhuhu..

Even though, it was getting hotter, Tunung and I made it as relax as possible. We chit-chat.. we took photos... and we finally made it after one and half an hour! *clap hands*

Breast cancer survivor who finished the walk will be handed with an umbrella!

Since we finished the walk a bit later, we missed the pink ribbon formation, a sharing by breast cancer survivor and presentation of donation cheques amounting to RM50,000 from Avon to Breast Cancer Welfare Association and Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation.

The event ended with a "Go Bald" session by Michael & Guys Hair Salon, in hopes to seek support from the public to understand how breast cancer patients feel when they lose their hair during treatment. DC was one of the brave men for the shaving session. Thanks DC! It meant so much for us - the survivors!

The only photo of us rite after the bald session
From left - me, DC and Tunung
Overall, it was indeed a successful event and everyone who participated for the walk is now apart of the Malaysia Book of Records for the Largest Participation Breast Cancer Charity Walk in Malaysia. *clap hands*

Everyone, please keep on spreading the breast cancer awareness! Pls remind each other to perform regular breast self examination for early detection of breast cancer! Trust me, prevention is better than to cure

Monday, September 24, 2012

Office's Hari Raya Lunch

Currently, am still in tired and lazy mode..

Hope to post entry about the Avon Charity Walk tomorrow!

Till then.. here's some photo taken on last Thursday in conjunction with Hari Raya Lunch in my office.

The foods! 

with senior staff. They have joined the company for almost 20years ok! Tunggu pencen la jawabnya! heheeh..

The Muslim staff is getting lesser nowadays. *sigh*

My office's roomate! 
Tepuk tangan utk CathJ sbb jahit baju kurung ni sgt la cantik.. buat I nampak slim gitu! Muahahha.. 

Ok.. need to recharge!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello Kitty Town in Johor

If you plan to visit Legoland end of this year, you may want to consider visiting Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park as well coz it is just 10mins away from Legoland!!

The Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park consists Hello Kitty TownThe Little Big Club and Lat's Place.

To Hello Kitty's big fans.. you read me correctly! It will be the first Hello Kitty theme park outside Japan!! The theme park will be opening in Nov this year. Although I am not one of the big fans, somehow I feel the excitement too!

Admission fees will be RM50/adult for MyKad holder for each Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club. I'll suggest you to purchase 2 Park Pass which cost you only RM65/adult. 

Need to start saving for holidays!! Heee...

Till then, happy weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jalan-Jalan : Istana Negara

Let's continue our jalan-jalan after the quick visit to Muzium Tentera Udara last Monday.

Since Hubby wanna redeem his Parkson's voucher, we were thinking to go to KLCC. So we can have our lunch there too.

We were actually passing by the old Istana Negara (It was replaced by a new palace as the official residence of the King in 2011) and noticed there were quite a number of cars parking outside the entrance. I then recalled bout the Pameran Diraja

So, we decided to drop by! Hah!! Otherwise, I don't think we will make it in future.. Hee..

Enjoy the photos...

The main gate... There used to be the mounted royal guard with horse here!

Admission Fee only RM2/adult
Btw, the pameran is until 31 Dec 2012..

Jom masuk!

No shoes, umbrella, drinks and foods are allowed to enter the exhibition hall.
Pls leave them outside, at the provided rack.

The exhibition hall
Tidak juga la besar

Ini rupanya rupa bentuk MOHOR!

Lama tidak nyanyi lagu ni! heheheh..

13 acres ok!

The balairong seri

Lampu-lampuan yang mewah!

Since we are actually starving, we didn't stay long. It was another quick visit of the day before we headed to KLCC for lunch!

Wonder when is the next jalan-jalan pusing KL after this.. hehehe..

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - KLCC

Believe it or not.. it was my girl's first visit to KLCC last Monday! O.O
and Rayyan's second visit! His first visit also when he was about 2yo!
Unfortunately, there was no water fountain's "performance" when we were at the park!
Next time la kids!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jalan-Jalan : Muzium Tentera Udara

It's been quite some times we didn't jalan-jalan cuci mata in KL... It's mid-month, plus, after Raya.. so, faham2 la keadaan poket! Hah!! 

So yesterday, we brought the kids to Muzium Tentera Udara, Jalan Sungai Besi. Rayyan loves aircraft. So yeah.. why not!

Since we reached there almost 12noon!!! We make it as quick as possible!! Panas owh!!

Enjoy the photos...

There is NO entrance fee ya!

First spot!! 

A man offered himself to take a family photo for us. He then asked us "from Philippines?" Hahaha..

Notice Petronas Twin Tower?? That's mean, the museum is in the city centre!

Perut kapal! Well actually, the aircraft is very old! 

Perasan Pilot ok! Hahaha...

Se-mart eh my hair!! 

Aircraft's bowels! Hehehe..

Last but not least... a photo taken by a 4yo boy! Thanks son!
In less than an hour, we say goodbye to the museum. The kids pun kemerahan pipi sudah.. Kesian! 

Next pit-stop after this.... ^_^ 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tentang Berat

Tentang berat.. bukan tentang bulan. Heheheh..

To some women, weight issue is a very sensitive issue. Most of us dreaming for models' figure.. or at least flat tummy!

The dreaded bulging tummy is very common with women of all ages. Partly it depends on genetics and partly it develops with age, due to an improper diet, the lack of physical activity and in most of the cases, after childbirth. 

Before married, I was only 45kg! Duhhh!!

My last weight before giving birth to my first child was only 58kg! And after few months, I get back 47-48kg. 

Somehow, after giving birth to the second child, my weight keeps on increasing! One of the 'fat contributor' is actually I seldom skip my lunch. Ada saja kawan bawa p makan tengahari!!  

My baju all changed from S to M and to L! Gheezzz... I no longer wear baby-T coz I hate to see those fats! Wakakakaka...

When I started my cancer treatments in Dec last year, I was 53kg!! The highest kgs I gained in my entire life (exclude pregnancy period ok!) ! O.O

However the kgs keep on reducing from month to month during the treatments process coz I don't have the appetite to eat! All foods were tasteless!!

Eventually, I was 47++kg on my last day of treatment, which was two months ago. I lost 6kgs in 7mths!! Phewww...

Notice the reduce kilos?
Both photo taken at Cameron Highlands!

And my baju changed back from L to M to S!

The worse part is I bought few blouses during sales months ago for my office wear... and they are all loose now!! But I still wear them la... Hmmm...

Currently, after 2mths from the last day of treatment, I am 46++kg!! Reduced again!! 

The newly bought pant pun loose!! Aiyayaya...

I am happy to be able to gain back my bujang figure, yet I pray hard for my health. Kasi maintain tp mesti sihat!!! ^_^

Till then... Happy 1 Malaysia Day to all of you!! 

p/s.. sdh terbayang2 cheongsam for CNY! Ekekekeke...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fighting Breast Cancer ~ Avon Malaysia’s Largest Breast Cancer Charity Walk 2012

When I first saw the above banner on Avon's booklet some time last month, it really caught my attention. Nowadays, anything to do with "Breast Cancer" will surely attract me.. coz I am one of the Breast Cancer's patient who has recently completed the whole required treatments! It is not easy, yet it is not as hard as what I read from the articles as well as others' experiences. Syukur Alhamdulillah... Thank you Allah for the strength you gave me!

As you know, Breast Cancer is the #1 women killer in Malaysia. Statistics shows that 51.3% of breast cancer patients are below 49 years old (for Asia countries). It can not be prevented but it can be avoided by practicing healthy lifestyle, proper diet and regular screening. (I think I never bother bout all these before!!) Regular screening refers to Breast Self Examinations (BSE)

When is your last time you have done your Breast Self Examinations (BSE)?

Year 2012 marks the celebration of Avon Breast Cancer Crusade 20th anniversary and Avon Malaysia is joining more than 50 other countries in organizing a charity fun walk called “Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer”

Details of Avon's Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer (4.5km Fun Charity Walk)
Date : 23 September 2012, Sunday
Time : 7am
Venue: Front of the Palace of Justice building (Presint 3 Putrajaya)
Fee: RM40 (Buy 5 tickets and get 1 ticket for free)
Goodie bag:Worth RM80 (includes T-shirt, Bandanna, Bag & Hand fan; Rebate for Avon's products and goodies from Kleenex and Kotex; Lucky Draw; Mystery Gift (Limited Edition) and many more

Registration : Book online at OR Tickets are available at all Avon Boutique (list of boutique is available at

The event aims to create awareness on breast cancer early detection and targets to create a new record in the Malaysia Book of Records; for The Largest Breast cancer Charity Walk.This 4.5km fun charity walk will kick off in Putrajaya with many fun ‘cheering stop’ and be entertained by various fun cheers activities and celebrities.

Best of all, the Nett proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation.The event is endorsed by Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, in collaborations with Putrajaya Perbadanan, Lembaga Penduduk & Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN), Perbadanan Putrajaya, Kleenex, Kotex, Nestle, Milo, Lai Printing Sdn. Bhd, Amerlink Enterprise Sdn .Bhd, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Semasa KL Sentral and Marriot Putrajaya.

Neelofa (Ambassador of Avon) & Dato Fazley (Celebrity Chef)

While at the finishing line, there will be a formation of Human Pink Ribbon. Participants will also get to walk with their idol like Scha Alyahya, Noor Neelofa, Soo Wincci, Fizo Omar, Linda Jasmine, Que Haiddar, Maria Tunku Sabri, popular radio DJ Jeff, Leslie Chai, Alan Yun, celebrity Master Chef Datuk Fazley, footballer Safee Sali and many more!

Also do not miss the chance to get pampered at the Avon experience booths with free skin consultation, make up tips, foot massage etc.

If you are interested to join this charity walk FOR FREE, kindly visit and leave a comment with you name, URL and email address.

Ladies... pls support this event by participating or invite your friend to participate or at least help to spread the event! 

For more details, call Toll Free at 1800-22-AVON(2866) or


Pssttt... I'm going for the walk!!! Yeehaaaaa!!!